Monday, November 29, 2010


It's over.  My fridge is still full of leftovers, but Thanksgiving has come and gone. My pants are tight.  Really. Well, maybe uncomfortably snug is more accurate.  Either way they don't fit properly.

My mom's birthday yesterday rounded out the week's festivities.  We had spaghetti (not even whole wheat), meatballs, salad, and The Worlds Greatest Chocolate Cake.  It was amazing.  I sent the cake leftovers off into the world and so begins (re-begins, continues, whatever) eating like a normal person.

This is going to be a week of major T-Day atonement.  I just ate a banana covered with half a cup of plain Greek yogurt and a little bit of honey for breakfast.  It was delicious, don't get me wrong, but I'll tell you what it wasn't: pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving is just the beginning, particularly for my family.  My mom, Nelson, and Miles all have birthdays between Turkey Day and Christmas, and my brother-in-law's birthday is between Christmas and New Year's Eve.  That's a lot of celebrating. A lot of cake.

So, here's where I try to come up with strategies to not gain weight over the holidays.  I already blew Thanksgiving, but I'm determined to be on top of things!  The main thing I'll be trying to keep in mind is all things in moderation.  Yes, I can have a piece of pumpkin pike.  One piece.  Mashed potatoes are fine, but not a whole plateful, covered in gravy.   Wine is a great addition to a holiday meal.  A glass or two.  Not an entire bottle.  Just say no to egg nog.

What are your tricks to keep it lean (or at least lean-ish) during the holidays?  I'd hate to have to ask Santa for bigger pants.


Anonymous said...

I ate a few things I don't normally on Thanksgiving - cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes and pie come to mind - but Friday I was back on track. I'll indulge again on Christmas, and maybe my birthday on the 22nd, but since I'm staring The Big Five-Oh in the face (I'll be 48 this year), I'd just as soon forget about it all together.

I figure if I don't gain over the holidays, I'm ahead of the game. So far, so good.


Michele said...

This time of year is a killer. I plan to decrease my plate size. From medium size Corelle to salad plates. Then I will try to convince myself that a taste of something is just as good as a scoop of something. Yeah, it's all about deception for me. And last but the most painful; wine only on weekends after 4 pm. *I need a hug*


I always eat super clean throughout the week so I won't feel guilty having extra carbs and sugar at events! It works pretty well!

I am thinking you are going to have to share the recipe for that cake!

Sydney said...

I have no tricks, as I have no will power. :) I need to get back in gear!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ouch. The birthdays definitely throw a big gaff into plans. My usual trick is to exercise the same day so I can at least atone for some of the damage before I do it.

Hannah Hammonds said...

Leave a little bit on your plate. Like you said everything in moderation. But still leave a little bit on your plate.