Wednesday, April 7, 2010

10th Photo (well, not really)

Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow tagged me for this photo meme.  Here are the rules:

The rules are as follows:

1. Open your first (oldest) photo folder in your computer library

2. Scroll to the 10th photo

3. Post the photo and the story behind it
4. Tag 5 or more people to continue the thread

So, I was a little torn.  My first photo folder doesn't have our oldest photos; just the first ones we took since buying the computer.  We have and older folder of photos that we transfered from our old computer.  I decided that I'd use the first original photo folder from this computer.  The tenth photo sucks - it's of the back of my brother's head and of some dude I don't even know.  I mean, I get that that is kind of the point, but there were so many other awesome photos in this particular folder.  So.  I present you with the 8th photo:

This is Oscar in late August 2007.  He's probably around 10 or 11 weeks old.  He was really into having his photo taken and had just figured out how to ham it up for he camera.  We are at my in-laws house (that's Nelson's mom in the background) for this annual camp out we used to host on the farm.  My mother-in-law bought that little outfit he was wearing, and it was one of my favorites.  Oscar was really in his baby glory at this age, and already sleeping through the night.  He was fat, happy, hated napping, almost never cried, and was really super alert and interactive for an infant not even three-months-old.   He was an awesome baby. 


Barbara at JoBart 
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VandyJ said...

Babies are so cute when they learn to smile for the camera. Oscar is super cute there.

Aliceson said...

So cute! I was just going through some old photos from when my daughter was a baby. She's 7 now! I loved the 3-6 month age of babyhood best. :)

Thanks for the tag! This sounds like fun, but that means I'll have to rummage through my unorganized files (we recently changed computers too. Ack!) and find one.

Jan said...

Ohhhhh, be still my heart. You KNOW what a sucker I am for cute baby pictures, and they don't come much cuter than that.

I got tagged for this meme about a year ago, and you know what picture I came up with? Enchiladas. Because that's the way I roll. LOL

Captain Dumbass said...

Fat and happy, what else do you need.

Mrsbear said...

AW. I think you made a good choice not sticking to the rules. ;) What a sweetie. My youngest used to LOVE his Bumbo.