Thursday, March 31, 2011

Conversations with a preschooler: Moms

Oscar: Mom, you know what?

Jenni: What?

Oscar: I love you.

Jenni: Thanks, buddy, I love you too.

Oscar: I love you TOO much.

Jenni: Too much?  I don't think you can love moms too much.  Why do you think that?

Oscar: I love you too much because you're my best mom.

Jenni: I'm your best mom?  Well, who's your worst mom?

Oscar: Ha ha! No one!  You're my only mom!

Jenni: You bet I am.

Oscar: Danny has two moms.

Jenni: Yes, he does.

Oscar: Why he has two moms?

Jenni: Well, that's just the way his family looks.  His moms love each other, the same way Mommy and Daddy love each other, so they wanted to have babies, just like we wanted to have you and Miles. Families look all different ways.  You have one mom and one dad; Danny has two moms.  Families can look all different ways, but as long as they love each other, that makes them a family.

Oscar: That's good.

Jenni: It is good.

Oscar: But, which one of Danny's moms goes to work and which one stays home?

Jenni: They both go to work, that's why I take care of Benji and sometimes Danny.

Oscar: But why none of them stay home?

Jenni: Well, they both have jobs they like, and both moms working is how they take care of their family.  The way we take care of our family is that Mommy stays home with you and Miles and Benji and Daddy goes to work, like Danny and Benji's moms go to work.  Taking care of you boys is my work.

Oscar: That's good.

Jenni: I think so, too.


Strawberry said...

I like your conversations :)

Amanda said...


Liz said...

You are REALLY good at your job - I'm going to steal some of that for future use with my girls!

Captain Dumbass said...

Sounds good to me.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Sometimes, that puts it all into perspective. :-)

Susanne Horn said...

Boy am I glad you're so good at your work Jenni! Might even be that my boys have THREE moms.

Always Home and Uncool said...

I miss those kind of conversations with my own kids.

Momma Hunt said...

I love little everything is so simple to them. There are no politics, or religious issues, just very simple things like understand love just as what it

Susanica said...

Hi Jenni. Love it. It's like you channeled Todd Parr's "the Family Book". And Susanne is right--sometimes it's like our boys have 3 moms. I always like how in German you call a woman who takes care of your kids a tagmutter (day mother)! (Oh I question your line about how much we love our jobs so much though (speaking for myself) ;-)-Monica

Keely said...

awwwwwwwwww! Adorbs. :)

Frogs in my formula said...

Well put.

Veronica said...

Conversations with Preschoolers can be so much fun. You fielded questions better than I might have!

Becky said...

He is the sweetest and you are his best mom!

This reminds me of once when Laura was three, we were leaving her nursery school and she said, of a friend, "Elio has two mommies." I said, "Oh really?" I hadn't know that about his family. Then sometime later I saw his mom walk in with her twin sister. Laura thought Elio literally had two mommies.

Casey said...

Smart kid and smart convo.