Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RTT: Patriotic doughnuts and (lack of) fashion sense

Lets get riggidy-random, y'all.
*Interesting fact (read: possibly not at all interesting): See how I wrote the word "y'all" up there?  Well, I actually say the word y'all all the time.  Totally part of my speach, being that I lived in Southern Maryland for several years.  But I almost never write it here on the blog. I think because I don't really have a southern accent, but I do say "y'all" and when written it makes it seem like I have a southern accent and I don't want my readers to imagine me with a southern accent.  Probably when I meet you all at BlogHer you'll be like, "Wow, you TOTALLY have a southern accent."

*Speaking of, I think it will be interesting to hear everyone's voices when I meet them in August.  I wonder if they match the person.

*So, for Oscar's birthday dinner last night he requested pasta and meatballs and instead of cupcakes he wanted doughnuts with sprinkles.  He ate four of them and was up until 10:30PM last night.  He's still sleeping the sugar high off as we speak.  

*Instead of colored sprinkles on the doughnuts, there were red, white and blue sprinkles/stars on the doughnuts. I guess in honor of July 4th next month.  I of course ate the patriotic doughnut but I have to admit I'm not at all a patriotic person.  I mean I vote and root for the U.S. in the Olympics and stuff but in general I'm not all "Yeah, America!  Woo hoo! USA is number one!"  I'm more like, "America, meh."  Pretty much the most patriotic thing I've done all year is eat that doughnut.  Then again, eating a sugary, fatty doughnut is pretty freaking American, isn't it?

*What should I wear to BlogHer?  I'm no fashion horse (do people still say that?), but I don't want to look inappropriate.  I've been to conferences before and I've always worn business/business casual attire.  Same go for BlogHer?  I don't know if any of my old work clothes will still fit, or if they are all too dated.  Anyways, what are other folks wearing?

*Miles has been cutting his molars and been an absolute cranky mess.  I think the final one busted through last night so we may be in the clear.  Other than the teething, he's been really fun.  He's had a language explosion in just past few weeks, adding several new words and phrases (down, outside, snack, cheese, I want that, what's that, more, mine) and he's nodding his head correctly for "yes" which is very cute, and very helpful.  He also seems to be getting beyond the "No" stage, where they say no for everything all the time even when they don't mean no.  Now he only says "No" when he means "No."  Which is still kind of a lot.   He also loves drawing, dancing, singing, reading books (particularly ones about vehicles), dinosaurs, and choo choos.  He turns 18 months tomorrow.  

*We took the boys to the pool on Sunday and the LOVED it.  Oscar learned how to "swim" underwater and Miles was jumping into the pool.  Well, jumping into my arms in the pool.  I'm so glad they are little water rats.  I think Oscar will be swimming on his own by the end of the summer.  Also, he calls wading pools "walking pools," which I think is funny.  "They are not for swimming, Momma, they are for walking." 

Okay, y'all, that's all I got for today.  Head on over to Keely's and link up.


Michele said...

I hope Miles feels better. 18 months is such a fun age. By eating that donut you are now officially more American than everyone I know. but then I work at a library, when tend to be non-conformists.

VandyJ said...

Go Miles! I'm still hoping Bruiser will start to talk real words soon. He's close but not quite there yet.

Aliceson said...

Mmmmm, doughnuts!

Lanie Ree said...

You're going to BlogHer? I'm jealous. In a big way.

Stopping by from Random Tuesday Thoughts

Sprite's Keeper said...

Heh heh! I live farther South than you and people think I'm from New York! I'll be in the Baltimore area in August for a wedding. My two objectives (besides the wedding in case my cousin is reading this..) are to see you and Charm City Cakes. Can we make this happen? :-)

Jan said...

I do have a Southern accent (well, Texan actually) and say "y'all" all the time, but rarely write it on my blog, because I'm totally anal about the written word.

And I wanna birthday donut. I won't eat it, but I want it.

Mrsbear said...

I throw a y'all in there occasionally, but being a Miami Cuban hardly makes me Southern...My voice is actually kind of nasally, but it's cool, I don't talk much. I might mime some though.

And dood, I have no idea what to wear to Blogher. Business attire? For reals? Do jeans and cargo pants qualify?

Momma Hunt said...

Ok so here is the history teacher/geek in me. If I had to wager a guess the doughnuts were for flag day which was earlier this week. I give credit to anyone who is festive for that though! Now I want doughnuts

Casey said...

Well I live in the south and I don't have a southern accent. At least I don't think I do. Crap. I'm interested to see if the voices match the faces too.

I have no idea what to wear either, I was going to bring jeans and some semi-nice shirts but now you have me thinking that's not enough. GRRRRR.

Water rats are the best, I'm so glad we have a pool this summer because it's been a lifesaver.

Keely said...

I have a "Canadian" accent. But I still say y'all.