Monday, November 16, 2009

Eleven Months, Capturing the Moment

You love your brother and take every opportunity to hug, kiss, and wrestle with him.
When you "dance" to music, you nod your head back and forth like some kind of baby rocker.

You can stand unassisted for brief periods and you have taken a couple of steps.

You still do not sleep through the night; you wake at least once, sometimes twice.

You have four teeth and are working two more.

You say "Mama," "dog," "yea," and "Dada."

You mimic your brother's squeals, yells, and other assorted noises (Oscar, in stereo-o-o-o.)

You hate it when I leave a room, and you lurch for me as soon as I return.

You smile almost constantly.

You laugh, even when you're whining.

You make this funny face, where you scrunch up your eyes and bare your teeth.

You love it to be tickled.

Your favorite foods: tofu, peas, Cheerios, bread, rice, couscous, Boca burgers, pasta, prunes, and meatballs.

You love to nest blocks and cups, and put things inside containers so you can take them out again.

You love playing with your baby piano and improvising drums on toy bins.

You crawl with your left leg pushing you along like an oar (as did your brother.)

You love kisses.

You are tough, and can really take a fall and assorted pushes, slaps, and kicks from your brother.

You put everything and anything into your mouth.

You are freakishly strong.

You are very silly.

You are snugly.

I love you immeasurably.


Cara said...

Dear Miles:
You are adorable. I want to kiss those sweet little cheeks. Keep getting cuter.
The end.

1invermillion said...

What a cutie! Happy 11 months :)

Sprite's Keeper said...

He's SO handsome. How can it be 11 months already?

jpooh said...

This made me go "Awwwww!"

So sweet. So adorable.

Jan from the Sushi Bar

blissfully caffeinated said...

Oh, I loved the last line. He is too freaking cute. But prunes? Really? You are very brave to feed your babeh prunes. :)

Mrsbear said...

He's so stinkin cute. I miss when they're that age. Life was so much simpler then.

Becky said...

He is precious! Just precious.

I wanted to tell you (did I already tell you?) you are not alone. Hank didn't sleep through the night until he was 12 or 13 months old.

Veronica said...

Also, the internet thinks you are gorgeous.

Casey said...

He looks identical to Oscar back when he was that age, I can't believe it. And 11 months, what a big boy!