Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RTT: Contractors, Drug Dealers, and Dogs (Oh, my!)

It's Tuesday again and I'm blathering on about nothingness. You can thank Keely.

*Oscar's head lumps? Yeah, the first one was some gigantic insect bite and it was draining and causing the second one, a swollen lymph node. Both are gone now and I get the award for most overreacting mother of the week. But, in my defense, they were on his head, and heads are very important.

*I've been playing general contractor for the past two weeks, collecting bids on replacing our porch roof. The first one came in at nearly $4,500 and if you're wondering, that is SUPER HIGH. I forwarded the bid to Nelson with this message, "I just crapped my pants." Now, I don't know a lot about roofing, but I do know that plywood, shingles, and a half a day's labor do not cost $4,500. Unless they are shingling my roof in solid gold. And they're not. (Don't worry; this bid did not come in from the dream roofer. I'm holding out that his bid will be lower.)

*For Oscar second birthday, we're having it at a nature center. There will be a wild animal show and we are going to make masks. There are going to be maybe a dozen kids, and I'm skipping goody bags because I feel like the masks are enough. Am I right? Are they enough or am I just being lazy?

*Conversation between me and Nelson on the way home from the hair dresser:

Nelson: Look at that car pulled over. It's being searched. Looks like for drugs.

Jenni: OF COURSE it's being searched for drugs. We're on XXX Road and it's a Lexus. With flip up doors. Those doors are ridiculous.

Nelson: I know, look at that car. The doors open up and it's a Lexus, not a Ferarri. You know you're a drug dealer if your car doors open up. I mean, who else has car doors that open up?

Jenni: Time travelers?

*I saw Marley and Me this weekend and it totally made me feel bad for hating my dogs so much. I mean, I don't really hate them, but they do get on my nerves. If you've seen the movie it's kind of my life. But with TWO Marleys. Yes, they chew less now, but when we first got them they destroyed magazines, throw pillows, books. We'd come home to a living room covered in stuffing and dog shit. Thank god they are over that. Now, they are constantly barking and waking up my kids, knocking Oscar over in their excitement, and just generally being in the way. However, watching Marley made me realize I really will miss them when they are gone.

*I'm thinking of starting another blog. Maybe a review blog where I review things, but not really products. For example, I'd review toddlers or Mondays or blue skies or my husband or movies you've seen, stuff like that. It would be funny (hopefully). Or has this been done/over done? Or, should I just incorporate this as part of my current blog? Decisions, decisions.

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Cara said...

Goody bags are a bitch to put together. And I think most moms think "Yippee. Another f'ing bag of stuff." If those greedy little punks aren't grateful for an awesome party & a cool mask, someone will need to show them what's up.

Happy news that Oscar's lumps were just bug bites...I don't think you can overreact to a giant mass on your kids head.

Kat said...

The car reminds me of the time I was going through the gate to get on base back in Missouri and the cops were arresting this dude for trying to bring weed on base. Who the HELL tries to bring weed onto a Government facility?? Seriously.

I am Harriet said...

Those flip up doors are stupid. Not sure I'd pay all that money to get them.

Susanica said...

Hi Jenni. So glad to hear Oscar's bites are better. As you know, we think the goodie bag idea isn't necessary. You will not be lazy for not making goody bags. You might feel like other parents could judge you, but honestly, isn't a mask or a balloon or some simple thing not better than a collection of dollar story stuff that will mostly end up in the trash? Or broken in a day because it's cheap (and potentially a choking hazard for the littles?) I also read an article that sort of challenged the idea of all kids getting a "present" at a party. What does that teach a child?

Anyway, that's just my two cents. That roofing estimate is rediculous. Ask Su when she gets Danny tonight to tell you about a friend of ours who can do it expertly and at no where near that price.

Wow, another blog? That would be hard. I don't know about you, but I can't always think of stuff for our one blog. I think having two blogs would be tiring. Or maybe I'm just tired. Talk to you soon! -M

GreenJello said...

Just combine into this blog. Two blogs are a pain to keep updated.

Momma Bear said...

jenni you crack me up!
Yeah I think the other blog would be a hit-something else to make me laugh.

I've never done goody bags for my kids birthday parties. The kids don't seem to notice or care. I just make sure there are toys around and cake and ice cream. I figure the cake and ice cream are plenty.

Jennifer said...

I think a party at a nature center is awesome! And forget the goodie bags. Happy RTT!

Becky said...

You are so right, those flip up doors are redonk.

Two year-olds will not be expecting goodie bags. If they get to eat cake and put on cool masks, they'll be in heaven.

I say start another blog if you want. I'm thinking of starting a shopping blog in addition to Suburban Matron, if I can think of a name, but now I see that C Jane has gone and done that. Beeyotch! :)

Mrsbear said...

I think the flip up doors should be reserved for De Loreans and only if they come equipped with flux capacitors.

I don't think you overreacted about the lumps, anything growing on your child's head is a little concerning.

Wow, a second blog! I can't even keep up with the one. Do it. I would read. ;)

Sprite's Keeper said...

Funny, I saw Marley and Me, and after reading the book, was begging for the movie to just kill the damn dog already.
The end sequence was killing ME.

Otter Thomas said...

I like the idea of a nature center birthday party but the term "wild animal show" cracks me up. Are they wild or are they trained circus animals?

Any comment about the Delorian will crack me up. Where we're going we don't need roads.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I would have 'overreacted' to any lumps on Princess Nagger's head, so you're not alone there...glad to hear all is well!

$4,500 for a porch roof is WAY too high...a friend of mine who's a contractor said that when people bid jobs that high it's because they really don't want the job - and if they sucker someone into paying that price, it makes it worth it to them... ;)

I second Mrs. Bear's comment about the flip up doors... ;)

Happy RTT! :)

Kelly said...

I'd be so happy if we could stop the whole goody bag movement everywhere. I don't like putting them together for our parties, and I hate bringing all the crap home. So good for you for skipping them! LOL

Heather said...

Love the idea of your review blog, I need all the laughs I can get...bring it on!

Glad those lumps weren't anything serious, and just like you said heads ARE important so I don't think you overreacted in the least.

Keely said...

If I can find a way to avoid dealing with the goodie bag issue at a party, I will.

And yes, heads ARE important. They're like...spines. Lumps anywhere in that vicinity would freak ME out, too.

(My word verification is 'calming'. Shit you not)

Casey said...

I honestly don't know how people keep up with more than one blog. My ONE blog is kicking my ass.

You had every right to overreact for head lumps but we've already covered this.

I'll fly up and fix your roof in exchange for two weeks of free babysitting. Deal?

I read Marley & Me a few years ago and briefly loved my dogs again adn then we watched the movie last month and I had another episode of doggy love but I'm back to being annoyed by them.

jen @ negative lane said...

Heads are very important.

Bex said...

i think goody bags at birthday parties are not as popular as they used to be. especially if you happen to have a pinata (of course, down here in south texas, we have a pinata for every occasion, even flag day).

i've never been to a blog that reviews things. not to say they aren't plentiful but clearly there aren't enough of them.

elizabeth (dundee) lampert said...

I'm jealous that you have 18 comments already. And now you want to start another blog??? Fine, take all the readers why don't you.

Oh and regarding the DeLorean ..."the Libyans, they found me. I don't know how, but they found me. Run for it Martyyyyyyyy"