Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rain nor sleet nor snow can stop


*Nelson has shingles.  He's had a rash on his side for about a week.  He showed it to me last week and I suspected it was an infection.  He was sure it was something more sinister.  I think I was closer to right.  He went to the doctor yesterday and he feels really vindicated that he has an honest to goodness illness and not one of his I-need-to-go-to-Urgent-Care-I'm-so-sick-only-to-find-out-it's-just-a-cold illnesses.

*Boy are playing quietly upstairs.  Trouble.

*I cleaned my refrigerator from top to bottom yesterday.  I took out the selves and scrubbed them and everything.  The life of a housewife is exciting.

*Oscar was off school for two of three days last week.  I'm hoping for a full week.  It's looking promising thus far.

*Now that I've got some good toy organization, my next project is going to be decorating the living room.  I have two blank walls.  On one of them, I'm going to do a kiddie art gallery.  Ikea has these really cheap multi-colored frames for like $2 each or something and I've been putting aside Oscar's choicest work over the school year.  And then on the other wall I'm going to do framed family photographs, college style.  I have this whole vision of how neat it will look; lots of different sized and colored frames; portraits mixed with candids.  I'm kind of hoping by talking about these projects I'll be motivated to DO these projects.  We'll see about that.

*Did you know that the IRS is not accepting tax returns until February 14 because the tax laws were signed so late last year?  And I was so on top of that this year.

*We switched to cheaper coffee this week.  It is not as delicious.

*Nelson and I both bit the bullet and got iPhones this weekend.  Neither one of us has ever purchased a phone; we've either gotten free phones or hand-me-down phones, so this is a huge move for us.  Now we are total iPhone converts and are unsure how we lived so long without them.  Hopefully the money we are saving on coffee will cover the increase in our phone bill.  Heh.

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Anonymous said...

I need to clean my fridge but it's such an undertaking. Though I like it more than cleaning the microwave; eww.

Kris said...

My fridge is getting done today. We are getting hammered with snow. Bleh. Rather clean the fridge than shovel any day. How sad. LOL

Happy Random Tuesday!!

Michele said...

Let's talk when you get ready to do your family wall. Cheap coffee should be outlawed. I get ours at Costco so while it is not cheap it is cheaper.

I'm coming to DC in March! Let's do lunch.

Anonymous said...

Oldest Son informed me yesterday that he was not only cleaning his apartment but also his refrigerator.

He's either very, very ill or there's a girl somewhere I don't know about. Yet.


Strawberry said...

Poor Nelson! I hope everyone else stays well.

VandyJ said...

I clean shelves in the fridge as they need it/as they are clear enough to get to. Nick like cleaning them way more than I do.
Hope the shingles go away soon for nelson--they are no fun.

Aliceson said...

I had no idea about the IRS thing! I was hoping to file this week (to get our return as soon as possible) but I guess I'll have to wait. Boo, IRS, boo!

I have always wanted to do a collage wall but never have. I'm awful about printing and displaying photos. The only photos of our kids hanging on our walls are from 3 years ago! Eek! Maybe if I see yours, it will motivate me.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Shingles are the worst! Poor guy!
Congrats on the IPhones. Four out of five people in my family have IPhones. I am not one of them.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ever since iPhone came to Verizon, John is counting down the days until my 2 year contract is up on my Droid to trade in. He's more excited than me. :-)Hope Nelson feels better soon.

Amy said...

Shingles? There's an app for that.

Keely said...

I was going to post something whiny about iPhone envy, but then Amy's comment made me laugh so damn hard I lost my whine focus.