Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RTT: First days, last days, and all the days in between

(Keely, I couldn't get the button to work, HELP!)

* We leave for vacation on Saturday.  It's all I can do do be mentally present this week.  My brain is already at the beach.

* Tomorrow is Danny's last day here.  He starts preschool next week.  I've been watching him for about 2.5 years, so we are really going to miss him.  He and Oscar played really well together yesterday, and I was so glad.  I hope they do as well again today.  Benji, Danny's little brother, will still be with us though.

* Yesterday, I was chatting with Monica about Benji, and how these days he's rocketing through milestones and has become incredibly mobile almost overnight.  He's not quite fully crawling hands-and-knees style, but he pulls himself along with his arms swift as a snake (a cute, blue-eyed, red-haired snake).  She was mentioning that they were going to be putting their baby gates back up and asked if we would be doing the same.  I told her I wasn't sure - we still have our gates up on the stairs, but took down the gates in the living room.  Oscar knows how to open them, and they became more of a hazard than a baby protection device, so we took them down last spring.  I was sort of like, Oh, Benji, he hangs around wherever I am, and Oh, I can chase ONE baby.  Well, yesterday, while I was fixing his bottle, Benji went for a swim in the dog water, completely drenching himself.  And then, when my mom left in the afternoon, Oscar and Miles both darted outside so I had to go after them.  I came back in 10 seconds later and Benji had a hexagon wheat (AKA Barbara's Shredded Multi grain Spoonfuls) in each hand and was intent on cramming them into his mouth.  INTENT.  I mean, if the kid could have shot laser beams out of his eyes, he'd have killed me dead after I pried those wheats out of his steely grip.  In short, I was all I can handle Benji and Benji was like, That's what you think, lady.

* Miles is talking up a storm these days and it is terribly cute.   I'm enjoying the heck out of him, I think most especially because I kind of missed this whole stage with Oscar, as I was delirious with sleep deprivation and constantly nursing a newborn.

* Oscar starts preschool in just two weeks and one day.  Someone hold me.

* Speaking of preschool, I'm a bit worried about the pottying situation.  I mean, Oscar is potty trained, but he pretty much strips naked from the waist down every time he goes.  I've been trying to convince him to just pull his pants down to his ankles, but have had no success.  Now, he can redress himself, but it takes FOREVER and like three tries.  He prefers to have help.  I'm not sure how this is going to go over with his teachers.  I guess I'll find out in two weeks.

* Guess who I met this weekend?  Jen! She was fantastic, and we got on famously.  She kept me out until 11PM, late hours for this lady.  Jealous?  I know you are.

Alright, well my laundry is taunting me, so I'm off to give it a swift kick in the rear.  Go check out my dear, sweet, friend Keely and the rest of her random players.  Oh, and her site's got a sweet new redesign, so click through your readers and check it out.


Michele R said...

I was snorting over the laser eyes sentence!
My kids once upon a time went to in-home daycare to the nicest lady who was great! To this day they still talk about the fun times there.
P.S. My boys started out doing that clothes off for the bathroom. I bet he will emulate the other kids (and not go all nakey).

Jan said...

*grins* Way to keep the nice lady on her toes, Benji.

As for preschool - I can guarantee you that the folks there are quite used to 3-year-old boys who strip from the waist down to go potty.

Christina said...

I often wonder where little ones get that steel grip. It's enough to take on Superman.

Andrea said...

Preschool will get him in shape with the redressing, don't worry. I found my girl did the same thing (neked neked neked is her preferred method!) Once they see what the other kids are doing (or not doing) they change.

Benji's got you just where he wants you...hehe

VandyJ said...

I'm hoping for you on the around the ankles thing but Turbo still drops all to his ankles and he's seven. We have had little success in trying to convince him otherwise.
Bruiser still has that death grip for those things he knows he's not supposed to have. And the death looks, oh man I'd be dead several times over with those.

nutella said...

Good luck with the naked pottying. i'm told I did the same, since I was very tiny and afraid of the toilet. The only way I would sit on it was backwards, facing the tank. Which of course, can only be done if you remove your pants completely.

Aimee said...

Hee hee...if it makes you feel better, he won't be the first half-naked pottier the preschool ladies have seen!

Susanica said...

Ha! Your first Benji-Care post and he is using the laser eyes AND the death grip. That's our boy! Danny is really going to miss Oscar (he told me this morning he loves Oscar which was really sweet). But I agree with you that Benji should keep you busy. Did Su tell you that Danny fell asleep in the car yestday and would not get up? He slept on the couch til 8, drank a cup of milk and then slept til dawn. Wow. He and Oscar should have played so nicely together every day! -Monica

Sprite's Keeper said...

Woo hoo! I'm STILL trying to get my head out of vacation mode! I'm even behind on getting my pictures uploaded. Promise, I'll get it done and send it. I just kept telling my parents on Sunday that I couldn't believe I got to hang out with "Jenni Oscarelli". John wants me to take him back up next Spring. So psyched!!!!

Pamela said...

it's actually better that little boys strip down to pee. that way, when they're playing, umm, water guns they don't drench their pants every time.

Keely said...

I love how the minute you get the TEENSIEST iota of confidence in this childcare thing, they throw you for a loop.

have a great vacay! I'll miss you!

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