Monday, May 11, 2009

One Sided: Oscar from 7:30AM-8:00AM

"Hi! Hi? HI."

"Dada? Dada? Dada? Miles? Miles? Hahaha! Miles!"


"Dow steers? Dow steers?"

"No! Mickey! MICKEY!"

"Nosteer? Yeah! Nosteer!"

"Toes. Sock. Peents. Shirt. Shoes? SHOES!"

"Hand. Hole hand?"

"Two, free, four, fie, sick, seben, eight, nye, ten, leben, two, four, seben..."

"Awe done. Awe done."

"Meelk war dooce! Meelk war dooce!"

"I yono. I yono."

"Meelk? Meelk? Cocolat meelk? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Cocolat!"

"Mmmmmmm, yummy! Yummy!"

"Double you! Double you double you! Bee Burr Bee Burr! La la Bee Burr lala! A B C E S T W XY!"

"Muffy? Saucer? Yeah! Hot. Hot. Mmmmmmm, yummy!"

"Beak? Beak, wa are you? Beak?"

"Bunny? Wa are you? BUNNY?! BUNNY!? Bunny!"

"Day-ee? Day-ee?"

"Cars? Cars? CARS?! NOSTEERS?! Mickey? Manny? NOSTEERS?!"

"Puzzoo. Puzzoo!"

"Car. Cycle. Truck. Copter. Car. Pane."

"Sheebra. Snake. Peewee. Elfant. Monkey. Jaffe."


"Hahahaah! Poe!"

"Hello? 'Lo? Yeah. Haha! Yeah. Sure. Bye-bye."

"Pretzoo? Preztoo? Fishes? Fishes? WAAAAAA! PREZOO! FISHES!"




"Candow? Yeah, candow!"

"No! No! Nononononono!"

"Tee bee? Tee bee? TEE BEE?! TEE BEE?!"

"Read? Papiller? Papiller? Read papiller?"

"Light moon egg leaf!"

"POP! Sun! Honkry."

"Appoes. Peers. Pums. Beers. Orges. Cake. Cone. Pickle. Pickle! Hahahah!"




"Burr fye!"

"Mamma? Mama? Hold you? Hold you? Waaa! Hold you!"

"Read. Read. Read."

"Mamma? MAMMA! Hap you? Hap you? HAP YOU?! WAAAAH."


"WAAAAAA! MAAAAMAA! Mama! Mamma! Ow! Hurt head! Hurt head!"

"Yeah, head. Yeah. Hold you!"

"Awe done. Dow? DOW? DOW?"

"Bok? Bok! Yeah!"

"Her. Her! Hole it."

"Miles? Miles toy? He go, Miles, he go. Haha Miles!"

"Haha! Uh oh! Oh, no! Miles toy! He go, Miles, he go."

"Paper? Crayons? Color? Yeah, color."

"Cheer. Cheer. Sit. Sit."

"No. Waaaa! NO."

"Bye-bye? Bye-bye shoes? Hat? Coat? Yeah, yeah, yeah! Side? Side! Side!"

"Bunny? BUNNY? WAR? WAR? Yeah. Hold it. Tee too."

"Light. Hole hand? Hole hand? Tee too."

"Bird. Car. Tree. Car. Car. Tree. House. Dog! Dog, woof woof! Car. House. Tree."

"No! I no wan to!"

"Side? SIDE! WAAAAAA! Bye-bye cars? Bye-bye cars! Cars? CARS!? CARS!!"


Casey said...

Haha, I'm afraid we have the same kid. Too bad they don't come with a snooze button.

Cara said...

Bwahahaa. But doesn't Oscar realize it's a little early in the day to get started with the beers?

This is a recurring scene in our house too. Only it usually seems to happen when they've woken me up earlier than normal.

Cameron said...

I assume you had to record this and play it back slowly....there's no way I could live type my kids, they talk way too fast.

Mrsbear said...

So cute. Soooooo exhausting. My two year old and your two year old seem to speak the same language. Except over here meelk sounds more like mook. Chocwat mook.

Peggy said...

HA! From his crib I assume? I miss that little chatter I used to hear on the monitor!

Becky said...

CARS CARS for the love of GOD CARS! LOL

So funny that you post this--just this morning I was thinking, "How does Hank say that many words before I can even get both eyes open?" How do toddlers manage to be so bright and alert in the morning when they don't even drink coffee?

Keely said...

lol, Xander does that too but with fewer actual words (it's more "Bah! Nub nub? Baaaaaall! Oooooooh!") and more like 6:30 to 7. Sigh.

Cluck and Tweet said...

Hil-Freakin-Larious. Seriously.

PRM said...

Ok, I can figure everything out except WAR - what is war? Is it wore?

FoN said...

Funny, that's pretty much a scrambled version of every meeting I have to sit though at work.

GreenJello said...

Enjoy it while you can. They're cute at this age... then they grow up and get all mouthy on you (and still won't shut up).