Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RTT: Hair cuts, crazy talk, and exceeding my own expectations

The only things certain in this world are death, taxes, and Random Tuesday Thoughts.


* Oscar got his hair cut:

Do you see that?  All his curls, shorn!  I should never have put Nelson in charge of this task.  He told the stylist to just take half off.  WRONG!  We tell them to cut it short, but KEEP THE CURLS.  Anyways, this hair cut makes official his big boy status.  I cry, I cry.

* Hey, I got my hair cut too:

I love. I'm not even going to tell you how long it took me to take that photo.

*While I was taking these photos, Miles pooped his pants, climbed onto the dining table, and dumped out the salt shaker.  When I went over to get him off the table he started chucking fruit out of the fruit bowl and onto the floor with shocking speed and force. He wrecked two beautiful, ripe, local peaches and bruised at least one orange before I could stop him.

* Just for the record:

Not getting his hair cut anytime soon, possibly ever.

*  I just finished reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I really liked it.  I also watched the Swedish version on the movie this weekend and it was good.  Not as good as the book, of course, but it was very well done.  I'd recommend both the book and the movie, in that order.   I'm reading Eat Pray Love right now and I'm liking it quite a bit.  I realize that I'm basically the last person on the planet to read either of these books.  I'm a literary loser these days.

* I've become a social butterfly as of late.  I'm not quite sure how it happened but suddenly I'm going to movies and out for drinks and to parties and book clubs and on an on it seems.  Kid free!  Much of this thanks to my wonderful husband, who enjoys the time on his own playing video games.

*Oscar has been doing this baby-talk thing and it's making me nuts.  NUTS.  Any tips on how to deal with this?  Other than going crazy?  Cause that's all I got right now and I've gotta say, it's not really working for me.

*So, preschool playgroups have only been slightly disorganized thanks to me.  It seems I always forget some vital piece of information.  Like a number from the address where we are meeting, or maybe setting a meeting time for 10AM when the location does not open until noon.  Or forgetting to tell folks to bring swim suits for the kids.    Not quite as terrible as I thought I'd be, but not spectacular either. And Oscar and I have actually be enjoying them quite a bit.

*Any word on overnight potty training?  Oscar wakes up dry probably 95% of the time at this point.  Do we just slap a rubber sheet on his bed and go for it?

Thanks as always to our luminous hostess (who I'll be meeting in person next week!!) Keely.  She's go this random thing locked down.  Or is it locked up?  Whatever, just go.


VandyJ said...

Bruiser has been scaling anythung he can climb--it's making me nuts. And the baby talking thing--unfortunately only the start of the strange talking pattern of growing boys. Turbo gets on these jags where I swear every word out of his mouth is designed to grate on me like fingernails on a chalk board. ignoreing it or just flat telling him to stop are the most effective, but still not really effective at making him stop. At least the he changes frequently.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Good job, Oscar! Sprite's ratio is not nearly that great, she likes her late night water requests too much.
So, is the social butterfly up for a meet in August? :-)

Mrsbear said...

Nice do!

I requested The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo from the library last month. I think I'm number 198 on the waiting list, so don't feel too bad.

My youngest has been overnight trained for a while now, but I really monitor his fluids. Maybe two accidents in twice as many months. But seven year old still routinely pees the bed, so it really depends on the kid. His bed still has the rubber sheet on it. No liquids after 8 and at least two pee breaks before bed. I don't care if they don't have to go right then, they will usually manage to squeeze a few drops out.

Keely said...

Love the hair!

I don't know about the babytalk - that would drive me nuts too. When X whines I whine back at him and he stops, but I suspect in this scenario Oscar might see it as vindication, lol.

I still haven't read or seen Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so there. (I read the sequels though.)

Mama Badger said...

I'll trade your baby talk for a whine. For some reason, LG has taken on this whiney voice lately.

And little o many never have his hair cut, either. I gave in for LG and had his curls chopped, but little o's golden curls are just too adorable. Sampson, indeed.

Cara said...

If you get the baby talk thing figured out, lemme know. Claire does it a lot when she wants something & Carter has just babbled for the same thing. Maybe Oscar is just copy-catting Miles? With Claire, when she starts in on the whine, I whine back at her then say "Did you understand me? No? I can't understand you either when you whine."

My assvice on the nighttime training? Don't rush him but start talking to him about how you're so proud of how he wakes up dry & maybe he'd like to try wearing his big boy underwear to bed? Cut out fluids at least an hour before bedtime (7pm for us), bathroom break quickly following the last drink then one more break before bedtime.

With Claire, I tried & tried to get her to go to bed w/o a diaper but she was stubborn (she'd been daytime trained for almost a year) & wouldn't have anything to do with it. Then one night I said I was going to get everyone's diapers & she said "No. I think I will wear panties tonight" & that was the end of it.

Michele said...

At my house any whining and baby talk was met with; "I'm sorry, I don't talk to little boys that talk like that. If you want something from mommy you have to talk nice." then I'd walk away and ignore them. Worked like a charm.

Love the hair cut.

Susanica said...

A. I think Oscar's haircut is really nice. Of course you know how short Danny's hair is so maybe my opinion should not count.

B. Danny is also into the babytalk thing although he insists he's speaking German or Spanish. Really Danny?

C. Your haircut looks fabulous.

D. I hope that Benji Care gets a blog posting some day. He is loving life during the days with you! -Monica

Aliceson said...

Love the cuts, both of them. My girls lately have been wanting me to cut their hair short and even want bangs! *gasp* I can't go that far yet...

Yay for getting out and having some fun!

Captain Dumbass said...

I haven't read either of those books, but I have a dragon tattoo and sleep next to someone who read the other. I'm looking forward to the movie since I love Julia Roberts and chick flicks.

Michele R said...

You having girl time/book clubs = husband taking the son for a haircut. See? It's all good.
I haven't read the Dragon book but I read the other years ago and liked it at first and then didn't like it. But I'll def. see the movie.
I'm no help on the baby talk. For the sheets, here is what I did and it worked well. Make the bed. Then buy a shower curtain liner -- so inexpensive. then put another set of sheets on the bed. Then if there is an accident you rip off the wet set of sheets, throw them in laundry room and everyone goes back to bed.

家唐銘 said...


Heather said...

You look ah-mazing! And while Oscar looks beyond adorable, the curls must stay...men just don't understand these things.

gretchen said...

I love all the haircuts. I'll never forget Jude's first big boy haircut. So big! I cried too.