Tuesday, May 26, 2009

RTT: The T.V. Edition


Oh, Keely your so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind! Hey Keely! Hey Keely!

*Did you watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 last night? I did. Can I just say that I feel bad for them? I mean, not for the fact that they are super rich and live in a gorgeous multimillion dollar home and have gobs of domestic help and pretty well behaved children (seriously, I only have two and they run around like monkeys. I if I had eight it'd be a zoo up in here.) I feel bad that their marriage is self destructing on a national stage. I mean, I know they are celebrities by choice, but they are not REAL celebrities. They don't know how to handle their relationship publicly. And being married is hard, especially when you have kids. When you have kids, you have significantly less time to work on your marriage. And I know a lot of people hate on Kate because she is such a ball breaker, but I feel for her. The woman has eight children; she has to run a tight ship or their lives would implode. Eight kids, people. EIGHT.

*Two nights ago, Nelson found a hard lump on Oscar's head. We figured it was a little goose egg from where he bumped his noggin earlier in the day. It was small for a goose egg, but it didn't seem to be bothering him, so I just figured I'd keep and eye on it. Well, last night when I was giving Oscar is bath, I noticed it was still there and had not gone down at all. And, I found a second, slightly larger one. As of this morning, they are both about the size of a pea, the second on still being slightly larger. They are pretty hard, leading me to believe they aren't cysts or swollen glands. They aren't red or causing him any pain. I'm TOTALLY FREAKED OUT by them, but I'm trying to take it easy because they don't hurt and Dr. Google assures me they are likely nothing. Nelson is taking him in to the pediatrician today.

*Miles has been grabbing at food on our plates, but he completely rejects solid baby food. Like, he gags on the first bite, and them purses his lips and dodges the spoon when I try to feed him. So, what the crap? Is he ready for solids or not? Because he acts STARVING all the time, and is nursing his face off. Maybe he just hates baby food? I mean, I can see that. It is pretty disgusting. I guess I just don't know where to go from here. Oscar was inhaling baby food at four months. So, do I just keep trying every day? Once a week? Wait until next month? It's just weird because he's clearly interested. We've done bananas and sweet potatoes. We eschew baby cereal around here - Oscar never did well with it (it made him gassy, constipated, and gave him diaper rash), so I'm hesitant to give any to Miles. But, perhaps I should...

*We went out for this wonderful traditional Chinese dinner on Saturday evening. It was great. A student from China that Nelson was mentoring took us. So, the restaurant billed itself as kid friendly. What does that mean to you? To me, it mean there will be high chairs, a kids menu, beverage cups with lids, and maybe even some crayons and an activity place mat. The place we wnt had high chairs. That's it. Unfortunately, I forgot Oscar's sippy cup and had not packed the diaper bag with toddler toys. The sucker is pretty loaded down these days with diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes for two, so I only put toys in for special trips. I had to run next door to get a sippy cup and some toys for Oscar, but he was still a heathen. Tearing around the restaurant, trying to run out of the joint, pulling napkins/plates/silverware off the tables, attempting to eat food left on other patrons' tables. He's so awesome sometimes. Anyways, the moral of the story is high chairs to not equal kid friendly. And Oscar is officially too old to eat out at restaurants.

*Have you seen the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall? It's actually pretty funny. Funnier than I expected. Although the unrated version has some male full frontal, like way more than is usually in non-pornographic American movies (so, maybe 25 seconds total?) and it's really too much for me. It was really for comedic effect, but I guess I'm kind of a prude. Anyways, I was expecting more of a ro-co, but it was more of a lewd comedy, a la 40-Year-Old Virgin. Which makes sense since it was done by the same folks. So, funny.

*I'm still thinking about Oscar's lumpy head and I do not like it, not one bit.

*We took Oscar to Stride Rite this weekend to get him measured for new shoes. He's a size nine. If you don't know, that's officially GIGANTIC for a two-year-old. But, the worst thing? The shoes he walked in the store with were a seven-and-a-half. We bought them in February. He was wearing shoes a size and a half too small. Parenting FAIL.

*I also got new shoes this weekend and I'm not entirely pleased with them. I have big feet (sorry, Oscar) so I always have a tough time and now I have to struggle with finding shoes that are cute, but are wearable enough to allow me to chase small children. That's not so easy to find, particularly when you're feet are the size of a drag queen's.


Momma Bear said...

lumps...huh. Yes fill us in when you find out!
I love your random thoughts...

Yes I watched J&K+8 last night and I thought the same thing as you, very sad. I think peeps are a bit hard on her too. Yes she is controlling but that seems to help her in her present situation. And it's probably not like John didn't know this about her before he married her...but I think and hope they pursue counseling. He seems (from my far and away perspective) to be "lost" and insecure. And not that she's hurt and putting up walls (which I can understand) it seems (again from my far and away perspective) that they'll need some guidance to help them navigate this rocky time.

Momma Bear said...

oh oh oh i forgot!!! i have big feet too! what size are yours??? Mine are an 11! They were a 10 until my babes came along-doh!

Heather said...

I don't watch John & Kate but yeah, eight kids...hard to comdemn someone trying to raise that many kids and not have them destroying the house on a daily basis. I have a hard enough time with my one and only 15 month old.

