Thursday, February 24, 2011

My recent ON purchases: Let's review

For me, nothing says spring like shopping.  All it takes is the first warm snap for me to start refueling my spring/summer wardrobe, even though by the time those spring/summer clothes arrive in the mail, it will likely be too cold again to wear them.

So!  Ol.d Na.vy (ON) is one of my favorite places to shop online because they have good variety and cheap shipping and the clothing is pretty inexpensive.  It does not last long, but my kids basically ruin all of my clothes so I hate to spend very much on them.  (This one is for you, Amy, since I know you miss ON so much.)

So *brisk clap*, lets begin.

I'll start, with this ruffly top:

I LOVE this shirt.  The ruffles are in cotton and gauze in alternating layers, and the shirt is fitted, but not too fitted, and it hits just below the hip, which is EXACTLY where I need a shirt to hit.  The ruffles cover any lumps and it is so soft an comfortable.  I actually bought the same shirt in black a few weeks ago and got mad compliments.  The only complaint is that the sleeves are a little slippy and the scoop is pretty low, so you need to be careful that your goods are not exposed.

I got this next shirt in as part of my ongoing effort to wear more prints: 

It also hits right below the hip and is loose fitting, but not so loose that I look shapeless.  And I love 3/4 sleeves.  I'm a plus-size girl, and here's the thing - it's really important for larger women to wear clothing that actually fits.  Trying to hid your body in clothing that is too large makes you look larger.  This actually goes for everyone, large or small.  Anyways, I usually don't do buttons because I'm pretty busty and buttons almost always pull and if they don't pull, then the shirt is gigantic on me.  Surprise, surprise, the buttons pull, but only just slightly and almost not at all if I wear a minimizer bra, and it's pretty hard to detect because of the print.  I was going to return it, but then I decided to keep it.  I'm wearing it today and while I don't LOVE it, I do enjoy it quite a bit. *Edited to add: I just noticed that they also sell this top in plus sizes. I think the 1X would have fit perfectly with no button pulling and on minimizing bra.  Damn it!

This next shirt is so cute:

I had visions of pairing it with my white pants this summer and it was going to be so fun and carefree.  Unfortunately, this shirt looks terrible on me. And I should have known it because peasant tops ALWAYS look terrible on me.  I'm just too curvy up top so they hang on me like a sack.  That's exactly what it looked like on me - an embroidered potato sack.  I though about trying a smaller size, but I already know a smaller size will be too short and then I'll be wearing a potato sack half shirt.  This one is going back.

This next top was also purchased in my quest for more prints:

Now, I know it looks kind of farm girl, can I just tell you how amazing this top looks on me?  The sleeves are long enough not to exaggerated the size of my arms, the scoop is the perfect depth, the buttons do not pull (at all!), it hits just below the hip, AND the fit is flattering.  And on, it's not so much farm girl as it is farm girl chic.  I can't wait to wear this one.

Another purchase in my quest for more prints:

I love to wear dresses and skirts in the summer - so easy!  And I love little more than a cotton dress.  This dress cinches just below the bosom which is really important to me, because I have a very high waist.  Dresses with a traditional waist make me look frumpy, and while I may be plus-sized, my figure is anything but frumpy.  This dress shows off my curves, hides my lumps, and will be cool and refreshing in the 95 degree DC summers.  The only issue for me is the sleeves, so I got a very cute marshmallow white, short sleeved, bolero sweater (with sequins!!) to pair with this dress.  The sweater is a really loose gage so I can absolutely get away with wearing it in the summer.  It was sold out so I can't link you to it, sorry.

So, that's what I've been spending my money on.  What do you think?  And how about you?  Any spring shopping?


rach said...

I WANT that ruffle shirt! so freaking cute! I may just have to go online and order stuff to be sent to my moms....hmmm wonder if husband would notice on the credit card bill haha...

Sprite's Keeper said...

I want that ruffle shirt too! It's adorable, and if the price is right, it will be mine!

Casey said...

I love all of them! I've been carefully avoiding ON lately since I just started Nutrisystem and am waiting until I'm SUPERMODELSKINNY to buy anymore clothes. Hahah, that was a good one.

Aliceson said...

I'm actually going to Old Navy today! Squee! I'm looking for a few cute summery dresses for our vacation to Jamaica next week. The one you picked is exactly the style I'm looking for. I just hope I can find something in my size. Wish me luck! Ooh and I might have to grab one of those ruffle tops while I'm there too. I bought an ON ruffle top tank a few months ago that I wear with a 3/4 cardigan sweater and I just love it! Love Old Navy!

Michele said...

I am so out of the loop. I will be shopping at ON today even though JR thinks I have too many clothes already. I do have him convinced that as working woman I need an appropriate wardrobe. Nobody tell him otherwise, Please!

Kate said...

I was at Old Navy the other day, and I almost tried on that ruffle shirt. Now I'm thinking I should probably go back and do it.

I also tried on a dress that made me look like Laura Ingalls Wilder though. I find Old Navy to be really hit or miss.

Becky said...

I'm freaking out over that blue and white print. I might need that and here I'm trying not to shop. THANKS JENNI!

I bet that dress looks adorable on you. Love all of it. I too, though, am often attracted to the peasant look when I should really stay away.

Amy said...

Oh, why must you torment me so? Those tips are adorable! And I love the dress! I also wear dresses and skirts throughout the summer--jeans are too horrible to contemplate in the heat we have had this yr.

Gotta love ON! I do miss them so. Sometimes we buy online and have my parents mail it over but I miss just running in there to see what's on sale.

Amanda said...

Great stuff! I think I could use a little shopping spree myself - thanks for the inspiration!

Andrea said...

I usually ponder whether or not I am still (gulp) young enough to shop in the Old Navy stores. Somehow by showing an item at a time (without the bright light and headset adorned employees), you've made it less frightening to admire their offerings. Now if you could just show what to wear on the bottom half, I might embark on a new clothing adventure!