Friday, March 12, 2010

Low and Slow: Crock Pot Meals

The year before Oscar was born, I asked my mother-in-law for a slow cooker for Christmas and she (as always) delivered.

Let me tell you, I bow down to my slow cooker. It's a little workhorse. I use it on the reg, and for the purposes of this week's meal plan, I'm going to use it pretty much every day.

So, here's what we're eating:

Sloppy Joes, broccoli on the side
Pork Marrakesh over couscous (a new recipe for me; neither of my kids eat pork, so nuggets or cheese toast for them)
Beef and bean tacos, salad on the side
Chicken curry (low fat -we'll see how this turns out and if my kids will touch it)
Spicy Italian veggie soup with turkey meatballs (Hint: it's not that spicy) (Also: TURKEY MEATBALLS!)
Frozen lasagna (it's getting freezer burn in there)
Left over/take out night

I had dinner with my friend Jane last week and she made this awesome beet and goat cheese salad. I'm salivating just thinking of it. But, we talked food and cook books and I ordered three new ones she recommended. I can't wait to try out some new recipes for spring. I love me some seasonal cooking, and I'm really looking forward to eating fresh veggies again. I think we're going to get a CSA share this year, so we'll have lots of fresh, local produce. Yum.

So, what's for dinner folks? What are your favorite springtime dishes?


Michele R said...

When you say "Springtime dish" you hit the nail on the head. Over here, for some reason, I welcome spring by doing shish-ka-bobs. I have thre metal skewers and I make rice with a little onion and curry. The skewers will have shrimp marinated in Iralian dressing, and we'll have beef ones too marianted in red wine vinegar/worceshire. Then veggies such as musheooms, zucchini, etc. The kids won't eat a lot of the veggies with this so I make them have apple sauce.
I'm thinking you need to list some recipes--I'm interested in the soup and let us know how the porl Marrakesh turns out!

Michele R said...

I see at least three spelling errors. Need more coffee....

Heidi said...

CSA's are awesome. We love the many Farmer's Markets in out town, but dragging three kids around them is exhausting. With the CSA, Brandon drops me at a corner, I go down one leg of the market, grab my bag (I get an email the day before telling me what's in it) and pick up whatever else I need on the way back to the corner. Not as much fun as "doing the market" but a whole lot faster.

CSA's are a wonderful way to support local farmers, get fabulous produce and are pretty darn economical. Even with the extra items and the weekly cost of the farm box, we still spent about 25% less at the FM last year than we did in previous years. Besides - they give you foods you wouldn't normally try... like fresh garbanzo beans (you can see FtB for that interesting post.)

I too love my crock pot. Minimal work and my house smells awesome!

jpooh said...

The Pork Marrakesh sounds tasty!

Dinner tonight? I haven't a flippin' clue. Sunday I'm planning an early St. Paddy's Day dinner of Guinness-braised beef and a bacon-cabbage strudel.

As for my favorite springtime meals, I really get down with the entree-sized salads when the first spring greens start showing up at the farmer's markets.

*sigh* Now I'm hungry.

Jan from the Sushi Bar

Sprite's Keeper said...

I'm haviong whatever you're having, except the pork. Then nuggets or cheese toast is fine. What time should I come?

Heather said...

I really need to dig mine out of the cabinet because it would be a life saver right about now...and by life saver I mean Neil's life. He's lucky he gets anything for dinner from me lately.

Pamela said...

my mil always delivers, too.
and now i will finish reading your post.

Pamela said...

we fed the kids homemade pizza tonight, and i had my once-yearly fish fry.

csa is the bestest bestest bestest. be sure to lmk if you need help with weird veggies. i can make anything taste less like what it tastes like.

gretchen said...

I'm looking for a Corned Beef and Cabbage recipe for the Crock for St. Paddy's Day. You have one? It seems like it would be the perfect thing to slow cook.

Frogs in my formula said...

Hands down, salads. I heart salads and thankfully so does my kid.