Monday, March 22, 2010

Coming Down, Odds and Ends

Wow am I exhausted from last week, both physically and emotionally.  A big thanks to all of your for your sympathy and words of support.  They mean a lot to all of us.

The boys did wonderfully at day care (which I billed as school), particularly the second day.  It was not nearly as tough as I though it would be to leave them, but I think it helped that I was leaving them with someone I've known for several years and whom I trusted.

We came home Thursday night and Nelson had off on Friday which made for a long weekend and that was nice.  We spent a ton of time outside this weekend enjoying some unseasonably warm but very welcome weather. I even had o pull out last summer's T-shirts and go and buy a few new ones for Miles. I almost got carried away and bought shorts as well, but Nelson reminded me that they'll be in long pants until at least early May.  The boys ran and played and got plenty dirty, reminding me why 20 short-sleeved shirts is barely enough to keep them clothed for a full week.

Miles had is 18 month PE on Friday and it went really well.  He was still in the 25% for weight, but only in the 75% for height (down from the 95th) confirming what Nelson and I had been thinking - he's a little guy.  I mean, I know the 75% isn't exactly "little" but we'd been thinking he was smaller than we remember'd Oscar being at this age, and we were right.  He seems more baby like in general - his cheeks are still chubby, his tummy is still round, his gait is still unsteady - and I'm okay with that.  I'm not ready to be out of babies just yet.  He's still nursing, but he did drop his late afternoon feeding.  He's down to just twice a day, including bedtime.  I'm okay with that too.

Oscar is struggling with pooping on the potty.  After two awesome months of using the potty, he started refusing to poop about two weeks ago and it's like pulling teeth to get him to go.  He won't poop in diapers either, and bribes have proven useless.  Just no pooping period.  Except it eventually leaks out and makes for quite the mess.  I'm talking turds on my couch, people.  We've decided to just let it go and stop trying to get him to go and let him take the lead.  That worked when we started potty training so we're hoping it will work again.  He's still peeing on the potty nearly every time, except when he gets too busy and forgets to go.

We've all been felled by a pretty nasty cold.  Nelson ended up with a sinus infection and it's settled in my chest.  They boys are almost over it; just runny noses now.  But there were croupy coughs and goopy, crusty eyes most of last week.

Okay, I'm all out for now, but I hope to be back tomorrow with a RTT post.  


VandyJ said...

I'm jealous of the nice weather you had, we are still cold and snowing on occasion here. Bruiser still looks baby like too. Turbo looked like a little boy buy the time he was one. Turbo was taller but Bruiser is heavier. It's interesting looking at the differences between the boys. Hope you all get to feeling better soon.

Jan said...

Oh, goodness! It's just one thing or another at your house, isn't it? Well, I'm glad things went smoothly last week, and I hope you're all feeling better very, very soon!

Mrsbear said...

Hooray for short sleeves and outdoors.

Hope the sickies vacate soon too.

Kat said...

Hope you guys get to feeling better soon.

gretchen said...

Ugh. I remember poop issues. Take heart. YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. And when it's all resolved, you won't remember that it happened.

And I hear you on the using "school" as a euphemism for day care. Though I'm glad you had this "school" for the boys when you needed it!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Glad you're coming out of the cold! In both ways!
Don't worry, the pooping thing will get better. Give it another two weeks and he'll be a perfect pooper.
Did I seriously just give assvice?

Pamela said...

so glad you took the good doctor Mraz's advice and went outdoors.

Casey said...

I always go overboard shopping. My kids have all of their clothes for the next year or so sitting in their closets since I go crazy on the clearance sales. I love kid's clothes, it's so rewarding to put clothes on someone and have them fit and look cute, not so much here.

My friend's son stopped pooping too but he eventually started again (I think it went on for like 3 weeks?!?). Good luck.