Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not About Coffee

Scene: Last night, in my living room.

Jenni: I have nothing to blog about.

Nelson: You have nothing to blog about?

Jenni: Nothing.

Nelson: You always have something to blog about.

Jenni: I'm just so tired with the Miles not sleeping at night and Oscar not sleeping during the day. It's like my brain is not working. I guess I could blog about the coffee thing.

Nelson (scoffs): Yeah, you could blog about that. Everyone will loooove that.

Jenni: Yeah, but I don't want to blog about the coffee thing because I'll just be breaking your balls.

Nelson: It's your space; write what you want.

Jenni: I know, but I don't want do that to you. Besides, we resolved it.

Nelson: I don't care. Blog about it.

Jenni: It's not even that funny. And I don't feel like it. I don't know. Maybe I will. People always love it when I break your balls.

Nelson: It's fine, reall-

Jenni: SSHHHH! Glee is back on...


Susanica said...

Oh I get it. One of those posts that keeps us coming back for more? ;-)

Just Breathe said...

So when do we get to know about how you break his balls! If you don't want to share it's okay, it was still a great read.

Heather said...

So now we all have to know about the coffee incident. It's always nice to read that other husbands out there are just as clueless as my own.

Strawberry said...

"and I don't think Kurt used a fake ID because he looks like an 11 year old milkmaid..."

Sprite's Keeper said...

Last night's show was the best ever, Our husbands should never meet. The fact that we secretly record the conversations already gives them something in common.

Keely said...

He brought you a mocha vente instead of a skinny latte? He spilled the beans? What, WHAT?

Mrsbear said...

Not fair, piquing our interest that way... Go on, break his balls, he gave you permission. ;)

Bugaloo said...

This is Susanica's friend Amy from St. Paul chiming in --- just started reading your blog, it's tremendously fun and funny!

Casey said...

Oh god, please tell me you don't watch Glee.

I'm lacking bloggy topics too. Help.