Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RTT: Reading, Running, Falling

I haven't played this in a while, so lets see if I still have what it takes...


*So, I'm just finishing up Youth in Revolt by C.D. Payne and it is seriously one of the funniest books I have read in a very long time.  You should read it.  It is written as the diaries of a 14-year-old boy who is a little too smart for his own good and gets himself into unbelievable amounts of trouble, manipulates his parents, and alienates his friends, all for his One and Only True Love.  They made it into a movie not too long ago, which I've not seen, starring this generation's John Cusak, Michael Cera. Seriously though, if this is really how the  minds of teenage boys work, I'm retiring from this parenting gig 10 years from now.

*I read this book in regular book form, even though I've not purchased a regular book since getting my Kindle  for Christmas.  I got this book for free from Paperback Swap.  It is a really great way to get rid of some of your old books and get some new ones for the price of a media mail package.  I like this because I am a person that likes to have a lot of books in my queue, so I have maybe three or four I've gotten from Paperback Swap that I have not read yet (two that were not available for my Kindle), and then two on my Kindle, not to mention the two library books I just picked up Saturday.  I am filthy with reading material.  I'm actually feeling a little pressured because I only have three weeks with the library books, and we are reading Outlander for my book group next month and that thing is a monster.

*Nelson is in Arizona all week.   I miss him, but things are much easier to manage on my own now that the boys are bigger.  

*I was short with Oscar yesterday about dropping his water on the floor for the 70 bermillionth time yesterday.  I immediately apologized but I still feel like a jerk.  He spent that night at my in-laws house last night and I can't wait to have him home.

*I'm still running.  This week I start the third week of my Couch to 5K training, and I'm feeling a little worried because I will have to run for three consecutive minutes and I don't know that I've ever run for that long in my life.  Really.  I keep telling myself that I've slowly built up to this and that I can do it, but maybe you could also tell me and I'd feel a little bolstered?

*My brother and I went out on Saturday night and I had three more beers than I intended.  And I fell.  In the bar.  It wasn't a total drunken stumble.  I was getting up from my chair, and my pant leg got hooked on the heel of the opposite shoe, so it through me off balance and I just knew that there was no getting myself untangled without falling.  So I just fell.  I was not injured and was helped up quickly and thankfully I'd had enough beers that I was not really embarrassed.

*Unfortunately, as we were walking to the car, my stupid shoe went out from under me and I twisted my ankle (I did not fall, though.)  I had been looking for shoes with good support and lots of folks recommended Dansko clogs, so I bought a pair.  Well, one person mentioned that while they have good arch support they have zero ankle support and boy was she right.  Though I'm sure the beer did not help.

*My left foot/ankle is a little wonky as a result of the aforementioned twist.  It is not swollen, but it hurts.  I ran on Sunday (before the pain set in, and yes, after my many beers) and last night I walked with an ankle brace.  I'm going to try to run tonight with the ankle brace, but if I'm having lots of pain, I'm going to stop and just walk.  I would feel very annoyed if I had to disrupt my training due to clumsy injury, but I don't want to make it worse, that's for sure.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

First of all, yay! You're still running! You can totally do the 3 minute stretch. Just get to 1 minute, tell yourself you can do one more, then once you hit that 2 minute mark, tell yourself to get to three. You'll hit it!