Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RTT: Baby, it's hot outside

Where for art thou, Tuesday?  Oh, you're right here!


*I threw my back out last week.  It was bad.  Like I couldn't walk, stand up straight and one hip was sitting higher than the other bad.  I spent three days doing not much more than lying down and it was feeling better, but after a day of toddler chasing, laundry, and housework, it is in a precarious position once again.  My chiropractor has been on vacation (of course!) and was supposed to be back yesterday, but so far her vacation voice mail is still picking up.  I may have to resort to going to her emergency back up chiropractor, because I cannot have it go back to what it was last Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

*We bought a new minivan.  It's our first brand new vehicle.  It's actually been really nice with my lame back.  When we took the car seats out of our old wagon, the amount of stickiness and cracker/Cheerio residue was embarrassing.

*Miles was up most of the night and is running a fever today, maybe from his vaccinations last Friday.  He's mostly in good spirits, though.  Me?  Not so much on account of the pain and exhaustion.

*Oscar "sneaked" into our bed for the second time last night.  He just got up in the middle of the night and joined us. It wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the Miles Factor.  So, two kids, two adults in the the bed.  Lets not forget my old person back.  Possibly why my back feels worse today?

*I somehow volunteered to be the coordinator of Oscar's preschool's 3s playgroup.  This will likely begin with me trying really hard to be all organized and efficient but end with all the other parents hating me because I am only marginally organized and hardly efficient.  Expect to hear me whining about this.  Oh, and hey, question: Should I out myself to these moms as a blogger?  Or should I keep it a secret so I can use them for blog fodder?

*DC has been experiencing August-like weather for the past week, with temperatures and heat indexes reaching into the 100s and humidity in the 80 percentages.  I had the boys outside on Saturday for an hour playing in the sprinkler/wading pool and they were red-faced sweaty messes within 30 minutes.  I was able to bribe them in with Popsicles and then we each had three.

I'ma finish my coffee, and you should too.  Oh, and go check out some other RTTs over at Keely's.  Go on now.  Shoo.


VandyJ said...

Oh, I sympathize with you on the back. Mine went out before Memorial day and is just now feeling better(after several visits to the chiropractor). Hope your feels better soon.

Jan said...

Oh, I feel for you with the whole back thing - I once threw mine out in the process of laying down on the sofa (yes, laying down on the sofa).

As for outing yourself as a blogger, I say yes - full disclosure. If you don't, and then write about it all and one of them finds out, it could get ugly. Even if you're nice about it (yes, more experience here).

Heather said...

Sorry about your back...I've been there many times and it is misery times a hundred.

Yay for the new wheels! I wish we could get a mini van...right now we have a camry and putting the two kids in their car seats is back breaking.

I say hold off on outing the blog before you get to know the women a little better...just in case you decide later on that you don't want them reading about your personal life. But you gotta go with your gut on this one.

Seansmoma said...

It's been ridiculously hot here in Oklahoma too! I really don't like Summer. I'm SO ready for Autumn!

Hope your back feels better!

Happy Tuesday!

gretchen said...

Ugh! So sorry about the back. We are experts in back pain around here, Jimmy's problems are chronic. I recommend Advil and alternating ice and heat. And stay on your back with your knees bent as much as possible. Yeah, I know, easier said than done.

I also identify with that " somehow volunteered" thing. I somehow volunteer all the time!

Captain Dumbass said...

Hey, my back is messed up right now too. I blame sleeping on hospital floors and holding new babies in awkward positions.

Sprite's Keeper said...

My back keeps telling me to go see a chiro. I keep ignoring my back.
I am not a smart person.

Casey said...

Ha, bribe them in. If only I didn't have to do the same thing, we use TV to bribe them out of the pool.

Sorry about your back, go to the backup chiro right now! It's horrible to live with back pain.

No, don't tell them about the blog because then if there is any drama, you can't blog about it without it getting back to everyone. Good luck with the playgroup. I started one and there were 4 other parents coming and now there is one. She has a daughter who butts heads with E and they scream NO at each other the entire time.

Aliceson said...

Why does it always seem that when you need to go the doc or dentist RIGHT NOW, they seem to be on vacation? Ugh! Hope your back starts feeling better soon!

Mrsbear said...

!! Um. Blog fodder. At least hold off on outing yourself until you're sure you like them. :P

Hope your back feels better soon.

And Woot! on the new car smell.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, hosting playgroups? Girlfriend...I think hurting your back fried your brain.

Tricky on the blog situation...I say give it a few playdates, see how things are going with the other parents & then go from there. If you tell them from the get-go, before you all have a chance to really get to know one another, they may rush home, read through this & pre-judge. But if you don't tell them at all & they stumble across it (and especially if you've written anything about the playdates), I could definitely see them getting upset.

Keely said...

Ugh, sorry about the back. Mine has a sketchy track record too.

Out yourself if you like them. Keep it secret if you hate their guts and they make good "evil people" blog fodder.