Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RTT: It's cold and I'm tired so it is what it is

Where for art thou, Random Tuesday?  Oh, you're right here.

*It's cold here. AGAIN.  And raining.  AGAIN.  I've had it.  I'm officially ready to begin complaining about the heat.

*I'm going to book club tonight!  I've not quite finished the book, but I think I'll finish it today.  I can't wait to hang around with grown ups and talk about things other than bodily functions and peanut butter.

*Oscar woke up at 2AM last night.  I think maybe it's his two-year molars.  Which I thought he already had and apparently was wrong.  Being that I'm not a dentist, this is not too surprising.  Anyways, he wanted to come into our bed and I allowed it because he was in a lot of pain.  He wasn't sleeping and was tossing and turning and I guess he went to sleep at the bottom of the bed.  That was a bad idea on his part as he fell off the bed and onto his face.  Commence disgustingly loud *thump* of toddler face hitting the floor and very loud shrieking.  After we calmed him down and got him some water, he was all, "Is this cup making a circle?  This is a circle, a circle, A CIRCLE! I love circles.  It's a circle!  A CIRCLE"  And I was all, "I'm too tired to understand the word circle.  Please stop saying circle." So, that's where I was at 4AM. (He's fine, no worries. He just really likes circles.)

*There was recently a two-day long, 30 message exchange on my community listserv about how to dispose of dead squirrels and birds.  It got heated.  About dead, wild animal disposal.  Really, neighbors?  Really?

*In my haste to shower before my kids woke up, didn't get all of the shampoo out of my hair this morning so it looks greasy and dirty.  So unfair.

*I forgot Oscar's birth date.  I though it was on June 16.  Like, I was really, really certain of it.  Wrote it on the calendar certain.  It's June 14.  Flag Day.  Miles is December 16 and I got all confused. How's that for awesome?  Oh, and he's asked for a jump rope and a robot cleaner for his birthday.  He's getting a scooter.

*I just taught Miles how to ribbit like a frog.  Dead cute. (Spell check does not recognize ribbit.  Am I spelling it that incorrectly?  Someone tell me how to spell "ribbit.")

*We took the boys to a working farm this weekend and they LOVED it.  Miles was smitten with the chickens.  Oscar was smitten with all food we never let him eat, like hot dogs and s'mores (chocolate AND marshmallows) and potato chips.  It was very fun.  Except for the part where Oscar stayed up until 10pm.  Thanks, HCFs!  Thanks a bunch.

Okay, head to Keely's and check out some other Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Tell her double chin my double chin says "Hi."


Anonymous said...

His friend McCay would LOVE that he has such an affection for circles. -TL

Jan said...


You're right. Spell checker doesn't like it. Stoopid spell checker.

I'm rather fond of circles myself, since that's the general shape of my body.

Michele said...

Circles are cool. So I can relate just not at 4AM. I barely remember my own birthday, how am I supposed to remember my kids' birthdays?

Kate said...

Book club. Yay!

Stacie said...

Just came across your blog, and I loves it. That is all. Carry on.

VandyJ said...

Cirlces are good, but what about the squares? OH--that's us, I forgot. I envy you your book club.

gretchen said...

I'm kind of intrigued to find out what the big controversy was re: dead critter disposal. I mean, what could the argument have been?

Sprite's Keeper said...

Now I'm wondering just how ribbit should be spelled. That's going to bother me..
Nope, just Googled it. You're good!

Becky said...

"Please stop saying circle."


themommydaddy said...

How to dispose of dead squirrels? Eeeewwwwwww!

Captain Dumbass said...

Circle. Heh heh. Hey, Connor's birthday is June 15th.

Aliceson said...

In fear of forgetting my kids birthdays, when the doc asked when I wanted to be induced (Binny was a week late) I immediately decided that May 22nd would be the easiest. Mae was born on the 22nd of Sept. Otherwise, I'm sure I would have goofed it up by now!

Casey said...

Ribbiting is cute. Two year molars suck, they're currently wreaking havoc on Elliot's temperament. I think we need to look for a farm to visit, we went to one in PA and the kids loved it. Sorry it's cold, come down and we can all swim in our hot pool.