Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Small Things

Oscar has been incredibly difficult and frustrated these last few weeks.  I will probably get into that a little more later, but he's three so if you have or have had a 3-year-old that's probably enough said.

Anyways, I did this exercise a few weeks ago, so I'm trying to focus on the smaller things in my life that give me pleasure, particularly ones related to me and only me.

So, here's what is making me happy this week:

1) The shower I take right after running

2) My first cup of coffee in the morning

3) Memories of this past Saturday, where I ran errands and got a pedicure and was out and about and all by myself for nearly three hours

4) Getting my running shoe inserts fixed

5) The Outlander series

6) The anticipation of going out to dinner this evening (to support a fundraiser for a friend's son's school) and as a result not having to cook or clean up from dinner

7) My clothing is fitting better

8) My very sassy hair cut, which is over a month old but still getting mad compliments

9) Enjoying not being pregnant right now, even though everyone I know seems to be pregnant right now and I'm slightly jealous

10) Planning some new home furniture purchases, including these dining chairs  for the dining room and two of these lamps for the bedroom.

So, what's making you happy this week?


Momma Hunt said...

I also have a three year old so enough said. I love the list of things you love. I am also a big fan of the first cup of coffee in the am!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Playing school with Sprite and John last night made me very happy. I was just remembering that when I read this. Thanks for the smile!

Michele said...

Checking things off my to-do list.

And, they say 2 is bad...not really compared to 3.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes - I remember three. It always made me wonder why everyone carried on about the "terrible twos" so much.

Beloved makes me happy right now. Don't know what I did to deserve that man.


VandyJ said...

The sunshine makes me happy--and being able to have boys go outside to play makes me happy.

Becky said...

Hmm, my little things: open windows, Laura telling me about On the Banks of Plum Creek, my wild curly hair, and Netflix Instant.

Go on girl with your running, you jock!

I love those chairs--I think a upholstered dining chair is so hospitable.

Andrea said...

Being very busy this week has made me tired, but happy in the end I realized (now that it is almost the weekend!) The huge orchestra concert with over 250 kids from grades 4-12 in our district made me very happy last night (and infinitely proud of my two stringers!).

Gotta know...does the shower after the run make up for how unpleasant the run is?!

Kate said...

I love that you're loving Outlander. I'm so excited to talk about it!