Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RTT: Getting our Hairs Cut and Meeting Phil Collins

It's Tuesday. It's Random. It's Keely. Check it.


*Oscar is figuring out plurals and possessives, so right now almost everything he says has an "s" on the end. Sometimes he does it correctly, like when he points to my coffee and says, "Momma's hoppy," or when he points to the DVDs and says, "Moobies." Sometimes he does it incorrectly, like when he says, "Watch Elmos! Watch Elmos!" because thank god there is only one Elmo. He's also working identifying things that are singular, "A light," "A ball." It's kind of cool to see him figuring it all out.

*He's also beginning to understand the concept of "I" as in "I jumping," "I climbing," "I honkry (hungry)," and he's using almost no gibberish; he speaks in nearly all real words and jargon. You can almost have a conversation with him. I mean, just the other day I was like, "So, Oscar, what do you think about Obama's economic stimulus plan?" And Oscar was like, "Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure. Bye-bye!" Pretty astute, huh?

*Miles? Rolling in both directions. Across my living room. Not even five months old. No kidding. And when he rolls over he does this gladiator-type yell that slays me.

*My Mother's Day was AWESOME. It's getting it's own post, complete with pictures. Sparkly pictures.

*As much as I love reconnecting with my old friends (hi, Angela!) I'm kind of annoyed that all these people from my high school that I barely even knew and certainly wasn't friends with have friended me on Facebook. FB politics kind of dictate that if you know someone even marginally and aren't personally repelled by them, you should add them as a friend if they see fit to make the request. But, then again, it's kind of annoying that I'm even on Facebook, let alone complaining about it.

*My mom is on Facebook.

*I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday. I also emailed my stylist my concerns about Oscar's hair - it's clearly getting too long and just looking unkempt and messy, but I'm afraid of cutting it because his hair is so thin and so fair. In person, Oscar's hair is almost a silvery blond. Too much of a cut will leave him looking bald. So, she is going to "trim Oscar's hair and give it some shape." This sound way to professional for a two-year-old's hair cut, but I trust her and there are not a lot of people I would trust with Oscar's precious curls.

*In the past week THREE people have told me how good my hair looks and asked if I've gotten it cut recently. It hasn't been cut in three months. My stylist knows I can't come in often because of the kids, so she gives me a cut that grows out into a new style. She does it intentionally. She is THAT GOOD people.

*I thought that the first time I took the boys out in public by myself was going to be the this huge, blog post worthy deal, but you know what? It wasn't. I don't even remember when it happened or what we did. I just did it. And I continue to do it whenever I want/need to and it's totally fine. I mean, I don't LOVE it, but it's completely manageable. Now that I've said that, the next time we go out something will go horribly wrong. Don't worry, I'll tell you all about it.

*Are you planning a prom post for Friday? Because you should. I am, but I just realized I don't know if I have any prom photos at my house. Well, I have one of me and my dad but one of me and Nelson in front of the grey/cloud/blah background would be much better. I'm going to start snooping tonight.

*Once, Nelson had this dream that he and I were in an airport running for a plane to some place and he sighted Phil Collins. And Dream Nelson was like, "Oh my god, are you Phil Collins?" And Dream Phil Collins was like, "Yes. Would you like an autograph?" And Dream Nelson was like, "Heck yes! Jenni, Phil Collins is over here and he wants to give me an autograph!" And Dream Jenni was like, "Phil Collins? We don't have time for Phil Collins! Let's go!" And Dream Nelson shrugged apologetically to Dream Phil Collins and came with me and Dream Phil Collins looked sad. How funny is that? You know what's even funnier? If it had happened in real life, that's probably EXACTLY how it would have gone down. Sorry, Phil.


blissfully caffeinated said...

I had a dream the other night that barack Obama was sitting in my Grandma's kitchen. I have no idea what that means.

I recently received an email from my mother that said, "I'm on Facebook and you should join too!" It was one of those automatically generated things from Facebook. Because my mom can't even use email. But she's on Facebook. I'm not even on Facebook. I seriously thought the apocalypse was coming.

Casey said...

Poor Phil Collins, he deserves much more than that from an airport meeting.

Your stylist sounds lovely. I get my haircut once, MAYBE twice a year, how bad is that?

I love having conversations with Graham but then I ask him something crazy just to throw him off and then I realize that he just says yes to everything.

Cara said...

Oh Dear Lord. If there were such a thing as two Elmos, I do believe Sesame Street would be banned here.

My mom, dad, stepmom & various aunts are all on FB.

Glad you had such an awesome Mother's Day!

Cameron said...

My mom and BOTH OF MY GRANDMAS are on Facebook. Yikes!!!

Happy RTT!

Mrsbear said...

I had the same Facebook conversation with my sister when we both got Friend requests from a guy we maybe hung out with twice. I still don't 100% get the whole FB phenom but maybe I'm just backwards. Apparently I'm not old since everyone and their granny is on there.

I love conversations with the two year old. Here's one during a diaper change. "Baby, you've got nuggets in your diaper." "No, mommy, not nuggets. I eat a cheeseburger."

Heather said...

So funny, love your randomness! I went through the same thought process when I joined FB...first I thought "why am I doing this?" then once I did "why is HE asking to be my friend when he was such an (insert bad word here) in highschool and couldn't waste his time to even speak to me".

Sprite's Keeper said...

I feel the same way when Sprite wants to see Elmo. Thank GOD there's only one! We have the Earth Day one and now she requests the "Green Elmo, not the Green Elmo". (She gets her reds and greens confused sometimes..)

Keely said...

Dream Phil Collins sounds like he needs a thicker skin.

My stylist has her own rambunctious toddler so she cuts X's hair (because he inherited MY hair, which is to say, quite a lot of it that grows really fast). She's really good with it, but maybe I should be asking her about this whole "hairstyle that grows out into another hairstyle" thing. Because right now, what I have going on is "hairstyle that grows out into a fine imitation of a janitors mop".

FoN said...

Rolling everywhere at five months? Wow - that's pretty early. You might be in trouble!

I'm going to dig out the prom pics right now. Hubby had a mullet and I had GIANT hair. On second thought, I might not want to spread that all over the internet....

Kat said...

The only person I let touch my hair is my best friend (who is a hair stylist). The last time I let anyone else near it was a huge mistake that ended with me having to cut my hair to a 3 inch length while my husband was gone to Vegas in an effort to fix the bad hair cut. Never. Ever. Again.

GreenJello said...

I only friend people on Facebook that I want to friend. As in, all you high school pricks can GO SUCK IT. So there.

anymommy said...

I loved that phase - when my kids switched from third person to using "I." In like a day we went from Gee do it, Ess do it to I do it. So fun.

Also, I really, really want to use your stylist.