Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RTT: A Whiny, Tired Mess

Blah, blah, blah...Random Tuesdays!
*So, since sleeping through once last week, MW has yet to repeat that feat. Instead, he wakes at least once and cries for 2-10 minutes (sometime he wakes twice and cries for an hour the first time); sleeps until 4:45; nurses; sleeps until 6ish. I'm really annoyed. Like what the hecks, Miles? Sleep already, SLEEP.

*Last night (this morning) he woke at 3 crying, but also with a disgusting runny nose. So, yea, cold! Really going to help with the whole sleep through the night thing. What'd I ever do to you, karma? Can you cut me a little slack here? I'm just a tired momma going on three years with no good sleep. Why do you hate me?

*Oscar, who was sleeping in our bed again, woke at 4 and has stayed awake.

*Reason #1 Why Nelson Should Not Have His Own Alarm Clock: He accidentally sets it for an hour early; where and hour early equals 4AM.

*Reason #2 Why Nelson Should Not Have His Own Alarm Clock: He hits the snooze instead of turning it off; gets in the shower; alarm goes off again waking whole entire family.

*Have I ever mentioned that my husband has his PhD in engineering? And the man can't figure out how to work an alarm clock.

*When I was getting dressed this morning, I pulled a T-shirt out of the clean hamper to find it covered in stains that were not there when I put it in the wash. I know this because I checked it so I could put Oxy Clean on any stains because I always have stains and I know this. Also? It had two holes in it. This really pisses me off because I just bought the damn shirt maybe four months ago? Am I wrong to expect more than four months of wearability out of a shirt I get from the G.ap? Well, I threw it out and I'm never buy another shirt from there ever again. Also, G.ap? Your jeans are not worth $80. For real.

*My children are whiny and overtired.

*I am whiny and overtired.

*Nelson tried to make coffee for me this morning to atone for all the additional wakings he caused, and he put coffee in the coffee maker SANS BASKET. That went well.

*He cleaned it up and did make actual coffee.

Happy Tuesday! Hope yours is going better than mine.


Aliceson said...

Oh man, you're making me tired just reading that. Hopefully everyone naps today at least!

shopannies said...

that simply frustrates me my hubby stays in bed when I get up to get kids to school his only job is to turn off the alarm clock but 9 times out of 10 he will hit snooze button a few times before actually turning it off

Sprite's Keeper said...

I've already told you how my morning went. But yours is definitely worse. :-)

Jenn said...

Mine is no better. Well, maybe a little better. My coffee was without grinds this morning. Sometimes it's really, really hard, isn't it?
I find the early morning boobie call is sabotage. If I feed Rosemary at 4 or 5, she'll go back to sleep nicely once morning or two, but then she gets into a routine of waking up earlier and earlier for a snack. I had to let her cry it out for a few nights, and now, mostly, she sleeps until 6. My rule is I won't feed her till then. Does that sound harsh? It's advice from Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. This book has helped me tremendously with children and their sleep.

Why are they such crappy sleepers? You know, NO ONE TOLD ME CHILDREN DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO SLEEP. I really think they should have said that at the hospital. "Here's your baby. He has no idea how to sleep. Good luck with that."
I'll stop whining now.

Anonymous said...

It's so true...there's just no rest for the weary. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

It's so true...there's just no rest for the weary. Hang in there.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I'm so sorry you're having sleepless nights! Hopefully Karma will decide to annoy someone else...well, as long as it's not me, I've had enough Karma annoying me the last few weeks already. ;)

T-Shirts from Gap should definitely last longer than 4 months...and I agree, their jeans aren't worth $80.

Hope things settle down for you soon and you get some sleep! :)

Random Tuesday Trivia

Jenn said...

Dr. Weissbluth is my hero, but despite all his good advice and me doing all the "right" things, sometimes they still don't sleep "right." It frustrates me, but then I remember they are not robots. I can't program them. They are children and need me to guide them. Aye carumba. With my son, I did all the "wrong" things: co-slept, nursed him to sleep, didn't teach self-soothing, no nap schedule, etc., and although I did eventually have to teach him to sleep independently -- when I got pregnant again -- I'm not sure it was any harder than my experience doing the "right" things with Rosemary. It's all a challenge.

Heidi said...

Love Jenn's comments about the warning hospitals should give. My first kid was colicky, so all subsequent children have looked easy in comparison. However, the first two did not reliably sleep through the night until they were 15 months old - 15 freaking months!!! Not to scare you or anything... Number three started doing it around 12 (thank god - I've been sleep deprived for six years), but as I type this, I remember that he's been waking up about 90 minutes after bedtime for the last three nights... Maybe I spoke too soon.

Hang in there. As you know they do figure it out. Eventually.

FoN said...

Good lord, I want to go have a nap just reading that.

VandyJ said...

It sucks when Monday rears it's ugly head on Tuesday. You are so not ready for it. I'm with you on the sleeping thing. Exhaustion does weird things to your brain. Hoping things improve for you soon.

Mrsbear said...

The fudged cup of coffee was just icing on the cake. I'm sure you must feel thoroughly zombified, how you do it after three years, I don't know. Then again, there aren't exactly other options. Hope you get a nap soon. Nobody should be up at 4.

Captain Dumbass said...

I have two SIL's in IT and do you think they could program a number into a cell phone if their lives depended on it? What's with that?

Cara said...

oh dear lord...please tell me you got a nap today. or at least that the boys went to bed at a reasonable hour?

alarm clocks & snooze buttons are the bane of my mornings. chase snoozes for thirty mother lovin' minutes every damn morning.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered how those teeny little people could be so energetic on so little sleep.

I hope you got a nap yesterday and a decent night's rest last night!

Jan from the Sushi Bar

Casey said...

Sorry you're all whiny and overtired. We are here too, we're getting shitty sleep all around.

So Nelson must be a smart cookie, what's up with the alarm? Ha.

Tell Miles I said to sleep, dammit.

Frogs in my formula said...

Oof, get some sleep. I know what you mean about the $80 Gap jeans. I am always disappointed.

Perpetua said...

I also thought my Ph.D. engineer husband would be able to do simple tasks, like pack the trunk of a car.


Keely said...

Hey! I'm whiny and overtired, also. We should start a club.

I hate the Gap. Their clothes are poorly made and always fit me poorly. Yet I keep going in there...