Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RTT: Christmas, Christmas, Christmas (and also, you annoy me. Not you. You.)

It's beginning to look a lot like Random Tuesday....


Okay, so, Christmas!  It is upon us!  We've finished most of our shopping.  We still have to buy gifts for our brothers and my in-laws; stocking stuffer; Santa wrapping paper and tags; and that's it chumps.  Well, Nelson hasn't bought me anything but he prides himself on waiting until the last second, even though I provide him with suggestions and he has the internet at his disposal.  But, hey, why do now what you can put off until the last second, right?

Miles turns two on Thursday.  If I never blog again after that day, it is safe to assume that I have died over the heartbreak of running clean out of babies.  Oh, and after declaring that I'm not cutting his hair?  He's been waking up with baby dreadlocks every morning so it looks like a hair cut is in the near future.

Do you belong to any group or community listservs?  If you do, let me advise you on a little listserv etiquette.  Should someone on the list post some news of a personal nature (announcing a pregnancy, birth, new job, other good/bad news) and you would like to respond to this news, you don't need to his reply all.  The rest of the list members don't need or want your congratulations crowding their inbox.  Just reply to sender.  This is really the only person who cares about your good or sympathetic tidings.  Hitting "Reply All" in these situations is like only doing good deeds when other people can see you.  It cheapens the sentiment.  Reply all should be reserved for general announcements and situations that require group participation.  The whole list does not need to hear you telling someone how awesome they are.  That's annoying.  I mean, it's not annoying when YOU do it, just when everyone else does.

My cat is tearing the hell out of my tree.  She's leaving needles and branches all over the floor every freaking night.  I'd be totally over it if I didn't love Christmas so much.

You know what else I love? Christmas music.  I can't get enough of it.  I like nearly all Christmas songs and all variations of Christmas songs without exception.  Well, there are some exceptions. Maybe I'll tell you about them later.

It snowed last night!  Like an inch, but still SNOW!  When Oscar saw it this morning he was certain that Santa had come as well.  He really closely associates Santa with snow due to last year's Snowpocolypse (part one. Part two is here.)  The truth is, last year was probably the first white Christmas we've had in DC in a decade.  I hope he's not terribly disappointed when he realizes that there is no Santa/snow connection.

Enough for today.  Go check out the other Random Tuesday players over at Keely's place.  It'll get you on Santa's good list.


Anonymous said...

There are faculty members here who like to Reply All and it's only annoying because now we ALL know who knows what and who is spreading gossip. Such a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Baby dreadlocks. Ha!

It won't STOP snowing here, and I'm flat-out sick of it.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I love the reply all's that include personal information. I've seen people get fired for it within hours of hitting send.

Keely said...

Reply All is dangerous. I hate things like FB where it's the default.

I hate snow. You can have some. Today we're getting freezing rain on top of it, that's always fun.

Michele said...

On our library list serv if we hit reply it sends it to the whole list. so if you want to reply you have to remember to replace the list serv address with the person who sent the original. Why yes, it is a pain.