Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RTT: Weddings, Words, and Poop

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*Miles is pulling up on anything that is even momentarily stationary and cruising all over the place. What the what? Wasn't he just born last week?

*Nelson and I went to a wedding on Saturday night and his parents watched the kids. It went pretty well. Miles got pretty cranky toward the end, but that was expected since I usually nurse him to sleep and he didn't have that. Oscar was awake when we got home and momentarily cried when he discovered we'd left, but he was very good. When we got home, he dashed past Nelson and right into my arms. Who's the Mommy?

*We spent nearly the entire wedding talking about the boys and how much we loved them. I really, really missed Miles. I have read that for the first year or so of life, an infant is not able to distinguish itself apart from it's parents; it sees it's parents as an extension of itself. I kind of feel this way about Miles too. It was almost a physical ache being away from him for so long, like an appendage had been removed. I missed Oscar too, but it was very different. He's like my best friend, so it's more like I missed his company - the way he interacts with his environment, the funny things he says, spur of the moment hugs, stuff like that.

*I just admitted that my two-year-old is my best friend. I am struck by how that statement is so incredibly true. And I'm pretty sure I'm his best friend too. I'm okay with that.

*Last night was the first night we all had the same dinner, including Miles. Couscous, chicken, and broccoli. Little at the HELL out of some couscous.

*This morning while I was fixing his Cinnamon toast, Oscar looked out the window and saw the moon. He said, "I need get rocket so I can go to moon. Moon far away, Momma. I need get Mickey's rocket! Mickey's rocket!" He said ALL THAT. GENIUS. Astronaut genius.

*Are you feeding your toddler Cinnamon toast yet? Well, why not? Get on that.

*During yesterday's nap time (heh) I went up to get Oscar after an hour. He'd been talking and whining on and off the whole time. When I get in the room I immediately smell poop and notice that his pants are off. Then, I see that his hand and legs are covered in poop. Incidentally, you never want to hear your toddler say, "I all muddy with poo-poo." Talk of the moon is much better.


The Crazy Coxes said...

I'm laughing at the poop! Sorry! ;)
As the mom of three boys, I hopeyou stay best friends forever!!!!!

Fun random!


Mrsbear said...

GAH! Poop smears! I guess it's a good thing my toddler poops pebbles. Maybe I should feed him more broccoli.

Cinnamon toast is my two year old's fave. I like the heck out of it too.

Keely said...

Seems like he was born just last week to ME.

CaJoh said...

Hey if Cinnamon toast makes you smart, I should eat it more often. I get Cassia cinnamon because it is stronger than Ceylon that most people get.

Thank you for your randomness!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Jenni, I swear to you that Sprite said the same thing this morning about getting Mickey's rocket to go to the moon and do the hot dog dance!
I was on my stepper last night. Did you walk? Hmmmm?

Casey said...

Mickey Mouse and his dumb clubhouse are teaching all of our kids to be smarter than us. It sucks. ;) We recently discovered Little Einsteins and that one sucks too.

I hate that every time we leave the house sans kids, it's ALWAYS a night of talking about the kids. Heh, I don't really hate it but it's funny how far our conversations have come in ten years.

Design it Chic said...

oh boy.. poop all over his legs and hands... that's a blast:)
Hope you still had fun at the wedding despite missing your kids..which btw..it's obvious you do love them enormously:)
Happy Random!

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