Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wait your turn, loser

My kids have been sick.  Probably your kids have been sick, too.  Miles is on week three of green crap coming out of his nose and has developed a really wretched cough, so I brought him in to the doctor yesterday.

The first available appointment they had for him was at 3:45 yesterday.  Now, if live in/have ever lived in/visited the DC metro area, you know that our afternoon rush hour begins at 3PM and ends at 7PM.  These are four hours you do not want to be on the road unless you absolutely have to.   Clearly, as my child was oozing puss, I absolutely had to.

When we get to the doctor's office (only two minutes late!) I was told that the doctor we were seeing was running 30 minutes behind schedule.  That's a lot, especially when you have a toddler who, despite his illness, is a runner.  (For those non-parents reading, a runner is a kid that will, well RUN AWAY from parents at top speed at every opportunity, especially into streets, parking lots, open elevators, what ever is most dangerous.  Also, runners tend to be especially fast.)

After about five minutes, the shine had worn off the trains and matchbox cars and books I had brought to keep Miles entertained, and he proceeded to bolt down the hallways and towards the elevators for the next 25 minutes.

They finally took us back and we waited another 15 minutes to see the doctor.  She felt that because he'd been so sick for so long and was showing no signs of improvement, it was antibiotic time.  She wrote a script and we were back on the road towards home by 5PM, AKA the height of rush hour.

About 45 minutes later, we were unloading in the Target parking lot so I could get his prescription and some paper towels.   We dropped off the script with the pharmacist and he told me to come back at 6:15, which was 25 minutes later.  I got a bag of Goldfish for Miles and my paper towels, a plug in menthol thingy for the boys' room, a couple of dinosaur sweatshirts for the boys for $3.99 each, and an R2D2 T-shirt for Oscar on clearance for $3.48.

So, 25 minutes and $35 later, I was back at the pharmacy and I hopped in line to pick up the prescription.  Everyone was busy so I just stood in the designated Pick-Up line and waited.  I wasn't waiting for more than a minute or so, no biggie (the cleak was helping someone at Drop Off), and two other people got in the pick up line behind me.

The clerk finished with the customer and Drop Off and walked over to me.  He made eye contact with me and said, "May I help you?"  Very polite and courteous.  I responded, "Yes, I'm pi-"

And then, some woman comes up and STEPS IN FRONT OF ME and says, "Can you tell me where your eyebrow wax is? Which aisle it is on? I can't find it."

The clerk looked disarmed and looked over to her and then back to me.  And then she looked at me and said, "Oh, sorry."

Like she didn't notice me and the THREE OTHER PEOPLE waiting in line?  Like her need for eyebrow wax was so urgent she couldn't wait her GD turn?  There is no line rule that states if you just have a question you can butt in front of several people.  Oh, no, that is not how it works, my hairy eyebrowed friend, particularly when it is busy.  You and your eyebrows have to wait their turn.

So, she said, "Oh, sorry," and I said, "Sure you are," and then to the clerk, "Go ahead," and he answered her question re: eyebrow wax.

Then, the clerk apologized to me and checked me out and then I waited for a few more minutes because my prescription was not actually ready.

I'm still annoyed.  The whole day was annoying, and Miles has not been magically cured after one dose of antibiotics.  I just want people to be courteous and my kids to stop being sick, okay?  OKAY?

How was your Monday?


Aliceson said...

Aaaack! I HATE that! The worst is those where is _____? questions are never quick and you are right to be irritated by someone else's impatience after waiting all day long for other people. Grrrr!

Hannah Hammonds said...

My Monday was similar. We had to go back to the doctor for a second round of antibiotics because my toddler keeps saying, "ears hurt" and my baby keeps pulling on this. AND THE SNOT IS OUT OF CONTROL! Good luck getting your kids well!

Michele R said...

Hope his nose clears up soon!! Have you ever used a Minute Clinic in your area? Not sure if anything like this is close by—they have some in northern part of your state. We use them on Sat/Sun or evening (I just used them for helping with a UTI for me) to assess strep, get antibiotic, etc.
And what’s with people cutting in front of you these days—sheesh. Although my Hubs was justified the one time he yelled from the back of the line that he has a newborn at home and a wife with sore nipples. They all let him get to the front of the line.

VandyJ said...

lines? You mean your supposed to wait in line? Geez, some people and their line things.
Hope your kiddos get better soon. ANd that people start being a bit more courteous, but I'm not holding my breath.

Momma Hunt said...

Sick kids are the worst...so hard for a mommy. Good for you to brave Target at that time of day. That is my nightmare!

gretchen said...

I love it when you get on your high-horse! So sorry little man has green good. Nasty. You know what I hate? Those toys in the lobby of the pediatricians office. They totally freak me out- I can't stop picturing an oozing, festering mass of germs. Eek.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I'm guessing you got a look at her brows and decided she needed help more than you? Tell her to do something about the stashe too. :-)
Feel better, Miles!

Becky said...

You are having line issues lately! WTH people?

I am hoping that by now he's got another dose of meds in him and is feeling better.

I myself am preparing myself for an onslaught of depressing election night news.

Captain Dumbass said...

Should have grabbed a hand full of her eyebrows and yanked them out.

Casey said...

People are dicks, I agree. You shoulda rammed her with your cart, that would have taught her to butt in.

My kids are both runners and they will go in opposite directions EVERY TIME. So I feel your pain, but none of my friends understand it because their kids all listen and behave and stay by their sides. It sucks.

Hope Miles feels better soon.