Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Pah-see-tow - Popsicle, as in "Pah-see-tow, pah-see-tow, pah-see-tow!"

Ah-two - Oscar, as in "Ah-two?  Ahhh-two?"

Na-na - Knock, knock, as in the jokes

Key-key - Cat, as in "KEY-KEY! KEY-KEY!"

Doda - Dora, as in the explorer

Chew-chew - Trains of any kind

Trah - Truck

Trah-tru - Tractor

Yo-doot - Yogurt, the drinks or the cups

Jew - Juice, preferable apple

Sna  - Snak, preferably crunchy

Coo-gee - Cookies, as in "Coo-gee, coo-gee, coo-gee!"

No - No, Yes, Get out of my face

Boo - Book

Ah don - All done

Dow - Down, as in I want to get.

Was at? - What's that?

Bawl - Ball

Bitch/es - Fish/ies

Apu - Apple

Row-but - Robot

Dow - Dog

Ow - Out

Dasa - "That's a..." Apu, bawl, dow, etc.

Bow-ee - Belly

Shus - Shoes

Hot - HOT!

Orge - Orange

Nanana - Banana

Whoa - Whoa

Fu-ba - Fruit bar (fruit leather)

Pew-pew - Poop (in his diaper)

Pee-pee - Pee (in his diaper)

Pa-car - Popcorn

Ay-la - Ella (his cousin)

Be-chee - Benji

Bay-bee - Baby

Reb-it, reb-it - Frog

Ton-tow - Thank you

Peas - Please

Bub-buhs - Bubbles


Jan said...

I wanna coo-gee. But I'd settle for a nanana.

He's too cute - you weren't kidding when you said he was talking up a storm!

Michele said...

Wow! He's got quite a vocabulary going there. From now on I think we should call all bitches, fishes.

Captain Dumbass said...

C is for coo-gee and that's good enough for me.

VandyJ said...

I'm a bit jealous, I know he's older than Bruiser but Bruiser is still speaking mostly Swahili. We catch a few words or phrases here and there but it's tough going trying to decipher what he means. Sounds like Miles has a pretty good grasp of the communicating thing.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Are you sure when he's saying jew, he's not referring to me? ;-)
He's doing better at Dora and Sprite is. She still says D--d-d-d-d-d-Dora.

Patty O. said...

Too cute. My son, who is 18 months says "Be-go-bye" for "go Bye Bye." It makes me smile everytime.

Cameron said...

I like bitches :)

My boy says Bee A Go, for Diego

Heather said...

Bitch/ bet you hope he doesn't talk about fishes out in public much.

I was always kind of sad once Gia would master one of her words, because then the cute baby pronounciation would be gone.

Keely said...

"Get out of my face", lol.

dubai apartments said...

Ah that's so sweet. I still remember when my daughter started speaking. At that time the language of kid is sweeter than sugar...