Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brotherly love and a preschool report

While it remains true that Oscar and I have not been crying at preschool drop off, there have been some tears.  And flailing arms.  And kicking legs.  Accompanied by screams of, "No!  No!  Ah-too!  Ahhhh-tooo!"  

From Miles.  

And he's really loud you guys.  In the school and all.

The littlest member of the Oscarelli family is none to pleased to see his brother remain at school while he has to go home with his mom.  He screams and cries and tries to throw himself from his stroller.  He arches his back and tries to yank his arms out of his car seat harness.  He sobs the while way home, saying Oscar's name over and over.  He throws himself on the floor and kicks and screams and pounds his fists for several minutes after we get home.

We did manage to have some fun, blowing bubbles, playing monster trucks, watching Hero of the Rails.  But when I told him that after three long hours it was finally time to go get Oscar, Miles hightailed it to the door so fast his size six Chuck Taylors were smoking.  

Oscar was just as happy to see Miles at pick up as Miles was to see Oscar.  They shared a hug and kisses. And jabbered to each other the whole way back to the car.  They played really well together at home for about 45 minutes before Miles need to go down for his nap.

Oscar and I had a rough morning.  It had to argue with him every step - to go pee, to get dressed, to eat something, to put down his Grave Digger monster truck.  There were tears and frustrations and demands of a different school and threats to no school. 

I relented on the monster truck and we made it to school.  I helped him hang up his bag and his coat and walked him over to his teacher, Mrs. H.  "We're having a little trouble separating from his monster truck today, " I told her.

"That's okay, " she said.  "Oscar, lets take your monster truck around and show him your classroom, and then we'll put him in your bag for later, okay?"


And that was that.

When I arrived to pick him up today, I asked Mrs. H, "So how did he do?"

"He did great."

"Oh, good.  I was worried because it was a rough morning." 

"Oscar is a wonderful little boy.  You should be really proud of him.  He's so polite and helpful, and he really participates." 

"Oh, good, thank you for saying so."

"He's also a really good friend.  He's really helping some of the other students that are having more difficulty transitioning."


And this is the part where I had to look away because I was tearing up because I AM so proud of him, and what a great thing to hear, right?  That he's a good friend?  I mean, I know that preschool teachers are supposed to talk about how great your kid is, but wow.  A good friend?  I just think that is such  a compliment. That just made me feel so happy.

"I'm so glad to hear that.  That's really great."

What else can you say to a compliment like that that?

That's all I could think to say.


Becky said...

Wow, I'm admiring her moves with the monster truck! And of course Oscar is an asset to the class, and how nice of her to tell you!

That is so sweet that Miles misses him that way. I bet you will have no trouble getting him interested in preschool when the time comes.

Michele said...

That is the sweetest thing. Miles just loves his brother so much. You should be proud. What a great little guy you've got.

Patty O. said...

Wow, that made ME tear up and I don't even know you! I agree that being a good friend is an outstanding compliment, and one I think parents of kids with autism do not take for granted.

Jan said...

I'm a little emotionally fragile right now (ah, menopause, how we hate thee), and the teacher telling you that Oscar is a good friend made me cry. Oh, yeah.

Good boys have good moms, you know.

Veronica said...

I'd be so proud too!

I'm not looking forward to how Isaac will cope when Amy starts school in February. Much the same as Miles I expect.

Strawberry said...

How sweet! aren't they always on their best behavior for everyone else? ;-)

Susanica said...

Awww..that's very sweet Jenni!

Momma Hunt said...

sometimes we mos need to hear that stuff we gat all the crap at home so its great when others show us no matter how rough a day/week has been thst we are doing something right

Keely said...

Awwww! This post was just so sweet. Of COURSE your boys are awesome and you should be proud. They're awesome because you're an amazing mother.

Casey said...

Aww, I'm tearing up a little too! What a little sweetie. I'm glad you guys are having a relatively smooth school transition and that you and Miles are getting some one on one time too!

FoN said...

That's So great to hear. A 'good friend' is pretty much the best human quality on earth.

Bugaloo said...

That is great, bravo to you and to Oscar. I got an email this week from a friend who saw my first grader at school in the morning; he had come up and greeted her and asked her how she was. She was so touched. I was shocked! Amazing how these little guys grow up and are such good little people.

Always Home and Uncool said...

I remember those days of "Daddy, don't go." Now, Thing 1 can't get away from me fast enough at drop off.


Heather said...

Yeah, that is quite the compliment. How sweet that Oscar is such a good friend and helper. It must also be nice to know how much Miles & Oscar love & miss each other.