Monday, September 14, 2009

What I Want

I want Oscar to eat his lunch.

I want Miles to love lentils.

I want to not snag my bag/shirt/arm on the doorknob every time I exit a room.

I want Nebo to not bark to come inside the second I sit down.

I want to laundry to do itself. Ditto the dishes.

I want Miles to sleep through the night.

I want the universe to cut my mom a break.

I want Nelson to not have to go to TX for a week.

I want Oscar to stop ramming my heels with his wooden fire truck.

I want eating six cupcakes to not make me fat.

I want to not want to eat six cupcakes.

I want to watch something other than the Incredibles.

I want to pay off all my debt.

I want Miles to stop waking up the second my head hits the pillow.

I want to be able to procure ice cubes from the freezer without dropping one onto the floor into an unreachable location.

I want Oscar to stop stomping on my feet when I breast feed Miles.

I want Miles to sleep in his own bed.

I want to go to the store without discovering that I'm covered in food/dirt/vomit/poop the second I get there.

I want this giant zit on my face to go away.

I want to sleep until 10AM.

I want to freeze time.

I want to speed up time.

I want to sleep for eight consecutive hours at night.

I want a good babysitter.

I want a flat stomach.

I want Oscar to stop drawing on the walls.

I want Miles to get that out of his mouth.

I want Nelson to call when he's going to be late.

I want my dogs to stop barking at my neighbors.

I want people to stop speeding on my street.

I want Oscar to stop standing in front of the pantry/refrigerator/door when I need to use it.

I want to stop tripping on toys.

I want that light bulb not to blow out.

I want the paper towel roll to be full.

I want my dogs to stop shedding.

I want Oscar to poop in the potty.

I want Miles' eczema to clear up.

I want to stop saying "No" all the time.

I want to read a book, cover to cover, with no interruptions.

I want to get home from the store will all of my purchases, instead of forgetting a bag at the register.

I want my kids to nap at the same time.

I want to milk to not be bad the day after I buy it and the bread to stay fresh all week.

I want things to be easy, for just one day.

What do you want?


Hannah Hammonds said...

Pretty much the same things you do. Definitely someone to do the laundry (my way) and the dishes and clean the house.
Great post!

Mrsbear said...

Laundry and dishes. Sign me up for that. Although the older kids occasionally get on some of that for me, I always have to go back and rework their "help".

I had to laugh since I'm watching The Incredibles right now. It could be worse, I could be watching Teletubbies. ;)

I want my two year old to stop whining every single request he makes.

Diana said...

Love this post and so identify with it! I want all of the same things and these:

I want Olivia to sleep through the night, nap at daycare, and nap in her bed when she is with us on the weekends.

I want to stop sleeping on Olivia's floor.

I want Olivia's cold to go away.

I want to stop worrying about her sleep deprivation, which is really significant.

I want to stop getting so upset about the lack of sleep.

I want a real vacation.

I want to see my friend, Pompi. :) I miss you girl!

Susanica said...

The same. Except Nelson doesn't need to call me when he's gonna be late ;-) -M

Casey said...

Oh yeah, I could go for half of those things and be happy. Doesn't it seem like everything is just working against us sometimes?

Sprite's Keeper said...

I want to curl up under my desk and sleep. Right now.

G-Man's Mama said...

All of that except for the lentils thing.

I want my paycheck to double.

I want my kid to stop bringing home nasty colds that give me viral bronchitis and the hubs an ear infection.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

A fast forward button.

Erin said...

i want people to stop scheduling meetings that start at 3. it's a pretty well-known fact that many of us come in early and leave at 3 for various reasons - like being there for your kids - and it's annoying to have to miss a meeting or reschedule the day with the husband.

Kat said...

I want my kids to clean their rooms

Keely said...

I want to be able to do regular-people things, like yardwork or picking stuff up, without major back pain.

And all that other stuff you just said, too.

Momma Bear said...

holy shit this is good.

elizabeth said...

I want a cook and a crew of cleaners. (and I would like someone else to pay for this possy of domestic helpers).
I would also like a flying car so that I can avoid traffic.
I would like days to be 48 hours long so that I can sleep for 12 of those hours and still be really efficient.
I would like a two day work week and a 5 day weekend.

Oh, and I'd take a vacation villa in Italy.

That's about it.