Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RTT: I Still Know How to Rock

You know, I've really come to love Tuesdays. For one thing, it's not Monday. For another thing, there's this:

*Nelson and I went to see the North Mississippi Allstars this weekend, and it was a great show. We even went out to dinner before hand, like real adults. While we were waiting in line to go in, we saw and ad for this group. Kind of interesting, right? I like women rock bands, I like Led Zeppelin, I could see how this might work. And, check out their shirts:
Lez Zeppelin - T-Shirt
Come on! Now that's just cool.

*I always like to do a bit of people watching when we go to shows, and there was this guy in front of us wearing a button down shirt, tucked in, light washed jeans, and boat shoes. That doesn't seem like proper rock show attire to me. Not that I'm one to talk; I was wearing flared jeans, a long-sleeved T-shirt, and a pair of Converse - the same thing I wear every single day of my life (in the summer, it's capris, short-sleeved T-Shirts, and bare feet or flip flops.) I'm hardly a fashion plate, but I think a rock show calls for more casual attire. Like the guy next to us who was in head to toe denim. I don't necessarily approve of his look either, but it seems a bit more appropriate. Then I realized that Mr. Button Down was around 70 so that explained things a bit more. But, don't think for a second that his age prevented him from rocking out. Dude went WILD, as one should at a rock show (who are these people who stand still at rock shows? or sit down? What is wrong with you?) At one point he got so low I though he'd broken a hip, but he recovered nicely.

*On our way to the show Nelson and I were chatting about current events (we live in DC, give me a break.)

Nelson: Did you hear about that assassination Dubai?

Jenni: Yeah, that was crazy.

Nelson: I know, when they looked at the security tapes there were like dozen unknown people in there that they were unable to trace. They are blaming Israel, but Israel say they don't know anything.

Jenni: Whatever, this has Mossad written all over it.

Nelson: I know.

Jenni: I mean, I watch NCIS; I've seen Munich. I know Mossad when I see it.

Nelson: Hey, and how about that whale at Sea World? Do you know that's like the third person it's killed?

Jenni: Really? Three? And it's still performing?

Nelson: Yep.

Jenni: You know who's responsible for that?

Nelson: Mossad?

Jenni: Mossad.

(We are so funny, right?)

*Miles William got his first stomach virus last week. He puked on me no less than four times. It's a right of passage. A really smelly one. But you know what? After all that vomiting he slept better than he has in his whole entire life. That's just unfair.

*Nelson, along with about 2,000 other folks, has been furloughed. This furlough is the direct result of a major DB senator refusing to renew funding for the Federal Highway Trust, among other things. I'm pretty annoyed at this senator, a republican (surprise!), but I'm also really irritated at the dems. I mean, they have a majority in congress. How in the hell does a democratically controlled congress not pass a transportation bill? Building and supporting infrastructure is one of our Things! One guy stops it on a technicality? They just make it so easy for the Rs to derail them at every effing turn because of all their stupid infighting. Get it together already. Anyways, hopefully Nelson will be back to work this week. Fingers crossed.

Okay, that's all for today! Keely's on sabatical, so stop by the Bitchin' Wives Club for your weekly does of Random.


jpooh said...

I saw the title to this post and thought "Well, of course you do!"

And you do.

Jan from the Sushi Bar

Kat said...

Head to toe denim = Lumberjack tuxedo

VandyJ said...

Sorry about the stomach bug. At least you both survived. Turbo got his first one at age four. THe panicked look on his face as he knew he was going to toss his cookies was my cue to race him to the bathroom. He still gets that panicked look.

♥ Kathy said...

I love people watching..I spend most my time at the beach checking out other people and trying to figure out what their story is :)

I am Harriet said...

Hope you're feeling better :)

Enjoy your RTT.

Mrsbear said...

Your uniform sounds very similar to my uniform. Sometimes I spice it up with cargo pants, cause I'm crazy like that.

I have a denim shirt, my teen insists is nausea inducing. It's just a flipping denim shirt, they never get old, right? RIGHT?!

Stomach flu. Ugh.

Hope there's work for Nelson soon.

Susanica said...

Did you both say at any point in the show "I just wanna ROCK!"? ;-)

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Oh I love your blog Jenni it makes me laugh. I so wanna hang out with you guys and rock out (in head to toe denim of course) : )

Hope Nelson is working soon!!

CaJoh said...

Rock on!!! I tend to think that because there is no "Dress Code" anymore, that more and more people are just waring whatever they want. My wife still tells me of how she used to dress up just to go downtown. Now, we just wear whatever we have on at the time.

Thanks for your randomness,

Sprite's Keeper said...

Is it wrong to have high hopes for Wednesday?

Captain Dumbass said...

If I ever get taken down by Mossad, I hope its by an uber-hot agent that looks like Cote de Pablo.

Design it Chic said...

good thing it wasn't head to toe leather.. that would have been a treat:):):)
Happy Random! Sorry I am kind of late, but never too late for Randomness!

steenky bee said...

The hubs and I might take a car trip to hit the Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie concert in WYOMING. I know. I'm sort of hoping this doesn't fall through. Can you image the concert attire at that spectacle?!

P.S.: Love the shirt.
P.S.S.: Sorry about your lady bits (email conversation)