Tuesday, January 26, 2010

RTT: Praising, Prepardness, and Peacful Nights

It's Tuesday, yea!
*Oscar spent his first night in his big boy bed last night. He fell out. No injuries, but he refused to get back in, "Can I go sleep in your bed now?" It was one in the morning so I totally relented.

*MW has been sleeping through until 5 or 6 in the morning. Hallelujah!

*MW is also teething like crazy and has been cranky and miserable. I'm so not used to my ball of sunshine baby being so unhappy. I hope he pops those suckers out soon.

*My mom is visiting this week. Again, hallelujah!

*I've been having these really creepy dreams. I don't quite remember them, but they always wake me with a loud noise, and when I wake up I'm never certain if the noise was in the dream or in real life. Once it was someone screaming and once it was someone knocking on the door. This, at like 2AM. Very creepy, particularly for someone who tends toward getting creep out fairly easily.

*I just finished reading The Flood by Margaret Atwood and I'm feeling compelled to make that emergency preparedness kit all DC residents were instructed to make eight and a half years ago, though I'm kind of feeling like three days worth of supplies is not enough. Why is it that I find fiction more motivating than reality? Terrorists flying planes into buildings 20 miles from my house? Anthrax letters delivered 5 miles from my workplace? Meh. A flesh liquefying virus distributed via sexual enhancement drugs? Gah! Time to stock up!

*Oscar has a recent obsession with monster trucks, and obsession that he's passed along to Danny (sorry, Susanne and Monica!). We have this super low quality video circa 1993 that he watches obsessively. It's really terrible. There's this "magic genie" in it call Hard Had Harry. Yeah, it's that bad. Anyways, Nelson is taking Oscar to an actual Monster Truck Rally next month. It's going to be ridiculous. Oscar is going to LOVE it. I'll be staying home with MW, because I'm sure it's going to be way too loud. For Miles. Ahem.

That's all I got for today. Head on over to Keely's for some more Random Thoughts.


Becky said...

So is The Flood good? I haven't read one of her books in ages. Used to love her though.

And I'm probably one of the few people in the world who thought The Handmaid's Tale was hot.

VandyJ said...

Oh, I hate teething. Bruiser has fought each and every tooth he has gotten. I hope Miles' come in soon.

Susanica said...

Oh yeah! Monster truck! Monster truck! Danny can't leave home without his MONSTER TRUCK! Who knew that a Lego car from M*D's would be so beloved!

Mrsbear said...

Oh Em Gee! We have two Hard Hat Harry videos we got at the dollar store, I think. One is boats, ships, and airplanes, the other is race cars and monster trucks. I have yet to introduce Max to them, although his brother used to watch the airplane one religiously. I don't think I've ever been able to explain to anyone how..."unique" the Hard Hat Harry videos are. I actually think I've been mentally blocking the fact that they're still on my shelves. Wow. That guy is...WOW.

Hope MW feels better soon. And get prepared, I'm sure it will come in handy for zombies too. :P

Susanica said...

Yes, apparently when Danny got a Monster Truck in a Happy Meal he got home and proceeded to run over every toy in the house with it. We may have to bribe Nelson to take Danny along to the monster truck thing with Oscarelli. Or more likely I'll try to figure out how I can get tickets to take Danny Boy along. Wow. That. Sounds. Like. A. Fun. Day. Not. The things we do for our children. Sorry about your dreams. That is no fun at all. -M

Keely said...

is it a good book? I need a new one, but I haven't liked anything since the Handmaid's Tale.

X has been sleeping in his big boy bed for a few weeks, and just fell out for the first itme last night. He had a huge goose egg but went right back to sleep.

In retrospect, I probably should have worried about a concussion...

Stimey said...

I freaked out a few years ago and purchased enough MREs to last us for several days, plus foil-packed water, etc... I'm good to go if I need to hunker down. I highly doubt I'll ever have to use it, but I consider it money well wasted.

Aliceson said...

Teething sucks! I'd love to tell you it gets better as they get older but my girls (5&7) still get cranky and run a fever when they have teeth coming in. Not so much where the baby teeth fall out and adult teeth grow in, but molars are a bitch.

A most appropriate WV: ousch. Too funny for a teething comment!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Miles sleeping through? And a big boy bed? And possible potty training success? There is too much change in the Oscarelli house!

Casey said...

WHY would you blog about this? Never jinkx it, EVER. Sorry it backfired.