Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: I Suck

Are you random on Tuesdays? If not, get with it, 'cause Xander's mom has got it going on.

*I cannot find my baby sleep book and I'm freaking out. Because, Miles? Miles has been waking EVERY TWO HOURS for the last three nights. And it's killing me. And, he's not even hungry, he just wants to HANG. Well, Miles, I don't want to HANG at 10pm, 1am, 3am, and 5am. I want to SLEEP. And so should you. I can't figure out his deal. Is it the heat? We've got the air on. We're still swaddling him (I know) and he seems to be fighting against it, but if he's not swaddled he only sleeps for eight minutes at a time. I don't know what to do here, people, but I am starting to freak out.

*While looking for my sleep book, I stumbled on some of Oscar's photo albums. Know how many there are? Five. Know how many Miles has? Zero. I suck. And framed photos? Oscar has many like a dozen or two. Miles has one. I double suck.

*I've convinced Oscar that those Chinese rice crackers are cookies so I won't have to give him so much sugar. But they have tons of sodium, right, so they really aren't that much better. Except they don't make him go completely ape shit crazy after eating a handful. So actually they are much better.

*Miles is finally into his Exersaucer and loving it. I love it more.

*Oscar's been called a girl three times in the past two weeks and it bothers me more than I though it would. Because I though it would bother me zero but it actually bothers me kind of a lot. I mean, I realize his hair is long and his eyelashes are long and he's a "pretty" boy. But I dress him in black and navy and brown and trucks and stuff. Nowhere approaching gender neutral. Does society hate long haired boys that much?

*It has been blazing hot in DC these past few days and I'm melting. I need some spring, okay? At least like a week. I cannot deal with 90 degree heat yet.

*And? The air conditioner in my car broken so I can't go anywhere with the kids and since I always have the kids, that means I can't go anywhere period. Black leather interior looks cool but is not very practical. My car is like a oven and since I don't want broiled children, home we stay.

*And...I found tick on me the other day. This is because our grass is so freaking long it looks like a...a...I don't know, a field of grass or something. The backyard is almost up to my knees, the front comes over my ankles, so it's like tick paradise out there. Which means I can't take the kids out there to play because there meaty little legs would be way delicious to ticks. And, I can't take them to the playground because the equipment is boiling. So, inside it is.

*Oscar moved on from Nemo to Cars. Have you ever noticed how Cars is kind of like the movie Doc Hollywood except it takes place in the southwest instead of the deep south and it has cars instead of people? Anyway, he's off Cars now and on to Monster's, Inc. (Thanks to Cameron for the suggestion.)

*Oscar is really doing a lot of cool things these days and I've been meaning to do a whole post about it but I never seem to have the time. I feel bad about it.

*Miles is scratching the shit out of his head and face and it really bothers me. I've tried everything to get him to stop - olive oil, Nizoral, oatmeal soaps, socks on his hands, clipping his nails three times a week. His head is just super itchy. And he's getting eczema all over his trunk as well. I vaguely recall Oscar having it too, but Oscar wasn't bothered by it. Miles clearly is. I feel at a loss to help him, my poor, itchy munchkin.

*I haven't done a HASAY update in basically forever, but I'm going to do one this week. But, likely, I'll forget again. But I am loosing weight. My cleaning lady actually commented on how good I look. She's clearly a woman who knows how her bread is buttered.

*My mom has recently made a lifestyle change and I'm not sure if I should write a blog about it or not. It would be hilarious but I think it might me crossing the line, like too personal. Because it's not really my stuff, it's her stuff. No, she's not gay, for the record, because I know when the word "lifestyle" gets thrown around the word "gay" is not usually far behind.

*When Oscar was little (now, even) when he is really sad, I sing him "I've Been Working on the Rail Road," substituting "Oscar" for "Dinah." It always calms him. For Miles I sing "Natural Woman." It calms him almost instantly. Baby's got soul. The thing is, why are the songs so completely different? You'd think they'd both be folk songs or both be soul songs, but no. One of each. And, does anyone else sing either of these songs to their kids? I doubt it. I'm so weird.

That's a whole lot of random for you, but stop by at Keely's for some more RTT.



Cameron said...

Yeah, I noticed it's pretty darn hot here. Back home (you know, where we work at the flour mill) it was 70's and lower 80's, and rain, rain, rain.

If you need any other movie tips, let me know. Although a lot of our movies are kinda girly, because the daughter gets to say what movies she wants more than the boy.

I am Harriet said...

Wonder how long the rice crackers will work. Good idea.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

You poor thing! Sounds like you need a drink! : ) Hope the heat spell breaks soon! And congrats on losing weight!!

montana said...

