Tuesday, June 23, 2009

RTT: Sleep, Silence, and Sweet Dreams

It's Tuesday. You know the drill. Drop by Keely's, get a button, join the fun.randomtuesday

*CIO Night the First: Okay, so I was reading to Oscar since he'd been asking for me lately and Miles fell asleep in Nelson's arms without nursing. So, we decided that if he woke I'd nurse him once so he wouldn't be hungry. He woke at 8, an hour after going down, and I nursed him. He woke again around 9pm and cried HARD for about 30 minutes, then stopped. Nelson went to check on Miles, found him on his belly, and turned him over. Which of course woke him up. He cried for another two minutes, then slept all. night. long. Woke at 6AM, nursed, slept until 8AM. It was hard, but we all slept all night which was AWESOME.

*Oscar couldn't sleep last night. Not because of his crying sibling, either. I discovered that his soother had run out of batteries. I knew the batteries were fading and they finally gave out yesterday. We replaced them, Oscar listened to his soother for about an hour and fell asleep.

*Sweet silence, all night long.

*Oscar repeat everything we say these days. EVERYTHING. It's interesting because it kind of gives me an audio window into what I say all day long. Among popular phrases, "Quiet!" (to the dogs); "Come on, Danny!"; "Let's go, bud!"; and "What happened?" Also, when I yawn, Oscar will say, "Momma tired," which makes me sad because I probably say that 100 times a day too. Other favorite phrases include, "I found it," "I turn light on," "I fine," "I okay," (these last two when he falls or bumps his head), "I go outside," "Ta-da!" and "Miles sleeping, SHHHH" (always shouted). Oscar's also phasing out calling me Momma and starting to call me Mom.

*This past week or so, Danny has been repeating Oscar. So far, it's only "Hi, Mom!" and "Bye-bye Momma! Bye-bye baby!" but it's making me redouble by efforts to watch the language.

*I had a really cool, weird dream last night and I can't remember any of it. Only that it was cool and weird. I hate when that happens.

*I'm a lucid dreamer, so basically when I'm dreaming I KNOW I'm dreaming and can manipulate my dreams while I'm in them. This is the best. I cannot, however, decide what I'm going to dream about in advance of sleep. I can only change things once I'm dreaming. Like if something scary is happening I can just unhappen it. My dream-self will just say, "Hey, this is a dream. If I don't want to be eaten by zombies, then the zombies are gone," and then the zombies are gone. If the zombies keep coming back though, I can just wake myself up. Dream-self just closes her eyes and when I open them I'm awake for real.

*I also dream in perfect vision (even though I've worn glasses since I was eight) and in full color. Most people dream in black and white.

*When I was a kid I was terrified of the dark and I had two recurring nightmares. In one, a witch would fly into my window and attack me and in the other I would be swarmed by rats and when I went to my mom for help, she would hold me down so the rats could eat me. Creepy, right? I'm still terrified of the dark and rats.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I dream in full color too! I didn't know that wasn't common.
Usually, when I'm dreaming, even if I KNOW I'm dreaming and try to change the outcome, my head screws with me and takes it on a totally different path. Meh. I'm usually in it for the sleep anyway.

Cara said...

Those are some crazy ass dreams. And the fact that you can manipulate your dreams is crazy too.

don't you love getting a little peek into what you actually say? Apparently I say "Yup" a lot. Oh & Claire picked up dammit. And uses it appropriately. Dammit.

Frogs in my formula said...

What's a soother? We use a fan and I've never heard of a soother before.

When I was a kid I had a reoccurring dream about a leprachaun who would yell at me. Your post made me feel better about remembering that LOL

Casey said...

I need to know more about this soother. We use fans but sometimes they're not loud enough and the damn kids wake up umpteen times a night. YAYAYAY for CIO working.

Keely said...

Really? I dream in full color too. I didn't know most people dream in b&w. And I'm a lucid dreamer...half the time. Usually it's limited to waking myself up.

X is starting to parrot me. Ugh.

bsouth said...

When you said soother, I thought you meant what I would call a dummy (or pacifier as you would probably call it). I was most impressed that you had one with batteries in and was dying to find out what it did. Then I realised that it wasn't what I thoguht it was. Most dissappointing!

Mrsbear said...

Congrats on getting Miles to sleep through the night, that's a big step.

I dream in color too but I have heard that it's less common than the black and white dreams. For the most part if I have a disturbing dream I can wake myself or convince myself it's a dream and then wake myself, but I have had the reverse happen, when thinking I'm awake and in bed until something unbelievable happens then trying to wake up again.

FoN said...

I'm so happy for you that you slept and Miles slept and you are able to talk about the sleep and the sleeping!

blissfully caffeinated said...

Oh, I'm glad the sleep thing is going good. That's awesome!

I've been babysitting my girlfriend's daughter for a week and a half (4 more days to go, please God make them go quickly) and now Avery is calling me "Jennifer" instead of Mommy. I hope it wears off soon.

crazylovescompany said...

Good job with the CIO mom!

I love that you can manipulate your dreams, jealous even. I'm stuck with whatever crazy stuff is in my head. Worse if I've had a cocktail.