Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It just my morning

Both my kids were up before 6:30AM today.  Miles was up BEFORE 6AM.  I'm pretty sure that qualifies for torture.  Quick, some check that parent-child treaty alliance.  These kids are guilty of war crimes.

It's not enough that they were both up before the sun on a day that I could have slept in until 7AM (glorious, beautiful 7AM), but they were demanding that I make muffins.  Can I say again that it was dark out?  And when I offered them some delicious, generic-brand mini-wheats or circle oats I was met with extreme resistance.  Tears and tantrums over muffins.  At 6:50 in the flipping morning.

So I made them pumpkin muffins.  I have no defenses before the sun rises.  It is from the yellow sun that I derive all my powers of moderate patience, caring discipline, Mommy steadfastness, and sound negotiation.   I even did some laundry and put away the dishes and made Oscar's lunch at some point, all the while dancing over small boys and feeing them treats to keep their inner howler monkeys at bay while breakfast baked.

Then, Oscar wore his astronaut costume to school today.  It was like a scene out of a sitcom.  He took off his coat at school much to the parents' and teachers' amusement.  "It's not everyday we have an astronaut in class!" his teacher exclaimed.  He is a special, special snowflake, that kid.

I've had two cups of coffee.  I've read two train books five times. I've put together the same bridge 15 times. I've talked to my husband on the phone.  I've researched electricity rates.  I've bought a baby shower gift.  I've played airplanes.

I'm tired.  How's your morning?


Anonymous said...

My morning is good because I do not have two small boys.

Thank you for the reminder of what it was like 20 some-odd years ago. Now go drink more coffee.


Hannah Hammonds said...

My daughter too was up before 6:30. Somehow I managed to wrangle her into our bed and she played babydoll until 7:00. then she ran around screaming "Its 7:00! I'm awake!" My son was up at 5:15, but he just nursed and went back to sleep! YAY! I have also had 2 cups of coffee, made lunch for school, and been to the post office. However, I didn't have everything I needed (even though I asked on the phone and brought exactly what they told me!) so I'm thinking a third cup of coffee sounds good.

Keely said...

Heh. Xander wears his Eeyore costume to preschool on a regular basis.

See, your mistake was ever baking them pumpkin muffins in the FIRST place. If all they've ever had is Goldfish crackers for breakfast, that's all they'll ever expect.

Have more coffee! :)

VandyJ said...

Yeah that a lot for the pre-7:00am time span. I got up at 6:00am--only because if I don't we won't make it to work on time. I get a whole hour with no one else up--I do dishes, shower, get dressed, and sometime have 15 whole minutes to read a magazine before getting everyone else up and at 'em. The house would fall apart if Mommy wasn't around, right?
Enjoy your coffee.

Momma Hunt said...

I feel your pain!!My kids without fail are up by 6 on the weekends. THen again we are up at 5:30 on the weekdays, but still it can be painful. My usually phrase is just give momma a minute to get some coffee before you have a tantrum!

Becky said...

Boy, remind me to nag you for baked goods the next time I see you.

Would it make you angry if I told you that Hank and I slept in until 8:45, the absolute last moment we can sleep and still eat breakfast, make a lunch, and get him to school on time?

Michele said...

My morning was not near as productive. The biggest thing I did was trade cell numbers with Keely so we could phone stalk each other. Oh and some meetings and a couple of interviews for PBS but that's work so it doesn't count.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I have no idea how you do it.
"Special special snowflake"... I'm stealing that.

Amy said...

We have very early mornings here too, so I feel you, girl. Hard in the winter too, when it's still dark! You know it's gonna be a long day when you're ready for lunch at 9:30.

gretchen said...

Are we talking from scratch?! Or did you already have the batter made and just had to pour it into tins and bake. Which is crazy enough! These children must be stopped! They must give their dear mother a break. Do you want me to talk to them?

BTW, you too are a special, special snowflake.

Heidi said...

Got three children and one husband up and dressed (well, hubs did himself, but I picked out the tie.) Made a hot breakfast for five, packed lunch for two, walked the oldest to school.

Came home, wrote 1100 words on my book, fed two kids and myself, read a chapter in a book, and started yet another load of laundry. Oh, and changed two diapers. And a load of dishes.

It's only 1:00 - I still have to prep dinner, pick up my kid (walking there and back - 1.5 miles), prepare snacks, finish that @#$% laundry and send a manuscript to my friend. And order a birthday present. And buy milk. And bake cookies for school tomorrow, find volunteers for class, and sort 8 gazillion pieces of childrens clothes so they don't go school naked.

Send the coffee my way. Please.