Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas, it is past

Anyone else feeling all holiday-ed out?  Needing a vacation from vacation?  Good lord I'm so behind on laundry if my kids hadn't received pretty much entirely new wardrobes for Christmas I think they'd be all out pants.  

To say nothing of the post Christmas clutter.  Do you all have that too?  Random toys and gifts that you've yet to assign a home; Christmas cards you hate to throw away; new clothes waiting to be washed that just sit in a pile on the table or in the corner and mock you?

What about Christmas detritus?  Dried out pine needles, scraps of wrapping paper, candy wrappers, impossibly sticky pieces of tape that always manage allude the vacuum despite your best efforts?

But, our tree is gone and our decorations are put away.  And this Christmas was amazing.  The entire Oscarelli family was throughly spoiled.  I got four new cookbooks (two bread baking books!!); a new digital food scale; a pair of beautiful new moonstone earrings (a total surprise); a set of gorgeous new dishes from Crate and Barrel from my mother-in-law; and a Kindle from my sister and brother-in-law (also a total surprise); and loads of other things.

Nelson got concert tickets, a video game, felt for his pool table, clothes.  He was pretty happy.

Miles got trains as far as the eye can see.  He got other things, too.  Dinosaurs, puzzles, some new wooden food for his kitchen; books.  He's enjoyed these things but the kid is really all about the trains.  We now have a gigantic purple tub filled with trains and tracks and assorted accessories.

Oscar got new dinosaurs; puzzles; cars; ride on construction equipment; lots of superheros.  I'm not sure what he likes best.  He really loves the dinosaurs and superheros, but has been playing trains with Miles really well. He's a lot more dexterous than Miles, so he's better at building more complicated tracks and repairing broken tracks, which I love because it keeps me off the floor.  I do have to build them a pretty complicated train village each morning, but it holds up relatively well and they add to it all day long.

Oh, and Nelson is finally back to work today, which I love/hate.  I loved all the tag team parenting that was happening, but sometimes he gets just as underfoot as the kids, you know?  I think he was relieved to return as well.

So, that's it.  Christmas is (mostly) over.  I took like two pictures, but do have a couple of videos.  I haven't uploaded anything (of course!) and I still owe you dorky sweater photos and Miles's birthday photos so at this rate the Oscarelli Family Christmas will be photographically documented on this blog by, what?  Easter?

Anyways, hope yours was merry.  Tell me about your loot!


Michele said...

I got money. Which is what I wanted since I need a new easel. They cost more than the average gift.

Anonymous said...

I got more collectibles for my curio (one of which necessitates a new collections...bless Beloved's indulgent heart) and two new All Clad copper-cored skillets, which means I was able to gift Jolly with my old Caphalon non-stick skillets.

How do you like the Kindle? I got Beloved one for Christmas and he loooooooooooves it.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I got spoiled by John only, which is fine. He got me a Nook for our anniversary/holidays, and then followed that up with a nice purse. A gift card from each parent and nothing else. I did get him the Android Tablet he'd been drooling over, so there's that. Sprite got all the attention from everyone else and we're just fine with that. :-)

VandyJ said...

I got a necklace and a coffee pot for my office. The boys got spoiled--lots of great gifts, legos and K'nex for Turbo and a rocking horse and little people stuff for Bruiser. All around Christmas was very good to us.
Happy New Year!

Mrsbear said...

I need to purge the kids' toys desperately. A lot of itsy pieces to be found, Legos and building stuff and superheroes. Luckily the video games don't take up too much space. The Batcave on the other hand is a whole other animal.

For me, some new PJs and some books to curl up with and I was pleased as punch. The cookies were hands-off to the kids. :)

Glad to hear you had a happy holiday.

Patty O. said...

I totally hear you with regards to the detritus. My son goes back to school tomorrow, so I have informed my daughter that we are spending the day cleaning.