Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prom Spectacular Revisited

Sprite's Keeper has asked folks to spin the prom this week, and since I did a pretty amazing prom post last spring and it was so well received amongst my friend in real life, I though I'd throw it back up at ya.  Gloriously 90s photos included. Here you go.


All of my proms were with Nelson, my now husband. Our first prom, his Senior Prom, was in the glory days of 1994. You will recall this year's music charts sported hits such as Bump'n'Grid by R. Kelly; Shoop, By Salt'n'Peppa (still on of my faves); numerous melodies by Ace of Base; and the amazing Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm by timeless great Crashtest Dummies. But, what reigned supreme for us in those days was grunge - Nirvana, Perl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins. These bands make up the soundtrack of my high school years. So much guitar, so much angst, so much dirty hair and smudged eyeliner.

Nelson and I hadn't been dating long when he invited me to his prom, and he invited me just two weeks beforehand (nice one, honey.) I was pretty excited, as I was only a sophomore and it was a big deal for sophomores to go to prom. My mom was even more excited than I was. It only gave me two weeks to find a dress. I loved it. It was black, with a gauzy skirt with little beads hanging down where the bodice met the skirt. My hair was red (of course). I re-dyed it the day of the prom, so the color would be fresh.

On Nelson's parent's front porch, May 1994:

LOOK HOW THIN WE ARE!!! Check out my wrist corsage, hahahaha! Also, note to 1994 Jenni - that center part so dose not work for you, girl! What were you thinking? Ugh, and that red hair completely washes you out.

In my mom's kitchen:

Look how thin my arms were! And my itty bitty waist! I wasn't actually able to get the boutonniere on. My mom did it for me after we posed for the photo.
In 1996, I took Nelson to my Junior Prom. This was a much bigger deal, because I actually had time to find a dress. And find a dress I did. My Junior Prom dress was my FAVORITE DRESS of ALL TIME. I hope to be able to squeeze my ass into it again someday, with the help of HASAY and SPANX.
Although, I loved my dress, I made a major hair error. I had an up do, finger waves. My mom (a former hair dresser) did a great job, but the look was just not good for me. Too severe.
Here we are, in our "professional" prom photo, circa 1995:
How fucking hot is this dress? I mean, OH MY GOD it was the hottest dress at the prom that year and I'm only partially kidding. Look at the key hole opening! And that slit! And could it be any slinkier? Look how flat my stomach was. After two kids, it's going to cost me a lot of money to get it to look like that again. See what I'm saying about the hair? It just didn't add to the look. And again with the hilarious wrist corsage! Do people still wear those things? And look at Nelson's hair! LOOK AT NELSON'S HAIR!

Okay, my third and final prom. My Senior Prom, 1996. The theme was a Midsummer's Night Dream and our "song" was In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. It was kind of anti-climactic since I'd already been to two proms, but we shared a limo that year with my BFFs Christie and Christian and their dates, so it was pretty cool. Our dates had all already graduated two or more years prior to the prom. We were those kids. I asked my mom to make my dress. She did a great job, but for some reason I decided to wear a white dress. Actually, I think I wore a white dress because my mom told me all the girls at her high school wore white to prom and I though that was cool. But I was so ghostly pale the white did nothing good for me.

In front of my parent's fireplace:

See what I mean about the white? It washed me out. Again with the center part, and check out my roots. Classy. But not as classy as my SHIMMERY HOSE. And a Jenni/Nelson prom would not be complete without a wrist corsage. You can't see my shoes but I promise you, those babies were totally dyed-to-match.

This last photo is of us getting into out limo. I only posted it so you could see the lush forest I lived in and my parents' hawt cars. The one at the top that you can just barely see is my Dad's '72 El Camino SS. I used to drive that thing, you guys, really I did! It was AWESOME. The one at the bottom of the photo is my mom's 90-something Trans Am. That's right. My mom drove a TA.

They both still own these cars, but no longer drive them.

So, there it is. The Jenni and Nelson Prom Spectacular.


Jan said...

Two things here: At least your shoes matched your dresses and HOLY COW your boys look just LIKE you. You couldn't give them away if you wanted (and it totally explains how flippin' CUTE they are).

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ha! I remember reading this last year! You're completely right about the second dress, HOT!
You're linked!

VandyJ said...

The second dress is awesome! You look like you had fun at your proms.

Strawberry said...

That photo montage was tons of fun. Nelson's hair in that one photo needed its own separate shot lol

Julie at MDMA said...

Oh, thank you so much for the pictures! This is what I wished my proms had been like ... unfortunately, though, they were not. Even remotely.

I'm new here and I find it unbearably adorable that you married that boy with the hair. And that it worked. If I'd married the boy I went to prom with, one of us would be in prison.

Super fun spin!

Emily said...

You look beautiful to me in all those pictures. :) I actually like your hair in the first one.

Nelson looks to me about five!! :)

I loved prom—it's one of the very, very, very (very) few things I ever missed about high school.


Michele said...

Your mom let you out of the house in that second dress? My mom would have said that slips do not make a dress than warned me about being too easy (she warned about this every time I left the house) then sent me to my room. Of course, my prom was in the 70s and we didn't wear wonderfully hawt clothes. We wore Gunnie Sack dresses. I looked like a peasant girl. Now, I'm going to go drown my sorrows and cry into my copious amount of lace.

You both looked so cute in every.single.picture.

Big Mama Cass said...

Umm... Wow. I don't even know if I have the words right now. {snicker}

(I totally did that red hair thing too... sooo not workin lol)

CaJoh said...

Wow you went to three proms… how cool is that.

I never went to prom, but was asked by a friend when I was in college if I wanted to go. Unfortunately I had other commitments at school and could not attend.

hpretty said...

I so enjoyed this post.
and wow, what a dress. you look s foxy, no wonder your hubby looks so delighted!

Keely said...

I loved this post last year and love it (and the dress) again this year! Happy prom! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jenni- we all rocked the red hair for a long time. We were very hot back then and now we just have to figure out if we should tuck the belly in or let it hang over! We should have a prom do over, lol!

gretchen said...

Y'all are so cute! That Junior Prom dress is HOT. And Nelson's hair is definitely something he should be teased about for many years to come. Egad, I remember those shiny hose.