Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RTT: Books, bras, and boys

Whazzzup, Tuesday?


*Nelson has taught Miles to say, "Whazzzzzuuuup?" Like those 1990s Budwiser commercials?  It would be cute if it weren't so terribly annoying.  There is no reason for that pop culture catchphrase to make a come back.  None at all.

*I just finished reading One Day by David Nicholls and I definitely recommend it, particularly if you like modern British fiction, like Nick Hornby.  Becky, you should check it out.  I mean, it's no Hunger Games Trilogy, but it is so totally different from the series, it is a good follow up.**

*I got measured and bought my first bra since becoming pregnant with Oscar. It's been awhile.  I feel like a new woman.  I look 10lbs thinner and my back hurts less.  It is amazing what a new bra can do for you.  If you've never been fitted (and you have breasts) you should go and do it.  It will change your life.

*I had hauled out all the 18-24 month winter clothes for Miles only to discover that that are just a smidge too small.  Well, some of them fit fine, but some of the pants are too short and the shirt sleeves are leaving about an inch of exposed wrist.  We decided to get out the 2T stuff last night.  The stuff that Oscar wore last winter. Some is running big, but some fits perfectly.  Which is not all that surprising considering that Miles will be two in two months.

*Miles will be two in two months.  Oh. My. God.

* I need another baby.

*We've decided to wait and not even try to have another baby until next fall.  While I know this is financially and mentally the best decision for our family, I'm still feeling an incredible longing to be pregnant again and have a little baby again.  It is really right to wait. I just want a baby. So. Bad.

*I could be pregnant by this time next year.  Gah!

*We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend.  It was so fun. Miles calls pumpkins "pun-keys" and it is so adorable.  Obligatory pumpkin patch montage to follow later this week.

*In the past six weeks, there have only been two nights where my bed has been completely kid free all night long.  Two.

*I'm not sleeping very well these days.

*My friend's daughter, Olivia, turns three today.  Happy birthday, Olivia!

*A photo of my Dark Knights:

Okay, I'm out.  Go to Keely's and visit some other RTT bloggers, will ya?

**Disclosure: Those links take you to my Amazon Associates account and should you purchase them via the links on my page, I will get a (small) proceed.  Though really I recommend just going to the library and borrowing them.  That's what I did.


Everyday Goddess said...

Nice randoming, those pumpkin patches are fun!

Amazing what a new bra can do for your self image, I agree.

VandyJ said...

Yeah a new bra can brighten up your day--or at least make your clothes fit much better!

Becky said...

Those kids are killing me with their cuteness. SO CUTE.

Thanks for the book rec! I am going to click your link, I am.

Congratulations on the bra. Seriously, makes a huge difference. Whazzup girls!

Keely said...

God, those kids are cute. You should have another one RIGHT NOW.

(And then give him to me.)

I've been meaning to go get a bra fitting for a long time now. I keep using the "but I'm losing weight!" excuse, but I should just go. We all know it ain't happening.

Captain Dumbass said...

Just wanted to mention that my four month old is now teething and woke up every hour from 2:30am this morning. Not crying, mind you. Just up and singing to himself.

Veronica said...

They are soooooo cute. With extra o's.

I want another baby too. I have an unco-operative body.

Casey said...

What? Miles can't be almost two.. it's just not possible.

Love the pic of your little bat kids.

Jamie went through a Whazzzzzzzzup phase not too long ago and he's lucky to be alive.

Patty O. said...

I'll have to check out the books. I know what you mean about wanting another baby. We have decided not to have anymore--three's enough for us, but I can't help feeling a bit sad as my 18-month-old keeps growing up. If he would just stay a baby longer, I think I could manage without getting pregnant again.

And your kids are gorgeous.