Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RTT: The end, my friend

This looks to be the last Random Tuesday for a while, so here I am to help it go out with a bang.  Or a thump.  Whatever.
*The running is going well.  I totally killed my 3 minute running intervals last week and am doing five minute running intervals this week.  It's definitely a challenge, but it feels good and I'm up to it.  By the end of next week I should be up to running for 20 minutes flat (according to the training).  I'm not quite it enjoying the running, but almost.

*I had a wretched stomach bug last week.  It was pretty much the first time I've been that kind of sick since I was pregnant with Miles.  It was one day of hell and two days of feel like crap.  And then Miles started vomiting this weekend and Nelson came home sick last night.  My house has smelled like a Lysol/vomit cocktail for nearly a week.

*Spring has finally spring in DC.  Daffodils are everywhere, mild temperatures, lots of rain.  I expect the ants should arrive in my kitchen any day now.

*I've started reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  Am I the last person to read these?  It is the May selection for my book club, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.  It's like just the right amount of historical fiction/suspense/smut for my tastes.  Real historical facts with a compelling story line and a great romance, but no "pulsing members" or "heaving bosoms"  if you know what I mean (okay there is a little of that.) And she has like six more in the series.  I love that.

*It's lovely out, so I'm off with the boys to play in the mud.  Or rather mildly admonish them as they become filthy while occasionally glancing up from my Kindle. Enjoy your Tuesday!

A special thanks to Keely for giving us all a place to hang out for the past two or so years.  It's been real.  Go tell her thanks and check out some of her other loyal followers.

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Kristine said...

It's a good day to play in the mud. I'm off to take the dog for a waddle in the muck. Enjoy your day!

VandyJ said...

We don't have flowers yet, but we are taking advantage of the nicer temps.

Anonymous said...

Ha! We have no daffodils (although there are a few crocus out there) and the ants are already invading our house. Rotten little...buggers.

I have not read the Outlander series - indeed I have not heard of it. It is available on the Kindle, yes?


Casey said...

Dude, running for 20 minutes is nothing to scoff at. Kickass! I'm still on Nutrisystem and it's still working but I've been avoiding the gym for the past couple of months. I'm back this afternoon with the kids and am going to work on the treadmill. Eek.

I'll prob still do RTT since it's a good brain dump for me but I totally get Keely taking a break from it.

Sprite's Keeper said...

**am now adding Outlander to my list...**
Damn straight you're acing the five minute intervals! I knew you could do it!

Captain Dumbass said...

Never heard of Outlander, but I have heard of heaving bosoms.

Toni said...

You're not the last person to read the Outlander series. Considering I've never heard of it. Glad you're enjoying it though! :)

Happy Tuesday!

Keely said...

I re-read the Outlander series about once a year. For realz.

Amanda said...

Way to go on the running! I've been meaning to read the Outlander series - so no, you're not the last, but I might be!

Michele said...

Don't tell anyone but I've never read the Outlander series. You are so kicking butt on the running.

Jamie said...

Catching up. Hi!

Lurve me some Outlander series. Like Keely I reread it frequently. Good for you on the running.