Thursday, March 11, 2010

Temper, Temper

Miles had his first temper tantrum this week. As in red-faced-screaming-crying-inconsolable-throwing-himself-on-the-floor-kicking-legs-pounding-fists-for-no-real-reason temper tantrum. Major.

I have to say, it surprised me. I mean, I know he's nearly 15 months old and that it is perfectly normal for a 15-month-old to tantrum. In fact, Oscar started having tantrums much earlier, at maybe 10 or 11 months. Maybe I thought Miles had skipped by this stage entirely? I don't know.

Maybe it's that Miles William has always been so even tempered. He has always been my little prince, my ray of sunshine. He's been such a mellow baby, so easy going, quick to smile with an easy and frequent laugh. His snuggles warm the soul. The kid has the kind of giggle that makes women ovulate and his smile? Good lord the dimples on this kid. They should be illegal.

I know I should be happy that Miles has put off toddlerhood for this long, but part of me (a hugely, gigantic, enormous part) wants him to stay a baby for just a bit longer (like forever.)

And now we have tantrums. Plural. As in he's been having them daily this week, sometimes more than one a day. With Oscar, I'd just ignore him and he'd get over it in about two minutes. Not Miles William. Nope. He'll just go one and on with the crying and the flailing. "What's wrong with Miles?" Oscar asks me.

"Oh, he's just growing up," I say.

And his is. My baby is growing up. Gah.


VandyJ said...

Well thanks for reminding me of what I have in store in the next few months with Bruiser. Hopefully, Miles grows out of this as fast as he grew into it.

Big Mama Cass said...

Ugh... tantrums are soooo not fun :(

Jamie said...

The Man Cub has the occasional temper tantrum of that sort and I generally have to leave the room to laugh.

Captain Dumbass said...

My youngest has added holding grudges to his tantrums.

Cara said...

Dude-we're in the same boat over here. Carter's tantrums are vicious. He is quite the little drama monger...puts Claire to shame! Like Jamie said...I have to walk away a lot of the time so he doesn't see me laughing at him :)

jen said...

always make me want to lie down on the floor and start screaming with them.
i tried that once.
stunned the poor little one so much that she stopped.
but it didn't necessarily stop her from trying it again the next day.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Makes women ovulate? That's it, I'm booking your kid a ticket! South Florida is nice this time of year!

Heather said...

Gia hasn't had a full blown temper tantrum yet (fingers crossed) where she throws herself on the floor with arms flailing, but she's big into whining lately, and pretend crying...especially during the time Neil was home from work and her usual schedule was off a little. I don't think I'll be so lucky with the little guy though. I have a feeling girls are whiners and boys are tantrum throwers.

There should be something we can do about how quick they grow up don't ya think? It'd be nice to be able to just slow it down a little.

And, if I wasn't a mom, I'd take one look at that adorable face and think it wasn't possible for him to be throwing a fit.

Mrsbear said...

Even the best of them fall sometimes...strangely enough it took my third kid seven years. He's worse now than when he was a toddler. I blame homework, and substandard discipline. :P

WarsawMommy said...

Oh, God. Alex is about to turn one, and I am waiting for the tantrums to start. His brother was the King of the TT's, and Alex is very mild-mannered, but I think he may just be saving it all up for the TT's.

Let the games begin (just not too soon!).