When my baby was born that was the beginning of the end when it came to eating out. It's so much more relaxing to get take out and eat in our own home after the little on has gone to bed for the night.

PRM said...

lumps! let me know how it goes... i'm finding bruises all over X nowadays and I feel guilty because I don't know where they are coming from, too.

I am Harriet said...

I'm with ya on Jon and Kate. They'll never be normal again. Kate seriously needs to relax as well.

Mrsbear said...

I don't even like Kate and I feel bad for her. We've all got our quirks but it does seem like a tough position to be in especially when your marriage needs work. Eight kids and life in the spot light, I can't imagine.

My kids all hated baby food. Admittedly it's pretty gross. Maybe mashing up table food would be a better option for him?

I'm not big on male frontal either, zombies tearing innards is fine, just keep the man junk put away...

Hope Oscar's bumps are harmless, keep us posted. :(

Krystal said...

well, i saw the update on the gmail saying you were calling oscar out on his shit so I had to run over and see what this was even though i had not scheduled blog time until later today.

i have not seen J&K+8 in a while - my hubs hates her but I see what you are saying - I just feel worse for the kids, especially Maddy and Cara.

And don't get me started on eating out. We have not done that as a family in oh, let's see, years!!!! last time was at Denny's and that was so horrible I had to give up and say that our restaurant family dining will be limited to those places that have curbside to go!

Cara said...

I forgive you. This time. :)

I watched the J&K Smackdown. I hope they can get things figured out but I seriously felt like it was mostly horsesh**.

Poor Oscar & his bumpy head. I hope it's nothing big. And as for the baby cereal? Have you ever tasted that glop? No wonder kids don't like it! Roo hardly ate any baby food. He screams his head off if he can't be holding the spoon the entire time, he ends up looking like he rolled in a mud puddle no matter how careful I am, & then he decided he wouldn't eat any food Claire wasn't eating, so he's been on finger foods for about a month & a half. Very teeny tiny finger foods, but food nonetheless.

Cameron said...

Sadly I missed Jon and Kate plus 8, but I think I'm fairly well caught up by the commentary around the blogosphere. It's a shame for the kids, but you know, they've never known a normal life.

Happy RTT!

Amanda said...

Just FYI - the nudity in FSM wasn't just in the unrated version- saw it in the theatre and it was all there.

Becky said...

I bet the lumps are swollen glands, what did the ped say? Hope everyone is okay.

And J&K+Hate, I didn't get to see it, but I am weirdly interested in it. I feel conflicted. She seems like a genuine beeyotch, but he is a total noodle and I hate the sight of him. So I don't know who to sympathize with, except the kids. I do think all the excoriation of her as being "obsessed with her appearance" is stupid. I dunno.

And it does sound like Miles in interested in solids--sometimes the interest comes before the ability. I would keep trying. This sounds gross, but for Hank I would take a small bite of banana, and mash it with my front teeth, then feed it to him from my finger. That was his first food.

Veronica said...

Maybe Miles is one of those babies who will only be content once he can feed himself finger food? Amy preferred finger food to spoon food any day of the week.

Let us know how Oscar's head is, okay?

Casey said...

Nope, didn't watch it, not gonna and you can't make me.

So I need to know more about these lumps. Graham has a lump behind one of his ears and it gets bigger when he's getting sick. He had an ultrasound on it last year but the doctors said it's nothing, possibly his lymph nodes (but that freaks me the f out). Keep me posted.

Graham was like Oscar, he ate baby food like a mofo but Elliot would never eat it, ever. At four months, we tried giving it to her and she didn't want it so we waited until 5 months and she still didn't want it. Then she crawled under Graham's high chair and started eating the food he threw/dropped (mostly threw) and we knew she was ready for people food (that was about 5 1/2 months). I'm sensing a similar path from Miles.

My kid has gigantic feet and so do I. Join the club. ;)

Kat said...

I have drag queen feet too. Oh and don't worry too much about the lumps on Oscars head until you have a diagnosis.

Anonymous said...

I've got my fingers crossed for the lumps. Let us know when you can.

Shoes - not a parenting fail. It's a well known fact that a child can have her feet measured in the morning and then be re-measured at a size bigger in a different shop later that same day. How quickly they grow up!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, I heart you! You and I think alike on a lot of things. Now, I'M going to be worrying about Oscar's head!
Sprite is walking around in size 7 sandals (which she can only get away with since they're the velcro kind) while she is actually a size 8 1/2. With fat feet. We've tried to replace the sandals just to be met by the queen of all screams. Keep your stupid sandals, kid. I'll just throw them out while you're asleep. And maybe watch cartoons without you too. Or have a party and jump on my bed. That's what adults are REALLY doing when your eyes are closed..

Keely said...

X's feet are a size 8 already, so yeah, I know big feet.

He also didn't like baby food. Hated the cereal, hated the jarred stuff, would tolerate puree if I made it but mostly skipped straight to 'real' food. I started him on things like avocados and bananas that he could hold but not choke on.

I can't imagine the stress J&K are under, but I still think it's a manufactured drama.