Sunday, May 2, 2010

Conversations with a Preschooler, #1

Scene: The living room.  Oscar is playing store with a photo printer.  The printer is a cash register.

Oscar: Momma, do you need a new orange thing?

Jenni: Yes, Oscar, I need a new Orange thing.

Oscar messes with "cash register." 

Oscar:  Okay, here you go Momma, a new orange thing!

Jenni: Oh, thank you so much.  It's just want I wanted.

Oscar messes with "cash register"

Oscar:  Here's your change!

Jenni: Thanks.

Oscar: Do you want some candy, Momma?  Here's some candy for you.

Jenni: Thank you!

Oscar: Eat it!

Jenni mimes eating pretend candy.

Jenni: Nom, nom, nom. Wow, this is some delicious candy.

Oscar:  Thank you!

Oscar messes with cash register.

Oscar: Here you go Momma.  A new bag of shit.

Jenni and Jenni's mom exchange a look.

Jenni: What did you just give me, Oscar?

Oscar: A bag of shit. From the store.

Jenni barely containing laughter, tries to parent.

Jenni: Oscar, that's a grown up word.  Little boys stay, "stuff." You give me a bag of "stuff."

Oscar: Okay, Momma.  I give you a bag of stuff.

End scene.


Pamela said...

I was wondering where I could pick me up a bag of shit. Should have known O would know.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

hahah brilliant

Aliceson said...

Wow! I'm not sure I could have kept a straight face through that!

Once my oldest daughter (3 at the time)repeated something Daddy said when he was trying to fix our furnace. How do you unteach such a fun phrase as "you dirty bitch!"

Strawberry said...

LOL Thanks for the morning laugh :)

Jan said...

LMAO - that just made my morning.

VandyJ said...

How can they remember to use something like that right but they can't pick up their toys?

Stimey said...

So very funny!

I am far less shocked at the fact that your child knows how to use that word than I am at the fact that you let him play with a printer.

Heather said...


Bugaloo said...

LOL! Love that.

FoN said...

How much did he charge you for that bag of shit?

Kingsmom said...

I could use a new bag of shit. That's too funny.

Barbara said...

Lol! Well handled though - I normally go a funny purple colour and forget how to speak when my kids say things like that!

Casey said...

It could have been worse, he could have said "eat shit and die, bitch". Just handing you a bag of shit isn't SO bad. Hah.