Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Perfect Day

When the alarm goes off before any children wake me, and I time to shower unmolested. The children sleep in (read: past 6AM) allowing me time to unload the dishwasher, throw in a load of laundry, and have a cup of coffee in peace.

When the children stagger their wake up times just right, so I'm able to get one dressed and changed without the other hanging on my leg; and there are so many clean clothes (in drawers even!) that I actually have to pause and decide what they will wear; and Oscar wakes with a dry diaper and pees in the potty with glee.

When breakfast goes off without a catch; food is ready prior to wails of hunger; I have exactly what they want to eat on hand - eggs for Miles, peanut butter toast for Oscar; I'm able to sit down and eat with them and laugh with them; Oscar does not demand the TV, and instead asks if his brother is done with breakfast so they can play monster trucks together.

When I can hear my boys giggling an "vroom-ing" in the next room while I clean up breakfast dishes; when Oscar and Miles demand that I chase them with vacuum.

When everyone's shoes are by the door and they all wait patiently to go outside; when the sun is shining and it's just a bit cool, sweatshirt weather; when the sandbox is dry and filled with the best toys; when the dogs are running and wrestling in the yard to the delight of the boys; when I get to sit in the sun and cheer on the dump truck races while reading a good book; when we have cheese sticks and juice on warm, sunny porch steps for our morning snack.

When the kids come in willingly for lunch, which the devour without complaint; they watch their one alloted TV show and gladly take naps; when I have time to wash and fold laundry and clean up from lunch; when I get more than a minute to myself; when I get the one phone call I've been waiting days and days to receive.

When the boys wake up well rested and ready to play; when they play without hitting or pushing or crying and really enjoy each other's company; when Oscar makes it to the potty every single time; when a rainy afternoon is met without tears and we all settle in for some popcorn and our eleventy millionth viewing of Cars.

When I'm able to cook dinner while the boys build a tower or play put and take in the next room; when I can join in on their game of make believe, where Miles is a pirate captain and Bunny is first mate and Oscar and I are singing and swabbing the decks on the pirate ship our couch; when Nelson is not late; when I can make only one meal that satisfies everyone; when the boys joyfully chase their dad upstairs and I can hear their giggles and splashes as they take their bath and get ready for bed.

When Miles nurses well and then lies down in his crib without complaint; when Oscar reads his two books and falls off to sleep quickly.

When I can enjoy an quiet evening with my husband, talking and sharing highlights of our days; when I can watch a couple of hours of TV before getting to be before 10PM.

What does your perfect day look like?


Jan said...

It sounds marvelous - just how often does this perfect day of yours happen?

VandyJ said...

A perfect day? Noone snaps at any one, everyone's happy and things go just right--similar to yours. Happens about once a month or so.

Jamie said...

THAT is wonderful! The prefect day? Mine will involve a spa and lunch with mom and then an uninterrupted nap, maybe she will take me shopping for some summer maternity clothes (something that actually fits). Oh, yeah April 16th baby!

Keely said...

One where I don't have to go to work and X's daily tantrum lasts less than 5 minutes. I'm easy to please.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Yours. :-)

FoN said...

Did the stars really align and created this for you, or are you just trying to put that out into the universe in hopes it comes back?

My perfect day is one without work or school for anyone, it's 30c outside, no wind, and we head out on the boat for the day. We tube and ski and have a picnic on the water, and then head home and have a few beers and bbq some steaks on the deck. Then we pick a movie and all watch it outside under a blanket.

Yeah, those days are pretty frickn' awesome.

Mrsbear said...

Your day sounds peachy. Any day you can get through struggle-free is a blessing. I'll settle for no sibling drama or homework battles. And a shower would be nice. :)

Cara said...

What a day!!! I do so hope you were writing this because you got your perfect day, not just writing out your wishes for the perfect one :)

Barbara said...

That bought tears to my eyes! My perfect day would be fairly similar. I'm not holding my breath though!