Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RTT: Is it Tuesday Already??

Wow, Tuesday, huh? I didn't even realize that until I was scrolling through my reader and noticed all the fugly purple buttons. So, Tuesday!


*I slammed my finger in the pocket door this morning, between the first and second knuckle. And the door original to our house, so probably weighs a ton. It hurt. It still hurts.

*We've been touring preschools for Oscar. I've been drafting a whole post about it, but it's really kind of boring and I don't want to subject you guys to it. The just: Do I go with the less expensive, less educational (my personal opinion), co-op option where I will fit in better with the more crunchy parents; or do I go with the more expensive (to the tune of 30%) non-co-op option, where there is more of a focus on learning in addition to social development, and I will not fit in with the Manolo moms? The co-op is cheaper, but there is more work; the non-co-op has no parental involvement requirement, but is quite a bit more expensive and I can't decide of the luxury of my time is worth the extra money. What to do? There are other issues; maybe I'll just publish the stupid post so you can all tell me how much I'm over thinking this. I'm really waffling.

*Potty training in the house, y'all! We've got some major peeing AND pooping the potty happening around these parts, and not just by the grown ups. Oscar is still in his diapers, but is probably peeing in the potty 50% of the time and pooping in the potty 90-100% of the time. Is it possibly that 75% of the Oscarelli household will be using the toilet full time in the near future? Dare I dream?

*I made some super delicious rye bread for dinner last night. So good.

*I'm working on declutttering certain zones of my house. I like to keep things somewhat tidy which is difficult for me because I'm not tidy person by nature. I really have to force myself. But, as such, we have these little areas that collect clutter - mail to be shredded; photos that need to be organized and put into albums; Oscar's artwork that needs sorting; framed photos waiting to be hung; books to be put into bookcases; keepsakes for baby books. These kind of things. Does everyone else have this too? Anyways, I decluttered the top of Nelson's dresser last week and it was awesome. I'm going to declutter out bookcase this week. I'm debating if I should take a before and after photo to post here on the blog, but is that so boring? Who wants to read about my decluttering?

*I'm really feeling like a bore these days. I need to pick a sports team to follow or read the paper or pay attention to the weather. If I'm not talking about my kids or cleaning I got nothing.

And on that note, go hit up Keely's other RTT participants. They surely have better things to say.


VandyJ said...

There are days when I feel boring too. There are lots of evenings when Nick and I look at each other and say god we're boring!

Good for you on the decluttering. We do that in spurts. I't about time for me to go through the clothes shelves in our room and straighten them up and find the clothes that are hiding in the back.

I am Harriet said...

I've done that to my hand before. Ouch!

Have a great Tuesday!

Erin said...

take before and after photos - and post about it! seriously, i read http://cleaninguptheclutter.blogspot.com to get motivation to declutter. it is so frustrating how stuff builds up in places! good for you for tackling this :)

Aliceson said...


I say go for the co-op. Really 3 years old is too young to be solely focused on the academics anyway. As long as he gets out of the house a few days a week I think your headed in the right direction. I sent my kids to one of those expensive preschools with those annoying uppity moms. I would have much rather done something a little more like your first choice but our options were limited.

It seems I can never keep up with the clutter in our house. The papers from school, mail, clothes, toys. Seems like a never ending battle. I say go ahead and post before and after pics. You just might motivate some of your more lazy *ahem* readers.

Heather said...

Just call me pigpen (well, minus the dust/dirt)...I'm terrible about clutter. The good thing about having toddler is that now the only places I can clutter are the places she can't reach...and as she gets bigger I'm running out of clutter spots!!!

And seriously, woo hoo on the whole potty training thing...that is AWESOME! I'm looking forward to Gia using the potty, just not the whole process of teaching her how to use it (accidents etc).

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ooh! I love decluttering! Write about it! Pictures always help too!

Mrsbear said...

Some days you got nothing better going on than potties and preschool. It happens. I'm okay with that.

Well, the decluttering is a little boring though. ;) I have piles of shit everywhere too. Not like hoarders piles though...I can still see my floor most of the time.

Captain Dumbass said...

De-cluttering. Personally, I'd love to just build a bonfire in the front yard and just keep feeding it. Apparently that is against code though.

What's a pocket door?

lasslo.net said...

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Keely said...

I vote for the co-op, but I'm crunchy that way. Also, I try to avoid stacking up against the Manolo-wearing crowd.

Supermomof3 said...

So regarding the preschool thing...I was horrified to put Brianna in a private preschool! Remember I was only 20 when I had her so here I am walking in barely able to buy alcohol and I had the worst looks EVER! All the moms were very irratating...I dont let my kids watch TV, We have face time all day, I would NEVER take my kids to McDonalds, ONLY healthy snacks for my little one, Oh you didnt breast feed?? It makes your kids smarter (Are you saying mine is dumb because she had formula???) and the best..Do both your kids have the same father?? Yeah its was painful...Till one day a mom who was about 6 years older was talking to another mom who was having a melt down because her daughter said "shit"! Then it was like Angels singing I heard her reply "I have horrible road rage I will call someone a cock sucking fucker in a second in front of my kids" At that moment I befriended her and to this day Carla is still one of my best friends! Just thought I would make you laugh!

Oh and as far as interaction and such the whole reason to put Oscar in is so he developes his social skills and ability to adapt to different surroundings and different rules, if you are always involved you might as well keep him home and teach him yourself, otherwise go for the educated less involvement route but if you choose to go Manolo mom then just look for the diamond in the rough :)

Oh one more thing....I dont know if preschool had anything to do with it..But Brianna and Shailyn are both super smart and we had NO trouble going to Kindergarten, Being in the classroom volunteering the kids who had never been outside of mom had the hardest time!

Casey said...

Wow, mostly pooping in the potty is HUGE, that's the last to happen around here.

Preschool finding is tough, I would pick one that feels right with little parental involvement. It sounds selfish but you have Miles at home so you can't always be there to volunteer. Now that both of my kids are in school 9 hours a week, I'm the class mom for Elliot's class and asst class mom in Graham's so I help out here and there.

Pamela said...

pooping on the potty here is huge, but in the actual 'it's really huge' kind of way.

you're welcome, by the way, for the visual.

also preschool? whatever. if neither of the places have something really exciting going on skip it altogether. it's not like you're some moron who sits around eating bon-bons, blogging, and slamming her hand in a pocket door.

kids are having Education slammed down their throats, when really play in its true, unadulterated form, is how children learn best.