Monday, January 31, 2011

Re-organization (or really, just organizing because it was not at all organized before)

Big happenings in the Oscarelli household this weekend!

In awesome news, Nelson was around all weekend and even took Friday off to spend an extra day with the family.  He'd been at a conference all week and we'd missed him terribly.  It was nice to have that extra day of hanging out together.

Also, we did some toy storage reorganization.  We have a large black shelf that we use for toy storage that had been in our living room, but had been moved to the dining room to make way for the Christmas tree.  We had yet to move the shelf back, so I decided that I wanted to move the shelf to the pass-thru.  The pass-thru is a small room that connects the front hall and the kitchen and the dining room and the kitchen.  My house is pretty old (circa 1918) So I think this room was used for like food staging or something in the olden days.

Anyways, the pass-thru (so named because we "pass through" it to get to the kitchen) is a small room with doors/doorways on three walls and a window on the fourth wall.  It's size and many doors make it difficult to do anything with the room.  On the north wall we have the doorway to the kitchen; on the east wall we have the doorway to the dining room; on the south wall we have the doorway to the hallway AND the door to the basement; and on the west wall we have a large window.  A lot of openings, right?

This is the room where we keep the dog crate.  And that's about it.  Around Christmas time I moved the boys' play kitchen in there so they could play kitchen while I cooked dinner and such.  It has been wonderful.  So I decided to move the whole toy shelf into the pass-thru as well.  I was somewhat inspired after a parent meet up I went to a few weeks ago in a gigantic house that had this huge and gorgeous kitchen and a nice sized room off the kitchen that the mom used as a playroom for her two girls.  Genius!  They played right where she could see them.  Love that.

So, we moved the toy shelf into the pass-thru and we also attached a mirror at boy level so that when they play dress up they can see themselves.  They are already loving this.  I only wish we could move their other toy shelf, and two toys bins that are still living in our living room to the pass-thru as well, but alas there is no more space in there.  A little more toy organization needs to happen in the living room but we are off to a good start.

Some crappy iPhone photos of the pass-thru.  And yes, I realize it is already messy but it's 8AM here people.  The kids have already wrecked my entire house.

 West view; toy shelf and mirror, beside dog crate.

 South view; toy kitchen, dog crate, basement door.

North view; that's my kitchen through the doorway.

In other organizing news, I cleaned out two closets this weekend.  I know, I know, this blog post is finally getting good!  I cleaned out the dwarf closet in the third bedroom (called so because it is a short closet, so that's probably a not a nice name; will work on that) and now that closet is nearly completely empty save for a guitar of Nelson's, my breast pump, and a few baby odds and ends.  I also cleaned out our main clothing closet and it is lovely.

Most of what was cleaned out was baby/kid clothes and stuff that we tossed in the attic.

I'm feeling cleansed after this weekend, like I've been breathing fresh mountain air instead of crappy city pollution.  How are you? How are you feeling?


Sprite's Keeper said...

I LOVE organization!
I finally got the living room done the way I like it, now I bark at people who mess it up. :-)

Michele said...

I think a flight from Baltimore to Houston is only a couple hundred bucks. When can I buy you one because my house needs so much organization it's not funny. Really not funny!

VandyJ said...

I am the organizer in our house--Nick is the get rid of it person. I always dread coming home and finding out he cleaned. I lose more stuff that way.
Love the toy self idea. We are more cabinet people--hide the stuff behind doors.

Susanica said...

I do believe you've reached "self-acutalization". Don't you love Maslow? Oh, and it was brilliant to move play stuff into the passthrough.

Keely said...

I love that "freshly organized" feeling. It's so fleeting with little monkeys though.

Anonymous said...

How am I feeling?

Ummm...not organized. Because I'm not. Ever. And a little sheepish.


Stimey said...

Great idea! It looks great! And if that is what you consider messy, then I may have to reevaluate our friendship.