Monday, April 5, 2010

Ba Na Na Na Na Na! Today is my Birthday!

Things I Love About My Birthday (in no particular order):

1. Cake
2. Not changing any diapers
3. Handmade cards/gifts from my kids
4. People singing to me
5. Cupcakes
6. Not doing the dishes
7. Birthday kisses from my boys
8. Uninterrupted showers
9. All the spring flowers blooming in my yard
10. How hard Nelson works so hard to make my day perfect
11. Pausing to reflect on how incredibly lucky I am to have such an amazing life

Things I Hate About My Birthday (in no particular order):

1. The pollen
2. Feeling older
3. The gift of gray hair (thanks, Mother Nature!)
4. Feeling older
5. Feeling older


VandyJ said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your cake and cupcakes. And about the older thing--it's just another day--your only one day older than yesterday--if that helps.

Heidi said...

Happy, happy, happy day to you! Enjoy every minute!

Anonymous said...

Who cares about getting older? You are still here an loving every minute. Birthdays ROCK!

Jamie said...

Happy Day! Enjoy it!

Jan said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday! I hope it is absolutely wonderful!

Michele R said...

Your Things You Love List is longer than the Hate list and the things on it are perfectly wonderful. I hate the getting older part too.
Happy Birthday!

Michele R said...

The above is from me at my main blog.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Happy birthday! Cupcakes after cake? Save the best for last, right?

Anonymous said...

You know what's awesome about your "hate list"? Three of those you can decide against and just eliminate them. The other two, well, meh. If you figure out how to eliminate them, please let me know.

gretchen said...

Happy Birthday!!

Aw...feeling older is great! It's better than the alternative, as they say. Anyway, you're a BABY! Wait til you're really old like me!

Stimey said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Becky said...

Oh man, numbers 1 and 2 alone are AWESOME. All the love stuff is just icing on the cake!

Happy Birthday to a sweet and not-at-all-old lady!

Xbox4NappyRash said...


Susanica said...

Sorry Jenni. As I'm about 18 years older than you (can that be right?) I have no sympathy for the whole "feeling older" thing. ;-) -M

Cara said...

I am late, late, late, but...Happy birthday to you, Jenni! You are such a hard working mom & wife. You deserve every bit of spoiling that Nelson & the boys send your way. I hope you had a wonderful day!