Friday, January 28, 2011

So, we got some snow

 We got a few inches of snow, maybe four?  It was kind of hard and crusty, not too good for snowmen or angles, but we did have a rollicking snowball fight.  The only rule was no hits the face/head; of course the very first snowball Oscar threw at me hit me in the face/head.  The boys had me outnumbered, but my aim was better so it ended up as a draw.

Some photos of our fun:

 Waiting for mom to take them outside.

 This guy was a little excited.

 And also a little silly.

 This is Miles' first real experience with snow (he could barely walk last year and did not particularly enjoy Snowmageddons One and Two.)

 Miles has his very own A Christmas Story moment (he couldn't get up.)

I helped him right after I took this picture, I swear. 


Aliceson said...

Looks like fun! Better than being cooped up in the house anyway.

Becky said...

Sure you did! They are adorable, looks like fun.

Missing you in Nashville!

Sprite's Keeper said...

He's still out there, isn't he? ;-)

Captain Dumbass said...

Perfectly acceptable that you took the photo first. I crashed skiing once when I was about 13. My poles were strapped to my arms and I fell on top of them so I was literally pinned down. My mom laughed and laughed and laughed before digging out her camera to take a few pictures. Then she laughed some more before digging me out.

Amy said...

You totally did the right thing.

Cute photos!!