Monday, January 10, 2011

2011: Lets do this thing

You may have realize that we have begun a new year.  Somewhere around ten days ago, 2011 (twenty-eleven, if you will) was foisted upon us and here we are, living it up 2011 style.  I'm not much on resolutions.  I just do a bad job at making realistic, achievable ones and then feel like a colossal loser when I'm unable to keep these resolutions.

And, yet, here were are in the new year and I can't help but think of it as a fresh start.  I can change things! Do better!  Be better!  Achieve more!

I've decided to ride this wave of 2011 enthusiasm and I'm going make some positive changes, health-wise.  I'm not talking about dieting, or not exclusively about dieting.  I'm talking about taking better care of my whole self.   Here are my goals to this end:

1) Eat a more healthy, well balanced diet, including whole grains, lean proteins and limiting sugar and alcohol (yes, really)
2) Go to the midwives to for my annual exam (the last time I went was when Miles was six weeks old, so that's two years now)
3) Get an eye exam (I have not been since I was pregnant with Oscar, four years ago)
4) Exercise regularly, starting with once a week and working myself up to four or five times a week by the end of the year (includes buying new work out clothes/shoes, YEAH!)
5) Obtain a primary care physician 
6) Go to the dermatologist for a skin check
7) Get regular hair cuts, at least every 12 weeks (this is a mental health goal)
8) Go to the dentist twice for cleanings/exams
9) Get tooth #7 extracted and necessary restoration (I've needed to have this extraction done for more than three years)
10) Laugh more

Okay, so that's what I got.  I'm feeling charged up!  I'm off to eat some bran flaks with skim milk and a banana.  Hooray, health!


Stimey said...

This is a great fresh start. Good for you! I need to get on this too.

Hooray, health! Hooray, Jenni!

Michele said...

Great goals and very achievable. I should set some. Maybe that should be my first goal; set some goals.

Keely said...

That is a WAY better approach to health than "I need to lose XX amount of pounds". Go Jenni!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I am loving the healthiness of this resolution! You go, girl!

VandyJ said...

Good for you! Hope you can achieve your goals this year!
Although bran flakes with bananas? I don't think I could go that far in the name of health.

Kate said...

I have a great primary care doctor, if you'd like a rec. She's in Laurel but I still haul myself out there when necessary.