Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RTT: Jesus built my hotrod

And in this corner, The UnMom with Random Tuesday Thoughts!


*Miles at his breakfast in a booster seat this morning.  Sob, baby growing up, sob!

*Oscar is officially toilet trained.  But.  Last week, he was in his room for a time out.  A time out for kicking his brother.  After the requisite two minutes were up, I went retrieve him and he said to me, "I peed in my pants." The bathroom is connected to Oscar's room.  There is a potty in there, and a seat topper and stool.  He knows how to use all of these things by himself.  The only thing he needs help with is pulling up his pants.  "Oscar.  Why did you pee in your pants?  Why didn't you just go into the bathroom?"  "I peed my pants because I mad at you, Momma."  GASP.  The little shit.  A "revenge pee," as Sprite's Keeper calls it.  Not cool, Oscar.  Funny, but not cool.

*Have you heard about this huge Children/Infant Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, Benadryl recall?  Check it out and check your medicine cabinets.  We had four  partially used bottles.  What heck, man?  And wouldn't you know it my kids both spiked fevers this weekend?  Luckily I had a couple of bottles of generic ibuprofen in the house.

*Nebo is still with us.  He gets to go out and go to the bathroom and that's it.  We are considering the dog run/kennel idea, but the weather and our time has not been permitting.

*Oscar has these two race cars and he refers to them as Jesus's cars.  Being that his only reference for word/name Jesus is used as profanity, I pretty sure this is my doing. "Jesus" is my curse of choice while driving.  This might explain why I hear Oscar playing with these cars saying, "Jesus, you are going to fast!" and "Jesus, slow down!" and "Jesus, be careful!" I really need to watch my language.  That seems to be a theme around here these days.

*Oscar planted his first container garden a few weeks ago.  He was excited:

That's all I got.  Go over to Keely's for your Tuesday's dose of random.


VandyJ said...

Sorry about the revenge pee. Not looking forward to our first with Bruiser. Too funny about Oscar's Jesus cars.

Jan said...

I'm sorry, but I literally laughed out loud at the "I peed my pants because I mad at you, Momma" and "Jesus, be careful!"

There is NOTHING wrong with that kid's brains.

Strawberry said...

What does it say about me that I read this: "Miles ate his breakfast in a booster seat this morning. Sob, baby growing up, sob!"

as this:

"Miles ate his breakfast in a booster seat this morning. Son of a bitch, baby growing up, son of a bitch!"

Keely said...

Ding dang ding a ding a ding dong, dingy dingy sonuvagun...

The Crazy Coxes said...

I love your random!
Cute, cute kids. Don't be too sad about them growing up. Teens are the BEST and there's no revenge pee!

Kingsmom said...

Jesus, that was funny.

Casey said...

Graham has been pulling that same exact f'ing trick when we put him in time out. It's like he's using it as the only thing he has power over to piss us off. Grrr.

Glad to hear you kept the pooch. We have one I'd like to give the boot to but we know nobody else would want her either. Jesus. Hahahah.

And Elliot just moved to a big girl chair, not strapped in anymore. So sad. Her and Miles are growing up!

Beta Dad said...

I wish "Jesus" was the harshest curse my kids heard. They haven't started talking yet, but I'm a little scared for when they do. One of them has stared saying a word that sounds like either the German preposition "durch," or the German word for thirst, "durst," or the French word for shower (right?) "douche." We don't speak German or French around the house.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Revenge pee! Sprite has made me the recipient of a few of those, one just tonight! I get her back though. I make her clean it up. Getting fewer and fewer of those.

Michele said...

If I had a little one the car would be called asshole. See? Jesus isn't so bad.

hpretty said...

Ah the revenge pee!
The number of times i've put my son on the naughty step and gone back to find the step and landing soaking.
little devils