Monday, September 13, 2010

Boys love trucks

So, in what is possibly the ultimate cliché, my boys love monsters trucks. Love. Love, love, love.  The have monster truck toys, go to monster truck show, watch monster truck videos, demand monster truck cakes for their birthdays.

Each year, on our way to the Outer Banks for our summer vacation, we pass the home of Grave Digger, who is probably one of the more popular monster trucks in the U.S.  Maybe in the world, but this whole monster truck thing just screams AMERICA! what with all the excess and the marketing and the destruction, so I wonder if people in other countries even know what monster trucks are, or if they think that monster trucks are just ridiculous.

So, anyways, we have passed by this place for a couple of years but we knew that this year we would have to stop because of the complete monster truck obsession in casa de Oscarelli.

The whole compound is pretty large.  There's a big field with three or four monster trucks out for show; a "pit" with a school bus ramp where you can pay $5 to actually take a ride in a monster truck (we passed this year); a large automotive shop where they are building/repairing monster trucks (it was big enough to have like four truck inside); a smallish diner; a small petting zoo (painted Grave Diggers signature colors of lime green and purple); a small playground and outdoor picnic area; a ranch style home; several outbuildings holding parts and old trucks; and a gigantic store selling all things monster truck (the Digger's Dungeon).

As soon as we pulled in, the boys began losing their shit.  Oscar started asking, "Are those monster trucks? Can we go see them? Are those real monster trucks?" Miles started yelling, "Masta truh! Masta truh! Masta truh!"

As we headed over to the stationary trucks, Miles got a little nervous.  They are big.  Way bigger than the toys we have at home.  Oscar was practically trembling with excitement.  We took many photos.  Here's a sampling:

The boys and I with Grave Digger

Oscar and I with the Fanta Truck

Nelson and the boys with Grave Digger

The garage
Grave Digger, with a sweet 1980s Camero parked in front of it

The purple and green petting zoo, complete with 
skull and cross bones.

And there you have it.  Our visit to the home of Grave Digger.  We spent about an hour and $80 there, totally worth every minute and every penny.


Michele said...

I can just imagine how excited the boys were. My boys weren't into monster trucks (they weren't very big way back when) but had there been a Transformers home they would have been as excited as your boys.

Jan said...

LOL - what Michele said. Our kids are about the same age.

Oh, and for the record, those are BIG trucks.

VandyJ said...

I know way more about Monster Turcks than I ever imagined I would. Turbo loves to whatch them on TV and keeps lobbying for a trip to see a show in person. His Favorite is Maximum Destruction. But Grave Digger is right up there too. Bruiser has not yet caught the fever, but I know it's coming.
How cute that Oscar got to see them up close, even if they weren't moving, this time.

Aliceson said...

Looks like the boys had a blast!

Susanica said...

Danny will be SO jealous when we show him these pics!!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

My Princesses cost more than your monster trucks. I'm jealous. :-)

Keely said...

Wow, those are HUGE! Xander would love them too, though I don't think monster trucks are that prevalent here.

Construction sites, though, are every 5 feet. So he gets to see lots of his beloved "sheens" (machines).

Frogs in my formula said...

Dang! Those are some big ass trucks.