Didn't you have the same sleep thing with Oscar around this time? I seem to remember you emailing me??
anyways, Aidan's hair is blond and curly and long eyelashes, so he gets the girl comment too. At first I thought it was partly due to folks not being used to seeing a little white boy (they always want to touch him which I hate!), but I got the same comment when we went home. Look at his clothes folks! He is clearly a boy. A girl here from Nicaragua asked me if I got the girl comment, I told her yes and I don't care, and she looked at my like I'm crazy. I'm not cutting it sister!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I usually sing Stay Awake from Mary Poppins to Sprite. I have since she was new. For some reason, that song always spoke to me. Now, when she requests anything, it's either "Sing ABCD" or "Sing I Know You" (Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping Beauty). And she loves to sing in falsetto. Breaks my heart when she breaks the note..

Anonymous said...

Ok, because our babies are so close in age and I feel your pain and have recently overcome some hurdles babywise, maybe one of these will help you. You've probably heard them before, but if not, ok.

- eczma. dr. said cows milk can bring it out in babies. Not just formula, but the cows milk *I* drank when I breast fed him. I just weened him off last week and he is on soy formula. Eczma gone. NO MORE itch head. We still do sock gloves at night though

- he just started sleeping through the night. We're talking 8 - 5. Why? WHITE NOISE - LOUD - until then he was waking up at midnight, 3 and 5. WHITE NOISE is the key. do it.

- I love rice crackers. Not relevant, just sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and so I stopped eating ice cream that last week when I was BFing and switched to soy for my cereal and coffee.

Cara said...

Poor Jenni! I agree with the last poster...white noise is key! I've done it with both kids since they started sleeping in their own beds.

Roo is all over the exersaucer & jumparoo *finally*. Hallelujah.

Congrats on the weight loss!

I'm getting ready to start on the tag post...thanks!

Casey said...

Oh, we love "I've Been Workin On The Railroad" here too.

Here's to finding your sleep book. Not sure what the problem is but we followed the Babywise book. Same one as you?

You're not the first parent to never follow through with anything for your second kid. Elliot's baby book MAYBE has her name written in it and not much else.

Speaking of Elliot, she gets called a boy all the f'ing time, even by her entire doctor's office staff. I guess I should have expected it with her name and all but c'mon... purple? Girl.

Mrsbear said...

My kids sleep schedules invariably got mucked up every time they started teething. Hope you get it figured out soon, I relish my sleep time.

I've got four kids and a single album only 1/4 of the way full. My oldest is fourteen and all the photos are of her first year. I seriously suck ass.

Keely said...

Xander did that every-two-hours thing too. I didn't enjoy it. I don't recall doing anything specific to make it stop, I think he just got over it. But I was pretty zombified at that point so who knows.

I sing Xander Barry Manilows "Mandy" (but "Xander). Except I don't really know the words, and I get it confused with the Simpsons version. But whatever. He likes it. He can figure out I'm a huge dork later.

Keely said...

Oh, I just read some of the other comments and yes! white noise! Except I multi-tasked and ran a humidifier. It provided white noise and helped him breathe a little easier too. Might also help with the itching?

elizabeth (dundee) lampert said...

I can't really help with the sleeping through the night thing because my little one STOPPED sleeping through just recently and is now tormenting us at 10:00,1,3,and 4:30. So, no help there.

BUT, in regards to the itch head, I offer this....
I have been off milk since she was 5 weeks old as she had a milk allergy even when it was in MY diet. But, she still got terrible head itch and visible yellow-red raised scaley things on her head. She tore up her face and head by scratching over and over. I hated it and I hated that she had these little nail marks all over her head. No amount of olive oil or doctor prescribed cortisone seemed to help that scalp of hers. We swaddled until month 4.5 but she still managed to get a hand out and in just 5 unsupervised minutes, she did a lot of damage to herself.
Mineral Oil was the answer. That, and TIGHT sock hands that went all the way up to her armpits. She still gets scaly head, but two nights of applied mineral oil (or parafin as they call it here - sounds like we are waxing our child) sets it all right again.
It's worth a try.

Veronica said...

Socks for Miles hands.

Meh. Sleep. What's that again?

I suck also.

Anonymous said...

This is funny! I'm a new mom and I swear I tell myself that I suck every day, lol. I guess it continues with every baby - glad I'm not alone :-)

FoN said...

Rice crackers...that's pretty clever. I wonder if the three-year old is too old to fall for that now?

I wish it was 90 degrees here. It SNOWED yesterday for crying out loud. I'm coming to shack up with you and Obama.

GreenJello said...

Poke a hole in a vitamin E capsule and squeeze some in his mouth every day. It should (hopefully) help the eczema calm down.

Susanica said...

Hi Jenni. Umm...room darkening shades? The double thick kind that you measure to fit the window's perfectly? We can help with the measuring and ordering if you think that might help.

Ticks huh? It would be much easier to let the boys play outside as we head into (hopefully) cooler weather. I know the CDC has some good info on reducing ticks at: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/lyme/Prevention/ld_Prevention_Control.htm

Jenni, you are the least sucky mom I know. I bet statistically, 99.9% of parents have fewere photos etc.. of baby number 2. Give yourself a break dear friend. And have a wonderful weekend! -Monica (and Su and Danny)

Anonymous said...

I second Veronica - socks for the wee one's hands. Staple them on if you have to (just kidding!!).