Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kitchen cosmetology

When I polled Facebook last week about whether or not I should cut Miles William's hair myself, the response was an overwhelming "What the hell are you thinking that is a terrible idea."

Unless you count shaving my best friends' heads and/or dying their hair in high school (and really you shouldn't), I have no experience doing hair.  And, if you know me, you know that I have immense respect for the profession of hair styling.  I think hair is important.  You wear your hair every day.  It is one of the first things people notice about you.  It's worth time and money to have it look it's best.

Knowing this, it may shock you that I considered cutting my kid's hair by myself.  Here was my thinking, though: If you have a toddler, particularly a toddler boy, you know that when you take them to the salon/barber you pay $25 for a hair cut that is going to be crooked and uneven.  Not because the stylist does a poor job, but because kids wiggle when they get their hair cut.  Crooked bangs and uneven hair cuts are par for the course.  You can't really expect more than that.  So I decided that if I was going to pay $25 for someone to give Miles a crooked hair cut, I could do that myself.

So, against the advice of the internet, I gave Mile's his very first jacked-up mom hair cut.  Now, I know that just last month I was proclaiming I would never cut it, but I promised Captain Dumbass that if he started looking like Celine Dion's kid, I'd cut it.  Well.  I forgot to take a before photo, but suffice it to say with all this dry weather, Miles' curls were not holding up and it was falling about two inches below his shoulders and well below his earlobes.  It was bad.

Here is is about a month ago, eating a cupcake:
Look at how disheveled it is.  You can see how long the front is, and how wily and out of control the back is. And this is when his curls were still holding.  This was an entire month ago, so things have only gotten worse.

So, yesterday, while he was slow and feverish, I sat him down in his booster seat, armed with scissors, a bottle of water, a lolly pop, and a hairbrush, and I cut his hair.

The results:
What's on his face? That would be yellow marker, lolly pop and HAIR BLISS.

The back:

Pretty good, right?  I'm pretty much Vidal Sassoon, people.

I'm not going to lie.  It's not perfect.  The left side is a little longer than the right.  But, he is little and his hair is curly, so it works.

So take that, haters.  Home mom haircut WIN!


jpooh said...

The only time I ever cut one of my kids hair, I snipped Oldest Son's ear with the tip of the scissors and made it bleed. I haven't been near a head with a pair of shears since.

You did a fine job.


VandyJ said...

I cut Turbo's hair until he was five and headed to school. I will probably cut Bruiser's hair until he can sit still enough to go with Nick and Turbo to the barber.

Heidi said...

I cut Reg's long, curly locks a few weeks back (and cried afterward.) He and Miles have very similar hair. Reg now has a classic pageboy - very cute. And - total mom bonus - several people asked me where I took him because it looked so even! Score!

You did a great job. The kids with curly hair are much easier - I'd NEVER try it on Ted's stick straight hair!

Captain Dumbass said...

"Near, far, where eeeeeever you are..."

Good job. I used to shave the boys heads but that was pretty traumatic. Funny, but traumatic. Now we take them to a place where they get to sit in cars and watch Dora on little tvs.

Michele said...

Wait! I still cut my boy's hair and they are 25 and 58. You did a great time.

rachel said...

He is getting so big!!! Nice haircut mom :)