Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunburn and sandy sheets

Oh, hi there.  I'm on vacation this week. Did I mention that?  Vacation. V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N.  At the beach.  THE BEACH.  It's been sunny and in the 80s everyday thus far.  Aside from the first evening, my children have been sleeping and relatively well behaved.  I've been reading books.  BOOKS.  And, trashy magazines.  And eating chocolate every day.  Miles has developed a five Popsicle a day habit.  I'm enabling him.  I'm not ashamed.

The tops of my shoulders are just a bit sunburned and I'm finding the sensation not entirely unpleasant.  There is just the smallest bit of sand in my sheets and I don't find that unpleasant at all.

We spend our mornings at the beach playing in the sand and our afternoons we spend poolside.  In the early evenings we return to the beach for a bit of kite flying and then it's back to the pool to tire our the kids for early bedtimes.  As in before 8PM and those geese are cooked.

Evenings are filled with margaritas and wine and maybe some tequila. A little poker; conversations about books; reading; sitting on the deck and enjoying the almost chilly breeze off the Atlantic ocean.  You know, our backyard.  IS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN.

My kids, they are awesome.  They are racing dump trucks up and down the beach with their cousins and falling in love with hermit crabs and taking fearless plunges into the pool.  They are filled with giggles and salty hair and sandy bottoms.  Miles is as brown as a nut and Oscar's skin remains creamy and light.

My husband is funny and fun and relaxing and enjoying our children and I love him so much.

I cannot stop smiling.

So.  You know.  Vacation.



Michele said...

I wanna vacation. I want it right now. NOW!

I thought you needed to be reminded what whining sounds like.

Anonymous said...

Double Sigh... When I get my evaluation at work I am asked what personal plans I have for the year. I reply each time 'To be come independently wealthy and live out my days on a private island.'
My boss always says, 'No, seriously.'
What the hell makes her think I'm not serious?
Enjoy the trip and I hope the high lasts long after you get home...

Sprite's Keeper said...

I. Am. Envious.
And will now wait to post about you until next week. :-)

VandyJ said...

Ahh vacation--the one thing that makes the rest of the year worth it. Have fun!

Jan said...

This post made me glad and weepy, all at the same time.

I'm SO glad you're having a good time.

Patty O. said...

It sounds like you are in heaven! I am envious too, but good for you!

Becky said...

You forgot meeeee!

That sounds heavenly. What are you reading? I started an AWESOME book, Sarah Waters's _The Little Stranger_. Spooky.

Have fun you crazy kids. And which beach are you at? Need deets.

Keely said...

I don't recall getting my invite.

(So. Jealous. Have so much fun!)

Captain Dumbass said...

Enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

gretchen said...

Oh good heavens, I spaced out for a bit and you're gone away. I hope you're still having a fab time. I could use a REAL vacation, wish I was with you!

Mrsbear said...

That sounds absolutely dreamy. Dreamy.