Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear So and So...Thanks a Bunch

Dear Miles William,

Thank you so much for sleeping through the night last night. Yes, it took three painful nights of listening to your heart wrenching sobs, and yes, my heart nearly broke, but. BUT, I'm really glad you're sleeping through. If I were a Christian woman I'd be praising the lord right now, that's how happy I am at this little miracle. Please keep it up.

Your stock is rising, kid.



Dear Oscar,

I'm so tickled at your excitement to visit a potential preschool later this morning. I'm also a little heartbroken. Are you really so eager to leave me for two and a half whole hours a day, three days a week? Although I'm slightly suspicious that you don't realized you'll be attending school without me. Well, we have 8 months to work on that.

Mommy (Code Name: Jenni)


Dear Mother Nature,

Thanks for leaving little more than an inch of snow on the ground last night. The dusting is lovely and still allows for vehicle maneuverability and minimal shoveling.



Dear Kat,

Thanks for being such a lovely host! It's always a pleasure.

Dear So and So...


Anonymous said...

Oh, hooray! I'm so glad Miles slept through the night (although I bet not as glad as you are!).

Um, yes - I strongly suspect Oscar does not know he will be attending preschool without you. Be prepared for the screams of terror when he does.

And you can say "douchebag" on my blog all you want. Especially when referring to a douchebag.

Jan from the Sushi Bar

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a good day! Well done for sorting out the sleep thing.

Good luck when realisation that you won't be going to preschool with Oscar hits him. Boor both of you.

Kat said...

They cancelled school here for an inch of snow. I am still pissed off.

Alix said...

Stopped by from Casa Hice to read your letters. Congratulations on the baby sleep milestone! I remember the jubilation when my own finally slept through the night!

Mrsbear said...

You're full of thanks today. Glad it's all good news.

Sleeping babies and preschool are always cause for celebration.

Jamie said...

Yeah Miles! Only took three nights of CIO? That is awesome! Now if he will just keep it up, yes?

VandyJ said...

A bet things look a lot better this morning than they did yesterday morning. Amazing what uninterrupted sleep will do for you. Go Miles!

Hope the trauma of preschool isn't too bad when the realization comes that Oscar is soloing.
Happy Friday!

Aliceson said...

Only 3 nights?! I know those must have been 3 very long nights but hopefully that's the end of all night scream fests.

I'm sure Oscar will love preschool and you'll love the few hours of Miles only time too. I promise, it will be good!

And Ma Nature? she's alright too, at least now that my husband is home to clean up all the snow!

Miss Angie said...

Visiting from Kat's!

Congrats on the baby sleeping through the night, that's always a good thing!

Casey said...

I'm knocking on wood that the sleeping sticks. CIO is hard but you DID IT! Do you watch Modern Family? It's an awesome show and they touched on CIO last night. Jamie and I were cracking up.

Oh, and Oscar going to school! He'll love it, my kids do. After the initial tears.

Captain Dumbass said...

My son's preschool teachers probably wish for snow days every day.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Yay for Miles! Yay for you!
Yay for Mother Nature who seems hell bent on making every Floridian complain about the weather...