Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Gifts: The Miles Edition

I've decided to do Christmas list posts again this year, since they were recieved relatively well last year, and it helps me think things though.  I haven't actually purchased anything for the boys yet this year, and I'm having some trouble.  One of the reason is that Oscar and Miles are so close in age that I'm having trouble deciding who to get what.  The gifts are pretty similar this year.

My boys are into all the same things; building, dinosaurs, cars/trucks/trains, pretend play, arts and crafts, sports.  I think this is pretty standard for little boys in the 2-5 age range.  Like I said earlier, all their gifts are pretty similar this year, and I think this will be great because the toys we buy will get more use.  FYI, you are going to have to click on the text links and NOT on the pictures because I couldn't make that work.  Am awesome at technology.

So the stuff below is a compilation of the more interesting and unique things I found for Miles that I'm considering.  None of this is under the tree just yet.  And Miles is a total train fanatic, so there will certainly be choo-choos and monster trucks under the tree, but you don't really need to see those, do you?

Okay, here goes.

Check out these Magneatos:

Magnets!  In blocks! Holy coolness, Batman!  I like these because they are big and because of the magnets, the kids should be able to get really tall towers.  Miles is really into building tall towers right now, and our wooden blocks tend to tip over on him pretty easily.  I think he'll love these.  Also, MAGNETS!  So cool!

Miles has been super into drawing and painting these days (he will spend like an HOUR at the table making pictures), and I found this Do-A-Dot Rainbow Art Set (Set of 6) on Amazon and I think it will be perfect for him: 
It seems like all the fun of painting with significantly less mess.  I'm slightly concerned about their washable-ness, but I'm going to go with them anyways.   

Miles loves balls and sports, so I thought this Little Tikes TotSports Basketball Set would be right up his ally: 

The boys can play with it together AND it goes outside, which I love.  

My Miles has a lot of patience and the ability to focus on a singular task for significant (30 minutes or more) periods of time.  This seems pretty out of the ordinary to me, but that might just be because Oscar couldn't focus on one task for more than two minutes until he was almost three.  Anyways, he's really good at entertaining himself and likes doing things that are intricate and work his fine motor skills, so I found a few gifts  I though could really hold his attention.

First, this Quercetti Fantacolor Junior Pegboard Set:

I can really see Miles making pushing the pegs into this peg board for hours.

You know how they just love to open and close things at this age?  Well I found this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Latches Board that I think Miles will be really into:

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Latches Board
Open and close, open and close.  Oscar will love it too.

Okay, so I feel like this next one is a little expensive for what it is but I LOVE it.  Isn't this P'Kolino Puzzle Stacker just the neatest thing? It's a puzzle!  It's a stacker!  It teaches colors and matching and fine motor skills!
P'Kolino P'Kolino Puzzle Stacker

Really cool. Really cool.  But, it's like $30 and if I bought it and no one played with it I'd be really irritated and spend years looking at it and thinking it was a waste of money.  I have this problem of buying them toys that I WANT them to like and then they end up not really liking them.  So, I don't know.  

Speaking of puzzles, look at this Infantino Where's My Tail Puzzle:
Dead cute right?  Perfect, I think, for a two-year-old.

Also perfect for a two-year-old are these Melissa & Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks:

Miles is just beginning to recognize his shapes and colors, and so I think these will be a fun learning toy.  Is that and oxymoron?  Fun learning toy?  Whatever, I think they will be fun and he will love them.  So he's going to hate them.

Both boys love robots.  And they love building.  Robot was one of Miles William's first words.  So these Wood Stacking Robots?  Perfect.
Wood Stacking Robots
My mother-in-law actually bought the boys a set of these a few months ago and the love them so much, I'm getting another set for Christmas.  That is how good these are. We need more. Very, very fun, for kids and parents.

Have you heard of this thing?

It's called a Bilibo. What is a Bilbo?  It's a seat!  It's a helmet!  It's anything your kid wants it to be!  My guess is this thing is either awesome or a total dud.  

Okay, so those are some of my ideas for Miles.  What do you guys think?

In accordance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing that all of the links included in this post go to my Amazon Associate's account, and should you choose to purchase any of these items via my links, I will receive monetary compensation. 


Diana said...

We have those do-a-dots and they aren't quite as washable as they lead you to believe. Sometimes we've been able to get the color off of her clothes but there is one pretty little dress that has a green stain due to the do-a-dots. They sure are fun though!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you for the gift ideas for little (grand)boys! :D


VandyJ said...

I'm interested in these ideas for Miles. Bruiser is almost two and I'm not really sure what to get him for Christmas. Turbo is no problem, but Bruiser, well lets just say that his interests are not real evident right now.

Amanda said...

Great gifts! I especially love the Melissa & Doug stuff. Not so sure about the do-a-dots. They look like glorified bingo dabbers, which you can get at the dollar store for a whole lot cheaper. (Not very washable, though.) Just sayin...

Strawberry said...

"Oscar couldn't focus on one task for more than two minutes until he was almost three." Yep, I think this is the kind of kid we have on our hands, sigh. At least there's hope.

I love the latest review for the Bilbo. So funny (and probably true). Those magnetic blocks are really cool.

Keely said...

I bought X a Bilbo a couple of years ago and it sits in our living room collecting dust. Now, it may be that I bought it too early and now he thinks it's just furniture. But he is pretty creative with the OTHER furniture, so I think he just doesn't dig the Bilbo.

The magnets are a cool idea though, definitely going to get him some of those.

Michele said...

As the grandma of the group I'm just going to say that I don't see any loud toys in that bunch.:) Anyway, I think all those toys look interesting. I'd like the paints for myself. Where did you find them?

Captain Dumbass said...

The magnetic blocks are great! I want some.

Andrea said...

I think the Do it Dot's are washable. Or at least I've seen washable ones.

(Better yet don't quote me on that.)

I love the block robots. Chick has a robots folder I got at Target for $.99 (It's like her most favorite thing!) I was actually slightly peeved cause I really bought it for me... I love robots. And sock monkeys, they rock.

gretchen said...

You have an Amazon Associates account? That sounds cool. I want that. And I want monetary compensation for sure.

Oh, and cool toys.